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Lesson Transcript

Yunseol: 안녕하세요, 윤설입니다.
Minkyong: 안녕하세요, 민경입니다.
Keith: Hi, Keith here. Picture video vocab #5, the Convenience Store.
Yunseol: Uh uh uh uh.
Keith: You are excited about the convenience store.
Yunseol: Yeah. This is my favorite spot in Korea.
Keith: Why?
Yunseol: Because I can buy a lot of things.
Keith: You can buy a lot of things in a lot of places.
Yunseol: But--especially like delicious cheap food--I can find them here.
Keith: And that’s the key to your heart.
Yunseol: Yeah.
Keith: Delicious cheap food.
Yunseol: Yeah.
Keith: Kind of like 분식 (bunsik).
Yunseol: Um
Keith: Delicious cheap food.
Yunseol: I like big supermarkets better than convenience stores.
Keith: Why is that?
Yunseol: Because there is more food.
Minkyong: And you can you know 시식(sisik), sample free food.
Yunseol: Yeah I love that. I get to try many different foods. And my mom never buys me those foods. So…
Keith: You know actually I saw a movie where this guy, he just goes around to supermarket because he has no money and he just eats the free food, the free samples. All right. So let’s move on. We’re not talking about the supermarket today. What are we talking about?
Yunseol: We are talking about 편의점(pyeonuijeom).
Keith: Can you break that down?
Yunseol: 편-의-점(pyeon-ui-jeom).. 편의점(pyeonuijeom).
Keith: And just to go over real quick, the pronunciation in the middle might be a little difficult. Can you do it again slowly?
Yunseol: 의- 의-(ui-ui)
Keith: Yeah. It’s 으(eu) and 이(i), but in one syllable. It’s a little tough for Korean learners but if you are curious, we have audio sound clips in our premium learning center. So you can check that out.
Yunseol: But usually those people who live in Seoul pronounce this 이(i), So 편이점(pyeonijeom) is okay.
Keith: Yeah actually I say 편이점(pyeonijeom) too. It’s just easier to say but the actual standard, correct pronunciation is:
Yunseol: 편의점 (pyeonuijeom).
Keith: Yeah. Okay, 편의점 자주 가세요?
Yunseol: 저는 맨날 가요.
Keith: 맨날(maennal). Like about how often?
Yunseol: 매일 매일(maeil maeil).
Keith: Seriously. Every day?
Yunseol: 네. 물(mul)도 사고요, 과자(gwaja)도 사고요, 그리고 김밥(gimbap)도 사요.
Keith: 네 편의점은 더 비싸지 않아요? 보통 가격 보다? Isn’t it more expensive than let’s say like a supermarket?
Yunseol: It is. It’s more expensive but there is a lot of convenience stores like everywhere. It’s easier to go right?
Keith: Thus the name convenience store.
Yunseol: Yeah.
Minkyong: But in 편의점 there are some things that you only find in there.
Keith: 예를 들자면? For example?
Yunseol: 삼각김밥(samgakgimbap).
Keith: Triangle gimbap.
Yunseol: And some finger Food. Now-a-days, we also can find 오뎅(odeng), and 샌드위치(saendeuwichi).
Keith: And you can’t really buy that in a supermarket like pre-made gimbap, pre-made..
Yunseol: 네, 맞아요.
Keith: All right. So yeah. There is a lot of convenient food around here but before we get into the food, what does it say on the right hand side of the picture?
Yunseol: 공짜(gongjja).
Keith: 그거 무슨 뜻이에요?
Yunseol: 돈을 안 내도 된다는 뜻이에요.
Keith: And what are some other words that mean the same thing?
Yunseol: 무료(muryo).
Keith: And anything else?
Yunseol: No.
Keith: No. Okay. Well, free of charge and over here, what’s free of charge?
Yunseol: 삼각김밥을 사면(samgakgimbabeul samyeon)...
Minkyong: 음료수가 공짜(eumnyosuga gongjja).
Keith: If you buy the triangle gimbap, a free drink. That’s a pretty nice deal.
Yunseol: Yeah.
Minkyong: So it’s a set.
Keith: Yeah probably for students.
Yunseol: It’s basically for the promotion of the drink.
Keith: So the drink is usually like a new company or something and not so popular yet.
Yunseol: Yeah.
Keith: And it might not taste so good because it’s free.
Yunseol: No that’s not true.
Keith: 그거 아니에요?
Yunseol: 그건 아니에요.
Keith: Okay. But what did you just say before? What is triangle gimbap?
Yunseol: 삼각김밥(samgakgimbap)이라고 해요.
