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I want to ask Soo-Hyun's father to marry her. I need help.

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I want to ask Soo-Hyun's father to marry her. I need help.

Postby blb1121 » June 28th, 2009 9:46 pm

Ok so here it goes... I was stationed in Korea for 1 year and along the way i met Soo-Hyun. The meeting is a difficult story, but the short/sweet is that since we started dating we have been falling deeper and deeper in love. Soo-Hyun and I have been dating and visiting each other for the past two years. Most of it has been on the internet through MSN messenger and facebook. Of course now i am stationed in Iraq and doing my best to learn Korean while i am here, but i really could use a few good ideas for asking something this serious. I love her very much and most importantly i want to make a good impression with her father who kind of thinks i am just some rude American. (Her words) Does anyone have some suggestions.

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Postby dtymazda » June 30th, 2009 5:53 am


I wish I could help you but I'm not that advanced in Korean. Hopefully one of the hosts or more advanced students can help you, what you're trying to do is wonderful.


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Postby kimchiandsoju » July 1st, 2009 4:22 pm

The last thing her father wants is his daughter running off and marrying some GI.

I say this as a former GI that was stationed at the Hump for 2 years! I was a Korean Linguist (98G) and new all sorts of culture and history and blah blah... it didn't really matter though. I looked like a GI and so I got treated like a GI.

If you ask this dude to marry his daughter its not really going to matter which language you ask in, his head is going to EXPLODE. And for the love of all things sacred do not ask while you are still out in the sandbox!!!!

Get your butt back to Korea first. Then, she needs to find a way to gently start making your presence known to her family. Start having dinner with them and be as earnest, polite, and humble as possible. They need to see you as a person. Right now they will see you as a stereotype... a drinking womanizing fighting GI that breaks korean laws and runs over little girls in HumVees. Its going to take some time, but its doable....

Learning Korean in definitely a good start. I wish you luck, man.

oh- and one other thing. talk to your girl about it... she's knows her family better than anybody.

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