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Lesson Transcript

Gyeong-eun: 안녕하세요(Annyeonghaseyo)!
Hyunwoo: Hello. Welcome to koreanclass101.com’s picture video vocab, lesson #14. In A Classroom in Korea. My name is 현우 선, and I am joined in the studio by 경은.
Gyeong-eun: 안녕하세요, 최경은입니다. Welcome back to the picture video vocab lesson everyone.
Hyunwoo: In our picture video vocab lessons, we take a look at one or more photos of an everyday scene in Korea.
Gyeong-eun: And introduce the vocabulary words that can be found inside the photos.
Hyunwoo: Exactly and for more information and for more sample sentences for the vocab words that are introduced in this lesson, be sure to pick up your lesson notes for this lesson at?
Gyeong-eun: KoreanClass101.com
Hyunwoo: Now, in this lesson 경은씨, where are we now? 우리 지금 어디에 있어요(Uri jigeum eodie isseoyo)?
Gyeong-eun: We are in the university classroom. 대학교 교실에 있어요(Daehakgyo gyosire isseoyo).
Hyunwoo: Well 경은씨 as far as I know, it’s been a while since you graduated from college, right? 대학교 졸업한지 오래 됐죠(Daehakgyo joreopanji orae dwaetjyo)?
Gyeong-eun: 아니에요! 별로 안 됐어요. Anyway, it seems like the class has already begun.
Hyunwoo: Yeah I think so. So first, let’s look at the word for class.
Gyeong-eun: 수업(sueop). 수-업(su-eop).
Hyunwoo: And 수업(sueop) usually takes place in a classroom.
Gyeong-eun: 교실(gyosil). 교-실(gyo-sil).
Hyunwoo: And we are in this 교실(gyosil) and I see a lot more girls than boys.
Gyeong-eun: 네. 남학생보다 여학생이 더 많은 것 같아요(Namhaksaengboda yeohaksaengi deo maneun geot gatayo).
Hyunwoo: What’s the word again?
Gyeong-eun: 남학생(namhaksaeng).
Hyunwoo: Male student.
Gyeong-eun: 남-학-생(nam-hak-saeng).
Hyunwoo: And
Gyeong-eun: 여학생(yeohaksaeng).
Hyunwoo: Female student.
Gyeong-eun: 여-학-생(yeo-hak-saeng).
Hyunwoo: Yeah. There is more female students than male students. 남학생보다 여학생이 더 많아요(Namhaksaengboda yeohaksaengi deo manayo). And I am very happy to be here.
Gyeong-eun: Okay. And the students are still talking to each other.
Hyunwoo: Yeah. I think the student up there is preparing for his presentation.
Gyeong-eun: But you know, some teachers hate it when students have 잡담(japdam).
Hyunwoo: Yeah that’s true but what’s the word again?
Gyeong-eun: 잡담(japdam).
Hyunwoo: Chitchat, small talk.
Gyeong-eun: 잡-담(jap-dam).
Hyunwoo: Well, I don’t think the teacher would mind right now because it is helping the student who is preparing for his presentation. So, how do you say presentation in Korean?
Gyeong-eun: 발표(balpyo). 발-표(bal-pyo).
Hyunwoo: 경은씨. You must have been very good at 발표(balpyo) when you were in school. 학교에 다닐때 발표 잘 했을 것 같아요(Hakgyoe danilttae balpyo jal haesseul geot gatayo).
Gyeong-eun: Me? I wasn’t good at 발표(balpyo) when I was in school because I was really shy.
Hyunwoo: Actually that’s what I thought.
Gyeong-eun: What?
Hyunwoo: Just kidding. But anyway, before any class begins, there is something most teachers do to make sure nobody is skipping the class.
Gyeong-eun: 아, 출석체크요(chulseokchekeuyo)?
Hyunwoo: Yeah. The attendance check.
Gyeong-eun: 출-석-체-크(chul-seok-che-keu).
Hyunwoo: But also using the verb to call 부르다(bureuda) you can say?
Gyeong-eun: 출석을 부르다(Chulseogeul bureuda). 선생님이 출석을 부르고 있어요(Seonsaengnimi chulseogeul bureugo isseoyo).
Hyunwoo: The teacher is doing a roll call.
Gyeong-eun: Yeah like this: 선현우--
Hyunwoo: 네.
Gyeong-eun: 최경은--
Hyunwoo: 안 왔는데요. She is not here.
Gyeong-eun: I am here.
Hyunwoo: Well, now that we’ve just mentioned it, let’s talk briefly about how to say present and absent in Korean.
Gyeong-eun: To be present is 출석하다(chulseokhada).
Hyunwoo: 출석하다, and to be absent is 결석하다(gyeolseokada).
Gyeong-eun: 결-석-하-다(gyeol-seo-ka-da).
Hyunwoo: And actually the word 결석하다(gyeolseokada) to be absent is used very commonly, but for to be present, 출석하다 sounds a little too formal. Don’t you think?
Gyeong-eun: Yeah I agree. So people usually say 나오다(naoda).
Hyunwoo: Which means to come out.
Gyeong-eun: Right. By the way, it looks like the presentation is going to start soon. 곧 발표가 시작될 것 같아요(Got balpyoga sijakdoel geot gatayo).
Hyunwoo: Okay. We got to be quiet. But what did your teachers say when they wanted the students to be quiet when you were in school?
Gyeong-eun: My teachers usually say, 조용히 하세요(Joyonghi haseyo).
Hyunwoo: My teachers too but some of them just said, 수업 시작하겠습니다(sueop sijakagetseumnida), and everybody went quiet.
Gyeong-eun: Really?
Hyunwoo: It’s just for five minutes. And then everybody starts either talking or sleeping.
Gyeong-eun: 아, 진짜요?
Hyunwoo: Well, actually not everybody because I was studying hard all the time. 저는 항상 공부를 열심히 했거든요(Jeoneun hangsang gongbureul yeolsimhi haetgeodeunyo).
Gyeong-eun: Yeah. Of course.
Hyunwoo: You don’t sound like you believe me 제 말을 안 믿으시는 것 같지만(Je mareul an mideusineun geot gatjiman), but anyway, let’s get out of here. Let’s leave the 교실(gyosil) before the 발표(balpyo) starts.
Gyeong-eun: Okay. 빨리 가요(Ppalli gayo).
Hyunwoo: Okay. Before we go, I’d like to remind all our listeners, you can check out the PDF lesson notes for this lesson to see some more example sentences for the words that we introduced in this video and while you are at KoreanClass101.com, check out the forums. It’s a great place to interact with other Korean learners from all over the world.
Gyeong-eun: 네, 여러분, 그럼 KoreanClass101.com에서 만나요~
Hyunwoo: 안녕히 계세요!
Gyeong-eun: 안녕히 계세요~