Keith: Or some of our listeners or viewers I guess might be familiar with gimbap. So why is it 삼각김밥(samgakgimbap)?
Yunseol: 삼각형(samgakyeong)이니까.
Keith: Because it’s a triangle. And what’s the word for triangle?
Yunseol: 삼각형(samgakyeong).
Keith: This has some honcho words in it and we can break it down. What’s our first part?
Yunseol: 삼(sam).
Keith: Three. And after that?
Yunseol: 각(gak).
Keith: Angle.
Minkyong: 형(hyeong).
Keith: Shape. Three angle shape or triangle. So what other shapes are there?
Yunseol: 사각형(sagakyeong).
Keith: Very simple. Four angular shape.
Yunseol: 오각형(ogakyeong).
Keith: Five angular shape. A pentagon.
Yunseol: 육각형(yukgakyeong).
Keith: A hexagon.
Yunseol: I am not going further. So don’t worry about it.
Keith: Yeah. I forgot anyway. All right. So if we buy a 삼각김밥(samgakgimbap), a triangle gimbap, what comes with it?
Yunseol: 음료수(eumnyosu).
Keith: A beverage. So what’s included in the word 음료수(eumnyosu)? Water, juice, beer, alcohol..like what’s included?
Yunseol: Everything you can drink is 음료수(eumnyosu). So…
Keith: Water?
Minkyong: Yeah water is 음료수(eumnyosu).
Keith: Juice?
Yunseol: Juice is also.
Keith: Milk?
Yunseol: Yeah. Everything that you can drink is 음료수(eumnyosu).
Keith: Melted cheese.
Minkyong: No that’s not. Can you drink it?
Keith: Yeah if it’s melted.
Yunseol: You actually eat it or sometimes you dip the bread in it. So you actually eat it, not drink it.
Keith: Well, I’m going to make a promotional drinking and give it out for free. 공짜(gongjja).
Yunseol: Okay.
Keith: And it will be a good selling drink because it’s for free. All right. So let’s move on. What else do we see? What else can we buy instead of triangle gimbap--삼각형김밥(samgakyeonggimbap)?
Yunseol: We can buy instant spaghetti.
Keith: And what’s the Korean pronunciation for that?
Yunseol: 인스탄트 스파게티(inseutanteu seupageti).
Keith: Instant spaghetti. Just a Koreanized version of them and you know, we buy these. Can we eat them in the store?
Yunseol: Yeah. We used to be able to but not anymore. They are removing their chairs these days.
Keith: Well, but some stores still have chairs or stands where you can eat.
Yunseol: Yeah. We still have stands, yeah.
Keith: And if we wanted to buy an 인스탄트 스파게티(inseutanteu seupageti), then what do we do? We just buy it and what?
Yunseol: 전자렌지(jeonjarenji)에 넣어요.
Keith: Put it in the microwave. What’s microwave?
Yunseol: 전자렌지(jeonjarenji).
Keith: And we did that word in our last picture video vocab on the kitchen. If you haven’t watched it yet, remember to stop by KoreanClass101.com and you can check out our last picture video vocab, the kitchen. There, you can learn the vocabulary you need for all your cooking needs in Korean. All right. So we have instant spaghetti. Now, is all instant food Western?
Yunseol: Not actually. We have Korean traditional instant food too.
Keith: 그래서 예를 들으면? What kind of stuff?
Yunseol: 죽(juk) 있어요.
Keith: Rice porridge.
Yunseol: Uh huh. It’s one of the most popular food in 편의점(pyeonuijeom).
Keith: And there’s a number of different varieties if we take a look at our picture. Can we go over a couple other varieties?
Yunseol: 전복죽(jeonbokjuk).
Keith: Abalone porridge. I don’t even know what abalone is. What is it?
Yunseol: It’s a kind of scallop but it’s very expensive. So if you drink a lot, you eat it next day. And we believe that it makes our stomach comfortable.
Keith: Okay. Expensive porridge.
Yunseol: Yeah it is. It is really expensive.
Keith: It’s the hangover cure for everybody. Okay. What’s another porridge that we have?
Yunseol: 참치죽(chamchijuk).
Keith: Tuna rice porridge. Next?
Minkyong: 쇠고기죽(soegogijuk).
Keith: Beef rice porridge. And after that?
Yunseol: 꿀호박죽(kkulhobakjuk).
Keith: Honey pumpkin rice porridge. Kind of long. What’s your favorite out of all of these?
Yunseol: 저는 참치죽 제일 좋아해요(Jeoneun chamchijuk jeil joahaeyo).
Minkyong: 저는 꿀호박죽이 제일 좋아요(Jeoneun kkulhobakjugi jeil joayo).
