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Ordering food "To Go"

Posted: February 21st, 2012 2:19 am
by roboytoe563484
Hi it's me again!

I was out last night with a few friends and we were having a cow meat Jjigae. Anyway with this meat you had to pull off the meat from the bone and put the bones in this container. Well, my cousin saw all these bones and thought that her dog would ABSOLUTELY love to NOM NOM on these bones. So I tried to ask the 아주마 if I could have it to go. Instead I almost bought another one of those meat stews. We eventually got her on the same page, but I want to make this into a learning experience and avoid a similar hassle like this again.

So the question that I pose is this...

How do you ask "As for this/these _____(ex: bones), I would like it TO GO.

AND to make sure that they do not misunderstand me that I do not want to re-order the same thing I just bought, maybe learning this phrase would help.

How to say: "I do not wish to re-order the meal that I just ate, I only want (ex: the bones) TO GO.


Posted: February 21st, 2012 9:20 am
by jaehwi

This is Jaehwi from : )

In that case, you can say 싸주세요. (ssajuseyo) in Korean.

For example, you can say 아줌마(or 아주머니) 이거 싸주세요. It literally means 'Please wrap this up', but it also means 'Can I bring it home?'

Since you can use the phrase only for the foods that you ordered, she won't think you want to reorder foods : )

If you want to say 'TO-GO' when you order food (such as in McDonalds), you can say '이거 포장해주세요(igeo pojanghaejuseyo)' 포장하다 means 'to wrap up' but it sounds more official and it means 'to-go'

I hope this helps : )

Thank you,

Jaehwi /