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Vocabulary: Word(s) of the Day...

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Vocabulary: Word(s) of the Day...

Postby manusevil » December 16th, 2007 6:47 pm

Hi there, I just renewed my premium membership to the site because I was really impressed with how much Korean I had picked up in such a short amount of time. The podcasts are entertaining and funny (in a dorky way :P ), which makes it really easy to digest the instruction and pick up the grammar and new concepts.

The first month was great because I got to go back through all the past podcasts. However, I feel that before I'm willing to invest in the year long membership, I'd want more regular content on the site.

There's obviously a limit to podcast production because I know you guys have to put a lot of work into crafting the lessons. But I think it would be really valuable to have a "Word(s) of the Day" section just dedicated to boosting vocabulary. I love the flashcard feature so it'd be cool to just add these to my pool of words to give me something to do in between the podcasts.

For example you could make a post dedicated to the directions (n,s,e,w) or maybe to the utensils in the kitchen. Or dedicate a week to body parts. And verbs! The sample sentences alone would be really great I think.

This is a long post, but last thing before you say "Just look it up on Naver!" The problem with English-Korean dictionaries is that it's difficult to decipher which is the correct usage of the word, and a lot of times words like 무슨 are just downright confusing to look up (even my Korean girlfriend has trouble explaining it to me!). So it would be helpful to have a trusted source that can explain a very specific usage of a certain word to supplement the excellent lessons you are currently producing!


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Postby hyunwoo » December 20th, 2007 12:28 pm

Thank you manusevil for your valuable feedback and suggestions! :D

It's a lot of work but we enjoy making everything because we know we have listeners like yourself, who are motivated and passionate about learning to really speak Korean!

Thanks again for all your suggestions and we'll consider them in our future lessons and features !! :-)
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