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new member introduction

Posted: February 18th, 2008 7:32 am
by Bouks
Annyeonghasseo! I have just joined I was a listener of at the very early stages, because I know some Japanese, so that is how I learned about the Korean lessons.

I am in Arizona (USA), but I lived in France for a long time, so I speak French fluently. I came to know and love Korean culture through - what else? - watching K-dramas on cable TV. I love the historical ones the most, like Dae Jang Geum, but I also enjoyed My Lovely Samsoon and Rooftop Room Cat. Even when I was in France, I was watching Korean TV by satellite. But since there were no subtitles, I didn't pick up as much as when I watch K-dramas here in the States on the AZN channel.

I only know one Korean person locally - she works in a shop that sells health drinks. I am sort of shy to talk to her, but I think I should try to practice my Korean next time I go there. Please help me not to be shy!

I am the mom of an 8-year-old daughter who sometimes pays attention to these lessons too. She sounds very cute when she speaks Korean. :)

Cheom boeupgesseumnida!

Bouks (aka Julia)

Posted: February 18th, 2008 1:06 pm
by hyunwoo
안녕하세요 Bouks! :-) 반갑습니다!

Welcome to the site! Bienvenue a :-) C'est super que votre fille peut parler quelque coreen aussi ;-) Thanks for introducing yourself and nice to meet you! Hope to see you often in the lesson comments! Hehe.

Posted: February 19th, 2008 2:20 pm
by Bouks
Waou, un autre francophone, et vous parlez tres bien en plus! (Au moins, vous ecrivez tres bien.) So, are we set to take over, then? 8)

Speaking of posting comments on the lessons, I hope it's ok to post comments in old lessons that no one's posted in for a long time. They may be old hat for others, but they're new for me!

You are going to laugh at daughter speaks fluent French, but refuses to be seen speaking it publicly. But when it comes to practicing her new Korean words, she is looking for every excuse to say them, anytime, anywhere. :roll: Soon, her Korean will be 10 times better than her French!

Posted: February 19th, 2008 3:12 pm
by hyunwoo
Je crois que va commencer tres tot :-)
Je l'attends avec impatience! On va se voir la-bas aussi alors?

It sounds sooo cute that your daughter wants to speak Korean. hehe. What words can she say so far?

Posted: February 20th, 2008 12:47 am
by Bouks
Well she's gone through the first few newbie lessons with me, and so she can say "anneonghaseo", and goes around addressing the dogs "Billi-ssi!" "Toby-ssi!" She also knows how to say thank you, and says it a lot more in Korean than she says it in English :lol: