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How to apply at a Korean university as an international student?

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How to apply at a Korean university as an international student?

Postby PALewis88 » October 3rd, 2015 5:12 am


I am a Californian looking to get a degree in Korean Language at a university in Korea, but I don't know much about the application requirements, academic requirements, etc. in order to do so. Is there anyone here who has had experience studying abroad or studying full-time at a Korean university? I guess the basic questions I have are:

1. What are the best schools for international students to try to get into? (which have the highest acceptance percentage?)
2. What scholarships are available to international students besides the GKS? (I'm too old for the undergraduate requirements)
3. How easy or difficult is it for international students to get student loans in Korea?
4. Any other advice or tips welcome here.

I realize this might be a hard thing I'm trying to do, but then again I've always preferred to do things the hard way (I'm learning Korean after all, instead of something easier like Spanish). Any help or advice you can give me is greatly appreciated.

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Re: How to apply at a Korean university as an international student?

Postby community.korean » October 12th, 2015 12:09 pm


Are you familiar with Korean universities and programs?

If not, please take some time to research the schools and their programs.
Then, contact the schools that you are interested to find out more about their programs and requirements.

Application and scholarship requirements may vary from school to school.

Here are some of top universities in Korea:


Good luck with your future endeavors!

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