Keith: I am a tuna person myself too, Seol.
Yunseol: 맛있죠?
Keith: Yeah 맛있어요. All right. So we have 죽(juk). Do you just eat 죽(juk) sometimes or what else? You can get some other 반찬 too right?
Yunseol: 네, 김치(gimchi)도 있구요.
Keith: And we have it in this picture.
Yunseol: 네, 왼쪽에 있어요. 저는 메추리알(mechurial)도 되게 좋아해요.
Keith: Smoked, hard-boiled eggs in soy sauce.
Yunseol: But the egg is really small.
Keith: And a lot of people eat this just as 반찬(banchan) just as another side dish.
Yunseol: 네, 저는 근데 이걸 굉장히 좋아해서요, 반찬(banchan)으로도 먹고, 간식(gansik)으로도 먹어요.
Keith: Just by itself.
Yunseol: 네.
Keith: Like walking on the street?
Minkyong: 네.
Keith: Yeah. That’s so ladylike of you.
Yunseol: 근데 정말 맛있어요. 한번 드셔보세요, 다들.
Keith: You can’t help yourself. All right, so everyone, try it out and tell us how you feel. Remember to stop by koreanclass101.com and leave us a comment. Let us know if you’ve tried this kind of food out or if you like the free drinks 공짜 음료수(gongjja eumnyosu) or what kind of food you like in the 편의점(pyeoneuimeom). All right. So we have 죽, but what’s the staple of Korean food?
Yunseol: 밥(bap).
Keith: Rice. And of course, no 편의점(pyeoneuimeom) can be complete without rice. So what kind of rice do we have in this picture?
Yunseol: 닭덮밥(dakdeopbap).
Keith: Chicken rice. And...
Yunseol: 짜장밥(jjajangbap).
Keith: Black bean sauce rice.
Yunseol: 카레밥(karebap).
Keith: Curry rice.
Yunseol: 낙지덮밥(nakjideopbap).
Keith: And octopus rice.
Yunseol: Yeah. I know what octopus rice is but you know, if you just say, it’s octopus rice, it sounds very odd.
Keith: Yeah it sounds better in Korean because well, if you take a look at the front, 닭(dak). chicken.
Yunseol: 닭덮밥(dakdeopbap).
Keith: And of course, you can’t just have rice. You need a drink.
Minkyong: So that’s the reason we have juice.
Keith: 그, 바로 밑에.
Yunseol: 네.
Keith: Right below it. So – and can you slowdown that pronunciation?
Yunseol: 주-스(ju-seu). 주스(juseu).
Keith: Are there any like special Korean juices?
Yunseol: Yeah we have.
Minkyong: We have mandarin orange Juice.
Keith: Well, I don’t think that’s so special.
Yunseol: 식혜(sikye).
Keith: 식혜(sikye), well that’s not really a juice right?
Yunseol: 매실 주스(maesil juseu).
Yunseol: It’s green plum juice.
Keith: Oh okay. Do you drink it with meals?
Yunseol: Yeah why not? It’s juice.
Yunseol: And I also have another Korean juice which is 알로에 주스(alloe juseu). That’s very Korean, I think.
Keith: Juice made from aloe leaves. Yeah, it’s very Korean.
Yunseol: 맛있어요.
Keith: Yeah.
Yunseol: And healthy too.
Keith: Yeah it’s pretty healthy. It’s pretty good. All right. Well, we are going to have to wrap it up over here but after we pick up all our things, we got 스파게티(seupageti), 삼각김밥(samgakgimbap)...
Yunseol: 낙지덮밥(nakjideopbap).
Minkyong: 김치(gimchi).
Keith: Oh can’t forget the kimchi, right?
Yunseol: Yeah.
Keith: All right. So we got all of these things. We put them in our basket. Where do we head over to?
Yunseol: 공원에. 아니구나--계산하러 가는구나. 미안해...
Keith: To the park.
Minkyong: But before going to the park.
Keith: Yeah. Seol is a kleptomaniac. She can’t help stealing. Got to pay for it, right?
Yunseol: Yeah, yeah. Before going to the park, we have to pay for them.
Keith: 그럼 어디가요?
Yunseol: 계산대(gyesandae)로 가서 돈을 내요.
Keith: Can we break down that word?
Yunseol: 계-산-대(gye-san-dae).
Keith: And there is also an English word that can work?
Yunseol: 카-운-터(ka-un-teo).
Keith: Counter. So you go up, you pay and we can go to the park now.
Yunseol: Thank you.
Keith: All right. So that’s going to do it. Remember to stop by koreanclass101.com and pick up the PDF. Today’s PDF is going to have all of our vocabulary words, a lot of variations of those words and also sample sentences where you can practice using those words in certain contexts, in sentences. So it’s going to be very helpful. All right. So that’s going to do it. Remember to stop by and say hi.
Yunseol: Bye.
Minkyong: Bye.


