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Accessibility/Usability issue on the website

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Accessibility/Usability issue on the website

Postby javiskefka » May 29th, 2009 8:40 am

This may be a little random, but I've run into an issue related to the website.

When I am on the page for an individual lesson, for example, and I'm not logged into my account, I tab through the input fields for leaving a comment at the bottom in the wrong order. Instead of going from the top to the bottom, the order of the fields is this:

1. Login (at the top right of the page)
2. Name (under Leave a Reply at the bottom)
3. Password (top)
4. Email (bottom)
5. Remember? checkbox (top)
6. Website (bottom)
7. Submit button (top)
8. text field for the reply

As you can see, someone trying to type a reply would be alternating between the top and bottom of the page if they hit tab to go to the next field, and this is exactly what happens to me in this situation.

When I am logged in, however, the text cursor tabs through the field in the proper order. This problem seems most likely to effect users that browse lessons on the website on multiple or publicly accessible computers, because a user on a home PC would simply stay logged in.

Anyway, I don't know much about Wordpress or Javascript, but I hope this issue can be fixed, because it kinda gets on my nerves.

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