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my weekend's Korean practic

Posted: May 3rd, 2010 1:45 pm
by trutherous
I had a nice break from the usual weekend routine of Korean study:

A Korean friend I knew from a language exchange chat site arrived in the US a couple of weeks ago and this weekend we met up took him out sightseeing a little bit. Then we returned to our house and after spending the night with us we went to our Korean church on Sunday.

He is here to study English but I selfishly spent the whole weekend talking only in Korean. He didn't mind, however, because after two weeks of living in a home-stay where they speak only English, and attending an intense ESL institute, he was ready for a break. Well, we had a great time and plan to meet again in the near future. Next time I hope we can visit the Grand Canyon and Sedona Arizona. Maybe we can even get in a little Southern California fishing trip.

Oh well that was my great weekend.. and this is my 200th post already - wow