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KC 101 is lame

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KC 101 is lame

Postby drummerboy » November 2nd, 2011 4:35 am

they ask for feedback and then dont reply to the feedback. There's mistakes everywhere. And, the "woman" who does the intermediate series sounds like a man who's stoned with a stuffed up nose- (for the koreans reading this ...... "stoned" = high on weed ....."weed" is marijuana)


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Postby trutherous » November 5th, 2011 6:18 am

I think you must only be listening to the most recent lessons. If you go back in the archives you will find different people doing them.

Some Korean have very crisp clear voices but a great number, perhaps more than half, of them sort of use a mumbling lazy speech pattern. It is like the difference between an English speaker who clearly enunciates "I .. am .. going .. to .. the .. store" and one who says "I-min-na go-dada store" In any case, if you really want to understand spoken Korean it is very important to listen to such "stoned" native speakers. And yes, a lot of Seoul girls talk like their nose is plugged up. Not all Koreans sound alike. As you probably know, there are several "dialects" of Korean, for instance in 경상남도 (the southern province where Busan is located) the dialect has a distinct whinyness in addition to other unique features. And the 조선말 spoken in North Korean is also very different sounding than standard (Seoul dialect) Korean.

Regarding the responsiveness problem. The site is basically unmanned - if you get an answer on these forums it is more often a volunteer than an official representative of the site. Also, the lesson quality and quantity has gone down quite a bit from the former days, but I think the problem there is that there are so few serious students of Korean using the site, and even fewer paying customers, that the proprietors simply cannot afford to pay for quality help.

The first seasons of the Advanced lessons were fantastic, absolutely first rate, but then they switched to the audio blog format and things went downhill from there. The most recent bloggers haven't even reviewed the previous seasons lessons so often they cover the same subject again --and yet are doing a worse job at it. So yeah, I agree -- the site has become "lame" (as in crippled); therefore any benefit you take from it depends on YOU.

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Postby steven1209 » December 22nd, 2011 3:28 am

Which is why sadly I have canceled my subscription. I want koreanclass101 to be great as we need great korean langu;age learning resources....but after reviewing that none of the voice talent, the lessons, the audio blogs have been any good since keith and hyunwoo left it's not worth the price. I too filled out the survey with a number of suggestions to get koreanclass101 back on track but no response or no feed back of results from the survey anywhere. They want to hire talent and get money and I've had the highest premium subscription for along time by the way they need to listen to what's wrong with koreanclass101 and fix it.

Again I want more resources than which is awesome in it's own right but unless koreanclass101 fixes it's problems with lesson quality, audio blogs with voices I don't like to listen too along with voices and quality of new lessons than you're not going to get many people paying for it. Please fix the problems which I believe were described nicely in survey and I wouldn't hesitate resigning back up.

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Postby aussiekevin » February 12th, 2012 2:43 pm

> Again I want more resources than

They have added a lot to their site over the last year or so; what specifically do you still find lacking? As far as I can tell, they are better than this website in almost every way - they regularly add lessons, their lessons are much less superficial than the lessons here, and they have lots of support for the intermediate learner (unlike the intermediate lessons here, which are pretty much a joke.) Coupled with the fact that talktomeinkorean is free, I don't see how I could really recommend koreanclass101 over it. Basically, this site is dead / dying. Somehow this site has to offer something that talktomeinkorean doesn't in order to justify its cost, and I simply don't see how they can do that.

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