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Lesson Transcript

Yunseol: 안녕하세요, 윤설입니다.
Minkyong: 안녕하세요, 민경입니다.
Keith: Hey Keith here. Picture video vocab, lesson #8. Vending machine. All right. So, it’s summer these days and Mingyong, I know you hate hot weather. You just hate it.
Yunseol: 더운 거 너무 싫어요(Deoun geo neomu sireoyo).
Keith: Yeah why?
Minkyong: It’s just annoying. I don’t like it.
Yunseol: Me too. I don’t like to sweat.
Keith: Well, right in front of us, we have a Pocari Sweat.
Yunseol: Yeah. I can see it.
Keith: And actually this is a vending machine. We will get into this drink a little bit later. Let’s talk about vending machines in Korea. Vending machines are pretty much the same anywhere right?
Yunseol: 네.
Keith: And you can find them at your school. You can find them on the street next to buildings.
Yunseol: Near the station, inside the building and everywhere.
Keith: Yeah. And for the most part, I think the only thing that vending machines sell in Korea are drinks.
Yunseol: 네. 음료수를 많이 팔죠(eumnyosueumnyosureul mani paljyo).
Keith: What’s that word?
Yunseol: 음-료-수(eum-nyo-su).
Keith: And that means beverage. Now, beverage can mean a lot of things. Water, soda, beer?
Yunseol: No.
Minkyong: I don’t think so.
Keith: No beer vending machine.
Yunseol: Uh huh.
Minkyong: But we have a lot of coffee and tea vending machines.
Keith: Yeah. I noticed that a lot in restaurants. I think a lot of restaurants in Korea, they’ll have not really vending machine. It’s like a mini-vending machine.
Yunseol: 조그마한 소형 커피 머신이죠 .
Keith: Yeah. Just like a small coffee machine and I really enjoy them actually and they have them in the subway stations too, don’t they?
Yunseol: 맞아요. 저는 거의 매일 아침(geoui maeil achim) 뽑아 먹었는데요. It was almost ₩400.
Keith: Every morning?
Yunseol: Yes.
Keith: But they don’t even give you a lot.
Yunseol: 음, 양은 좀 작아요.
Minkyong: 근데 맛있어요(Geunde masisseoyo).
Keith: Yeah. And what kind of coffee is usually there?
Yunseol: 밀크커피(milkeukeopi).
Keith: Yeah I think the milk coffees are -
Yunseol: 저는 가끔 유자차(yujacha)도 뽑아 마셨어요.
Keith: And that’s citron tea.
Minkyong: 네. 매우 달콤하고 기분 좋아지는 향이 나요.
Keith: But what we have in front of us is just a very normal and average vending machine. And what’s vending machine in Korean?
Yunseol: 자판기(japangi). 자-판-기(ja-pan-gi).
Keith: And this specific one is a Pocari Sweat 자판기(japangi)--and you know, when I first heard of that drink, I thought it was so disgusting.
Yunseol: 왜요?
Keith: Because it has the word sweat in it. I don’t want to drink any sweat.
Yunseol: Oh okay.
Minkyong: Ha ha.
Yunseol: Okay. This sounds very reasonable but what does Pocari mean?
Keith: Well I don’t know what it means but it just has sweat there. That’s pretty disgusting right like if--미국에는 만약에--If there was a drink in America that said something like “something something 땀(ttam)”, You know, are you going to drink that?
Yunseol: No.
Keith: Yeah.
Yunseol: Maybe not, yeah.
Keith: Exactly. But I mean, after a while, I overcame my fear. I think I lost a bet or something. You have to drink the sweat. I was just like okay. Well, I drank it and it’s not bad. It’s okay.
Yunseol: It’s just like Gatorade right?
Keith: Ah little different. Gatorade has more flavour. Pocari Sweat is just like, sweet water.
Yunseol: Okay.
Keith: At least it’s not salty like sweet sweat.
Minkyong: Oh my god.
Yunseol: Eww. I don’t want to drink salty drinks.
Keith: Well, Pocari Sweat is not bad but okay, so what are we going to do if we want to drink. It’s a hot summer day. We need some drinks.
Yunseol: First of all, we need coins.
Keith: And what’s coins in Korean?
Yunseol: 동전(dongjeon). 동-전(dong-jeon).
Minkyong: 동전을 넣어야 해요(Dongjeoneul neoeoya haeyo).
Keith: All right. So we put that in there and now, what do we got to do?
Yunseol: We have to push the button of course. 버튼을 눌러야죠(Beoteuneul nulleoyajyo).
Keith: All right. So what’s the word button?
Yunseol: 버튼(beoteun). 버-튼(beo-teun).
Keith: Yes. That word button is pretty much the same on elevators, on cell phones and et cetera, et cetera. All right but if you want to press a button, what do we say?
Yunseol: 버튼을 누르다(Beoteuneul nureuda).
Keith: And what’s that verb?
Yunseol: 누르다(nureuda).
Keith: To press.
Yunseol: 누-르-다(nu-reu-da).
Keith: Okay. So we press that button and then, now what do we got?
Yunseol: We finally have our 음료수(eum-nyo-su). 음료수가 나와요(Eum-nyo-suga nawayo).
Keith: Yeah. And that’s the verb, to come out. What’s that verb again?
Yunseol: 나오다(naoda). 나-오-다(na-o-da).
Keith: All right. So we got our sweat and we are ready to cool down with sweat.
Yunseol: No.
Minkyong: Okay.
Keith: See but you think it’s disgusting now that I brought it up, right?
Yunseol: Now I feel like it’s disgusting.
Keith: Yeah.
Yunseol: Thank you. Thank you very much.
Keith: And this was actually a very short picture video vocab lesson but before we finish up, we got a couple of drinks over here. What do we have?
Yunseol: We have 포카리 스웨트(pokari seuweteu).
Keith: Yeah and that’s a sports drink and what other sports drinks are in Korea? What are Korean sports drinks?
Yunseol: 게토레이(getorei).
Keith: Actually I think that one is an American one. That’s Gatorade.
Yunseol: And Powerade--
Minkyong: 파워에이드(pawoeideu).
Keith: Um.
Yunseol: Isn’t there any Powerade in the States?
Keith: Yeah of course. All right. So we have that and if you look all the way to the right, I think that’s an energy drink or a drink for hangovers.
Yunseol: I’ve never seen this drink in my life.
Keith: Well, I haven’t seen it either but I’ve seen a lot of similar drinks like 박카스(bakkaseu).
Yunseol: Yeah. And I can see the level. So I believe it’s about Vitamin C or something like that.
Keith: Yeah. And a lot of like energy drinks, they will have the vitamin that they claim is in the drink.
Yunseol: Aha but it’s too little. That’s what you want to say?
Keith: No I just think it’s a sham. Like Pocari Sweat.
Yunseol: Okay. 사실은 여기있는 음료수들(eum-nyo-su)은 그다지 유명하지는 않아요.
Keith: Yeah actually I don’t recognize any of these drinks either.
Yunseol: 왜냐면 보통 한 자판기(japangi)에는 그 회사 제품만 들어있잖아요.
Keith: Um so one company’s vending machine has that company’s drinks. They won’t obviously allow let’s say a different company’s drink in there.
Yunseol: 맞아요. 만약에 이 회사가 코카콜라였다면 모든 제품을 다 알고 있겠지만.
Keith: Yeah. We would probably know the Coca-Cola one, but Pocari Sweat.
Yunseol: No it’s not famous. It’s not a big company.
Keith: Yeah. The only famous thing they have is the sweat.
Yunseol: Yeah.
Keith: That’s just what I am going to refer to it.
Yunseol: Right, right.
Keith: From now on. Okay well, that was a short picture video vocab lesson and I hope you enjoyed but remember to stop by KoreanClass101.com and leave us your comments. Let us know what you think and we will see you there. Bye bye!
Yunseol: 안녕~
Minkyong: 안녕히 계세요!


