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People like us (and beautiful)

Posted: January 24th, 2009 5:22 am
by kyuree
I didn't get to watch it often when I was in Korea, but it seems to be rather famous.

미녀들의 수다 / 미수다

Talking with Beauties/Global Chat with Beauties

Korea apparently gathered all (j/k) foreigners that are fluent in Korean and put them into a tv show - or rather all young foreign women who speak a more or less decent Korean. Some of them are half-Korean (I think).

When I watched it I understood far more than during normal Korean tv programs, I guess it is b/c they speak slowly and in simple language :D.
I get jealous when I watch it... :oops: I wish I could speak more, too...

Anyways, at least for me it's a good practice to watch it. You can find it on youtube. Here's one w/ English subtitles

The foreign ladies always have to give their opinion on Korea or things Korean.