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"Beautiful Korean" Textbook?

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"Beautiful Korean" Textbook?

Postby tkmayfie » March 3rd, 2010 6:07 pm

Does anyone know where I can purchase this line of textbooks? I am attending University of Seoul KLCP this summer and want to get a head start on the placement test. Thanks!

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Postby trutherous » March 3rd, 2010 7:06 pm

Lucky You!

I don't know where you can purchase these textbooks locally in NC, however you can probably order them online. I couldn't find a listing on Amazon or at Kyobo books in Korea, but perhaps you mean "아름다운 한국어"

I found several textbooks w/CD by that title listed on Kyobo:

Copy and paste 아름다운 한국어 into the search engine there

Here is another book store URL showing results for the search: ... 8991869165

Also you have a Korean speakers/learners meetup group in Raleigh (if you are still living there)

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"Beautiful Korean"

Postby Gudrun » March 4th, 2010 3:52 pm

If you're in the U.S., do a search on Aladdin; it's there.

Good luck in your studies!

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