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Is it legal ?

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Is it legal ?

Postby xsxsx » August 27th, 2009 4:05 pm

If i saw any of your contents like : PDFs, audios, videos,.......etc. on any sharing services like for books, Youtube for videos, or any similar type of service.

Is is illegal for me to download it or use it ?

Can i accept any person to give me any of those contents while i'm not a member ?

If i had a Trail membership and expired , is it illegal for me to download these contents if i saw them elsewhere?

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Postby robleeteach » August 27th, 2009 11:58 pm

I don't think you're allowed to download the files from others. You had the opportunity to download the audio, video, and PDF files while you had your trial membership, but since it's over you lost your chance.

Not to say you couldn't try to get another trial membership with a different e-mail address and IP address.

I'm all for the sharing of knowledge and the free distribution of copyrighted material as long as it's not used for profit, but doing that is technically illegal. And I understand that the people at KoreanClass101 put in a lot of time and effort into this website and they should be compensated for they're work.

I think it's great that they still offer the audio files for free after the trial membership. In order to get the PDFs and premium content and premium features you have to be a paying member which I think is fair.

From what I saw during my trial, the premium membership is worth the 10 bucks a month, especially if you log in often to practice. And if you just want the extra audio, video and PDF files, 4 bucks a month is pretty cheap. Just don't buy that Venti Frappuchino at Starbucks for one day a month and there you go.

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Postby ukkki » August 28th, 2009 11:42 am

What is the responsibility of the person who uploaded the material?

I also agree with "I'm all for the sharing of knowledge and the free distribution" but we must respect the work of others, is too easy simply to share when you hit a single button "upload".
I'm a premium member.
I'm not only premium member for the lessons pdf, I love learning center.

I like Kc101 because it shares material for free, you can even ask in the forum or in comments, there are stories of people who learned with the free account and you only need to pay if you want something more, so you decide, nor is it is an unfair price, is actually quite affordable.

And what is our responsibility once you see the published material and you know that?

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Postby stevenwilson » August 29th, 2009 4:04 pm

I'm sure you know it is morally wrong to steal. I would also find it harder to steal since you will be listening to the actual people you stole from. It is illegal, but no one can really stop you.

Everyone can make up excuses to tell themselves for why they steal instead of paying. Basically it boils down to you wanting it, but are not willing to make any sacrifices to get it.

If everyone steals, then no one will be able to produce it anymore. Keith and Hyunwoo seem like great guys, but I don't imagine either of them can work a full time job for no pay. Perhaps others think differently.

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