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Lesson Transcript

Seol: 안녕하세요. 윤설입니다. (Annyeonghaseyo. Yunseorimnida.)
Yujin: 안녕하세요. 유진입니다. (Annyeonghaseyo. Yujinimnida.)
Keith: Hi Keith here. Really... How Old Are You? 재밌죠(jaemitjyo)?
Seol: Umm… not really. I am becoming sensitive about my age.
Yujin: Getting older?
Seol: Yeah.
Yujin: So how old are you? 몇 살이에요 (myeot sarieyo)?
Seol: 저는 25살이에요. (jeoneun 25sarieyo.)
Keith: That’s so young.
Seol: How old are you?
Keith: 24. 24살이에요. (24. 24sarieyo.)
Seol: You are younger than I am.
Keith: And I am young.
Yujin: Yeah here I am the oldest one. 27살이에요. (27sarieyo.)
Keith: That’s young too.
Yujin: Oh oh!
Keith: And that’s what today’s lesson is about. 형사 (hyeongsa) the detective is asking Ryuji about his age. Okay so let’s get into the conversation.
(1)형사: 몇 살이에요? (myeot sal-ieyo?)
(2)류지: 스물여섯 살입니다. (seumul yeoseot sal-imnida.)
(3)형사: 에이... 진짜? 진짜 스물여섯 살이야? (ei... jinjja? jinjja seumul yeoseot sal-iya?)
(4)류지: …
(5)형사: 진짜 몇 살이야?! (jinjja myeot sal-iya?)
(6)류지: 서른다섯 살입니다. (seoreun daseot sal-imnida.)
(7)형사: 서른다섯 살… (seoreun daseot sal…)
Yujin: 한 번 더 천천히. (han beon deo cheoncheonhi.)
(1)형사: 몇 살이에요? (myeot sal-ieyo?)
(2)류지: 스물여섯 살입니다. (seumul yeoseot sal-imnida.)
(3)형시: 에이... 진짜? 진짜 스물여섯 살이야? (ei... jinjja? jinjja seumul yeoseot sal-iya?)
(4)류지: …
(5)형사: 진짜 몇 살이야?! (jinjja myeot sal-iya?)
(6)류지: 서른다섯 살입니다. (seoreun daseot sal-imnida.)
(7)형사: 서른다섯 살… (seoreun daseot sal…)
Yujin: 영어로 한 번 더. (yeongeoro han beon deo.)
(1)형사: 몇 살이에요? (myeot sal-ieyo?)
(1)Detective: How old are you?
(2)류지: 스물여섯 살입니다. (seumul yeoseot sal-imnida.)
(2)Ryuji: I'm 26 years old.
(3)형사: 에이... 진짜? 진짜 스물여섯 살이야? (ei... jinjja? jinjja seumul yeoseot sal-iya?)
(3)Detective: Come on... really? Are you really 26 years old?
4)류지: …
(4)Ryuji: ...
(5)형사: 진짜 몇 살이야?! (jinjja myeot sal-iya?)
(5)Detective: How old are you really?
(6)류지: 서른다섯 살입니다. (seoreun daseot sal-imnida.)
(6)Ryuji: I'm 35 years old.
(7)형사: 서른다섯 살… (seoreun daseot sal…)
(7)Detective: 35 years old...
Keith: So 유진 씨(yujin ssi), 어땠어요(eottaesseoyo)?
Yujin: It was kind of scary because the detective is before me and I tend to lie to the detective under this kind of condition.
Keith: Wait! Have you been arrested before?
Yujin: Yeah not really but you know imagining the television.
Seol: You seemed to understand Ryuji what Ryuji thinks. Okay she might have an experience.
Keith: Might have an experience.
Seol: 비밀인가 봐요 (bimiringa bwayo).
Keith: 비밀인가 봐요(bimiringa bwayo).
Yujin: I can’t tell the truth.
Keith: Okay so let’s get into the vocab. The first phrase we have is
Seol: 몇 살이에요 (myeot sarieyo)?
Keith: How old are you?
Seol: 몇 살이에요(myeot sarieyo)?
Keith: Next is
Yujin: 스물(seumul).
Keith: Twenty.
Yujin: 스물 (seumul)[slowly - broken down by syllable] 스물(seumul) [natural native speed]
Keith: Next is
Yujin: 서른(seoreun).
Keith: Thirty.
Yujin: 서른 (seoreun)[slowly - broken down by syllable] 서른 (seoreun)[natural native speed]
Keith: And lastly we have
Yujin: 마흔(maheun).
Keith: Forty.
Yujin: 마흔(maheun) [slowly - broken down by syllable] 마흔 (maheun) [natural native speed]
Keith: So to continue with our last lesson, we are continuing to count and we are still using the native Korean numbers. A quick review. Let’s go over numbers 1 through 10.
Seol: 하나, 둘, 셋, 넷, 다섯, 여섯, 일곱, 여덟, 아홉, 열. ( hana, dul, set, net, daseot, yeoseot, ilgop, yeodeol, ahop, yeol.)
Keith: And to make 11, we just say 10 1
Yujin: 열하나(yeolhana).
Keith: 12 is
Yujin: 열둘(yeoldul).
Keith: And we can keep going until 19. Now once we hit 20, we have another word for 20 and that word is
Yujin: 스물(seumul).
Keith: And we can do the same thing if we want to go to 21. Say 20 and then 1.
Yujin: 스물하나(seumulhana).
Keith: 22
Yujin: 스물둘(seumuldul).
Keith: And then we can do this until 29. Once we hit 30, it’s
Yujin: 서른(seoreun).
Keith: 31 is
Yujin: 서른하나(seoreunhana).
Keith: And we can do it again all the way till 40 and now we have
Yujin: 마흔(maheun).
Keith: And 41 is
Yujin: 마흔하나(maheunhana).
Keith: 42.
Yujin: 마흔둘(maheundul).
Keith: Okay I think you guys get the point. Now let’s go over the conversation really quickly. First line we have is
Seol: 몇 살이에요(myeot sarieyo)?
Keith: How old are you. So this is a phrase just how old are you. Probably the most common way that you ask somebody your age. What are some other ways?
