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What's Your Level?

What's your Korean level?

Lower Intermediate
Upper Intermediate
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What's Your Level?

Postby Keith » May 29th, 2008 6:34 am

Robert has asked for advanced lessons. We want to accommodate our listeners as much as possible!

Please let us know what you think your levels are! Here's a good way to gauge the levels:

Newbie: Just starting to learn Korean
Beginner: Can understand some/most of the Beginner Lessons
Lower Intermediate: Understand most Beginner dialogs, and some of the Intermediate dialogs.
Intermediate: Understand most of the Intermediate Dialogs, and some of the Audio Blog.
Upper Intermediate: Can understand most of the Intermediate Dialogs, and some/most of the Audio Blogs
[b]Advanced[b]: Can understand most of the Audio Blogs, and find the Advanced Lesson(s) challenging.

If you let us know, we can serve you better!

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Postby Bouks » May 29th, 2008 3:26 pm

Newbie lessons are very easy for me now 8) The Beginner series is suitably challenging, but I tried Intermediate S1 #1 just to see how I do. I found it difficult, except for maybe one grammar point. But then again, I studied it along with other lessons, so I think it was just too much stuff to absorb all at once.

I asked for Lower Intermediate so that I could have a challenge but not have it be overwhelming...this way I'm hoping to "ease my way in" to a higher level. But I'm sure the Beginner level won't start being "too easy" for me anytime soon.

By the way, what I found most difficult in that Intermediate lesson (S1 #1) was that the long sentences weren't broken down enough, and they should be said a little more slowly (not extremely). They are said very fast in the audio track. The words seem to just meld together.

I think at that level the dialogue should be broken down (said slowly) further than just sentence by sentence. I can't absorb the difficult words and phrases unless there isn't too much stuff being said right before them. Saying half a sentence or a third of a very long one at a time would be perfect. I have the same problem with some long Beginner level sentences.
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