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Hi Ian,

The CJ Group is a Korean conglomerate which owns many subsidiaries, the products you see in the video are a part of its food&beverage company. CJ Entertainment is the entertainment arm of the CJ Group, and if VIXX is managed by CJ Entertainment then yes, they would be managed by a subsidiary of the conglomerate which also makes the food products you saw in the video.



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Do you know if the CJ company who made the products shown in this video are the same company who manages the kpop boy group VIXX? :smile:

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i love korean food alot...

as i m in mumbai (india) now so, can anyone help me if there is any convenience store located in mumbai, where i can find korean noodle and korean drinks and all the korean stuffs...

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Wow! It is really useful. :mrgreen:

I think you could explore a convenience store of Korea from this Video lesson.

Let's say one thing you can find at a convenience store.

Korean and English.

I will go first. :wink:

컵라면 [keopramyeon] :cup noodles.

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안녕하세요 Sebastian :)

독일에는 편의점이 없어요? 저런... T.T 언젠가 생기겠지요 ^^!!!

'소고기'와 '쇠고기'는 같은 뜻이에요. 동물의 이름은 '소'인데, 소+ㅇㅇ 처럼 다른 단어랑 같이 쓸 때는 '쇠+ㅇㅇ'가 되어요.

소고기고추장을 '쇠고기고추장'이라고 해도 되고,

쇠고기죽을 '소고기죽'이라고 해도 상관없어요.

그런데 특히 '죽'의 경우에는 '쇠고기죽'이라는 말을 많이 써요 ^^!

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이 레슨은 재미있었어요. 고맙습니다!

그런데 질문이 하나 있어요. PDF에서 "소고기고추장"하고 "쇠고기죽"이 나왔는데, 소고기와 쇠고기의 차이가 뭐예요? 둘 다 beef라는 뜻이는 것 같은데요.

I wish we had convenience stores in Germany... the only stores here that are open 24 hours are gas stations, and while you can get a lot of food and drinks, it's really really expensive :(

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Yewin(예윈), welcome to the site :) 어서오세요!

Glad to hear that the site is of help to you! Be sure to stop by often and practice with us! Thanks!

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My name's Yewin and I'm from Malaysia. Stumbled on this site by chance. I'll be visiting Korea one day so i'm trying to learn some korean basics before my trip =) Just wanna thank you for putting up a great site like this. Keep it up! Cheers!

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Hyunwoo,Thanks for the Info !:smile:

Jeff (Javis), the drama was filmed in korea.