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I'm Probably Late but ...

Discuss Korean music.
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I'm Probably Late but ...

Postby DoodleHappy » July 10th, 2009 12:27 pm

(still a newb at korean so not much korean here D:) 언녕하새요!
I'm probably Late.
Do you guys know wonder girls? Well if you do they just had concerts in the U.S. and in
Canada performing "Tell Me" and "Nobody". that's all I know. Also they were touring with ---- The Jonas brothers! that's so unexpected! i think the people who came to their concerts loved the Wonder Girls though. I wish other K-Pop groups could go to North America D: I hope Wonder Girls will be successful!

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Postby evathereal » August 12th, 2009 11:52 am


I'm late too so no worries ^-^ I'm going to see the Wonder Girls in concert (my sister loves the Jonas Brothers, so it worked out for both of us). It's really exciting to see kpop groups in the U.S. :D
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