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What else can you find in a 교실? What other words would you like to know in Korean?

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Hi Areona,

Thanks for posting. One way would be to try to expand your vocabulary, and to practice pronouncing words and sentences out loud. Or you could try to get a private tutor for Korean lessons--we also offer My Teacher services, which is a one-on-one teacher service, but you could also try to find Korean friends online to practice speaking with until you feel like you have more words and phrases down.

Hope this helped.



Team KoreanClass101.com

Areona Purvis
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Okay so I’m trying to learn how to speak Korean because whenever I grow up I wanna move to South Korea soeul and I’m haveing trouble speaking because whenever I go to speak it and whatever is the word is written out I don’t know how to speak it whenever the word is right now but whenever like somebody says it I know how to speak it

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Thank you Kyuree and Moo for making videos!!

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Dani :grin:

단어들 알려줘서 고마워요.

교실에는 연필, 공책, 가방도 있어요. :lol:


비디오 다운로드 아직도 안돼요???

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Jeryl Lu :grin:

현우 씨라고 알다니.... :sad:

그래도 괜찮아요. 예쁘다고 칭찬해 주셔서 감사합니다. :lol:

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Oops, I got the names mixed up! My bad!

Anyway, あなたもかっこいいけど :smile:

Jeryl Lu

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Jeryl Lu :)

That's not me ^_^ but 최경은 씨, who is the female voice in the lesson :) You can see me at my channel - http://youtube.com/user/ever4one ^^