Yujin: 몇 살이세요(myeot sariseyo)?
Keith: It’s just a little more polite. What else is it?
Seol: 몇 살입니까(myeot sarimnikka)?
Keith: And that’s very, very polite. Now these are all the same. Just changing the politeness levels just a little bit. All right, so whenever you hear this phrase 몇 살이에요(myeot sariseyo) you can answer with your age. 설, 몇 살이에요(seol, myeot sarieyo)?
Seol: 저는 25살이에요(jeoneun 25sarieyo.).
Keith: The next line we have is
Yujin: 26살입니다(26sarimnida).
Keith: Literally 26 years old. Now let’s break it down really quick. First word is
Yujin: 스물 (seumul)
Keith: 20
Yujin: 여섯 (yeoseot)
Keith: 6
Yujin: 살(sal)
Keith: Years
Yujin: 입니다(imnida).
Keith: Is. So 26 years is, I am 26 years old. Now here, he should have said 저는 (jeoneun) I but here we can drop that and just say 26 years old. All right next we have
Seol: Yujin: 에이… 진짜(eitt jinjja)?
Keith: Err really?
Seol: 진짜 스물여섯 살이야(jinjja seumuryeoseot sariya)?
Keith: Really 26 years is. Now before we had 스물여섯 살입니다(seumuryeoseot sarimnida). that’s the polite way. Now the 형사(hyeongsa) the detective is lowering his speech level. What does he say?
Seol: 26살이야 (26sariya)?
Keith: And that’s just an intimate politeness level. We don’t want to get too much into the detail but yeah it means is but it’s in the intimate politeness level. All right next we have
Seol: 진짜 몇 살이야(jinjja myeot sariya)?
Keith: Really how old are you.
Yujin: 35살입니다(35sarimnida).
Keith: 35 years old. Now let’s talk about age a little bit in Korean. 얘기하기 싫어요(yaegihagi sireoyo)? You don’t want to talk about it?
Seol: No, I am in the middle here. So I am fine.
Yujin: But as you know, Korean counts the age a little bit differently from other countries.
Keith: Yeah can you go into a little more detail?
Yujin: So when the baby is born, we count it, oh you are 1 year old.
Keith: Yeah so when you are in your mother’s womb, you are already 1 year old. So everybody in Korea actually has one year added on extra.
Seol: Sometimes two years.
Keith: Two years right. Koreans don’t go by birthdays; they go by the year actually. So when it’s January 1st, everybody turns 1 year older.
Seol: Yeah. I was born in December. So when I was born, I was 1 year old and when the next January came, I became 2 years old even though I was just 15 days old.
Keith: Umm so you hated every year ah!
Seol: I hate it. I hate it.
Yujin: So in Korean age, Seol is 27.
Seol: You don’t have to tell that.
Keith: 27 but really according to western standards, you are 25 years old. All right, so when we ask 몇 살이에요(myeot sarieyo) you say the number and then 입니다 (imnida) or 이에요 (ieyo) is. So number is but when we are counting, we use 스물 20 서른 30 (seumul 20 seoreun 30) and then maybe 40 마흔 (40 maheun) maybe even around 40, maybe after that.
Seol: You just change the way of counting.
Keith: Right. We don’t use the native Korean numbers anymore. We just use
Seol: Sino-Korean numbers.
Keith: Yeah and why is that?
Seol: Because it’s more convenient to count.
Keith: Yeah so that’s why we stopped at 40. You don’t really have to know 50. You don’t really have to know 60 because Koreans themselves tend to not know the numbers as well. Yujin, what is 70?
Yujin: 일흔(ilheun).
Keith: Oh you are quick! What’s 80?
Yujin: 여든(yeodeun).
Keith: See, we got to think about it a little bit, right?
Yujin: Yeah that’s so true.
Keith: So that’s why we stopped at 40 because not many people use those numbers after 40. Okay. Yujin, how was the lesson?
Yujin: It was my first day. So it made me very nervous but I am just wondering that how does it look like this Ryuji because he deceived the detective, I am 26 but probably 35 will be a different face.
Keith: Yeah he is a tricky, tricky guy hah!
Seol: But I understand why Ryuji did that. I just want to hide my real age.
Yujin: Really but 10 years is you know, I don’t understand, I can’t understand.
Keith: Wait! How old would you really want to be?
Seol: 22.
Keith: Forever?
Seol: Ah! And 10 years later, I want to be 28.
Keith: Well, maybe you can do it just like Ryuji does it.


Keith: Okay, so that’s going to do it for today. See ya!
Seol: 안녕(annyeong).
Yujin: Bye.


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