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My Korean Schedule

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My Korean Schedule

Postby bwbrown5216 » December 3rd, 2012 6:35 pm

Hello everyone,

This is my first post here and Im not sure if this is in the write forum section, but I just wanted to talk and ask you guys about setting up a schedule for studyin' Korean! I am a beginner in Korean, and am wanting to learn as much as possible to become fluent! I have finished about half of the Pimsleur Korean course, and found that I learn best by hearing and repeating than anything else. I have researched and tried different methods for about a year now, and Pimsleur worked wonders for me.

I am now trying to set up a dedicated schedule for learning Korean everyday, and I want your guys advice. I am a college student at a music school, but unfortunately my school does not have any Korean classes, so I am trying to set up my own sort of "class." What are your schedules like, and how do they work for you? What do you do/use besides KC101? What do you recommend? After trying out KC101, I think I would like to sign up for a Premium membership. But I think I would like to just do one month for $25, to try it out. What do you think? Along with this, I would like to take private lessons through video from the teachers on (check out italki! It's a great resource for taking lessons to your suiting, speaking practice with everyone else whos learning, practicing writing and speaking, and more. Plus, it's for most languages, not just Korean.) So, I was thinking of using KC101 everyday, and then taking a private lesson every other day at italki to learn more in person and to test out what I hear from KC101. I would like to dedicate myself to a schedule like this. And figuring out my own class will be much cheaper than a regular language college class, which would go for $2000+ a semester. What do you guys think?

Also, I am finding little ways to immerse myself in what Im learning, like having a whiteboard with words Im learning up on my wall so Ill see them all the time, listening and translating Korean songs, etc. What are some things you do? Do you have any tips/suggestions? Sorry for so many questions, Im very curious to see what everyone else is doing.

Thanks everyone,

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