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Do you buy drinks from 자판기 often?

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We also have Powerade in the UK. I don't particularly like it though. :sweat_smile:

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나는 음료이 자판기를 안 사면 가게에서 음료 사요.

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definitely! 보여 줄게 :) come come and play!

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Yes! :-*

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싱가폴에는 자판기가 진짜 여러가지 종류로 있구나! 나중에 싱가폴에 가면 다 보여 줘 ㅎㅎㅎ (There are so many types of vending machines in Singapore! Show me all of them when I go there one day :mrgreen::mrgreen: )


Actually you should give it a try - it's quite nice :D :D :D

한번 마셔 봐. 생각보다 맛있어 ㅎㅎ 특히 아주 더울 때, 차갑게 해서 마시면 아주 좋아!


한국에서도 3년 전에는 그 정도 가격이었던 것 같아요. 지금은 조금 더 비싸졌지만요 ^^ I think it was around that price too in Korea 3 years ago. It's become more expensive now, though :)

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Manyakumi, :grin::grin:

답변 감사합니다. Thanks for the answer!

Margaret, please take Manyakumi's tip :) What he wrote was exactly what you wanted to know!! It's not necessarily a matter of the conversation being colloquial or not :mrgreen:

And yes, 두번 means twice and 두번째 means the 2nd time. :)

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"쉬었을" > 있었을... ㅋㅋㅋ

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그리고 삼년전에 발리섬에서 쉬었을 때 포카리 스웨트 한 캔 $0.40쯤 (미국)이었는데요!

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Margaret has mentioned it while i was writing, hehe