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Lesson Transcript

Junsu: Hi everyone. I’m Junsu.
Mihyeon: 안녕하세요. 미현입니다.
Hyunwoo: And I am Hyunwoo. It Should Be Okay. Junsu, do you think this is a good title that shows what we are going to learn today?
Junsu: 괜찮을 거예요.
Hyunwoo: Yeah it should be okay right?
Mihyeon: 네. 괜찮을 거예요.
Hyunwoo: Yeah it should be okay. It’s a great phrase actually. It shows how optimistic you are. I am going to be broke in a month but it should be okay. I don’t think I will pass the exam but I will be okay. I left my wallet in the taxi last night but it should be okay.
Mihyeon: 어, 너무 낙천적이에요.
Junsu: Yeah you are way too optimistic.
Hyunwoo: Yeah I was just imagining. I mean the situations where you can say 괜찮을 거야 it should be okay but of course you can not only use 괜찮을 거야 in these pathetic situations but you can also use 괜찮을 거야 in more normal situations like
Junsu: Will Mihyeon like this present?
Hyunwoo: Umm it should be okay 괜찮을 거예요. Yeah just like that. So I am sure it’s very clear now what we are going to learn today in this lesson. So Mihyeon 오늘 뭐 배울건지 한 번만 더 설명해 주시겠어요?
Mihyeon: 네. 오늘을 추측을 나타내는 말을 배울 거예요.
Junsu: Yeah today we are going to learn how to express assumption or supposition.
Hyunwoo: And we are going to learn the question version and the answer version as well. So before we go into today’s lesson, let’s review a little bit. I like reviews. I love reviews. I believe that’s the key in learning any language and that’s the reason we have review tracks on our site. If you have the premium feed, you can download the review track for each of our lessons and the review track is composed of the key words and phrases that were introduced in the lesson and we ask you how to say something in Korean, in English and you have some time to guess it for yourself and say it and you have the answer following right after. So it’s a very good practice for you after you listen to the main audio track.
Mihyeon: 아, 그럼 배우자마자 복습할 수 있겠네요?
Hyunwoo: Yes exactly and that phrase that you just said is what we learned in the last lesson. 배우자마자, 하자마자, 가자마자, 오자마자. 자마자 means as soon as. Okay so where is today’s dialogue taking place and who is it between 미현씨?
Mihyeon: 네 번째 레슨에 나왔다가 보이지 않던 민수가 돌아왔어요.
Junsu: And since they are friends, they are using intimate politeness level.
Hyunwoo: Okay 그럼 들어 볼까요?
(1)미현: 그래 그럼 잘 가. 안녕!
(2)정호: 그래. 너도 수고해!
(3)미현: (걸어가다가) 어! 민수야!
(4)민수: 어, 미현아.
(5)미현: 방금 정호 만났는데, 너 아까 정호한테 할 얘기가 있다고 하지 않았어?
(6)민수: 응... 사실은, 내가 정호 카메라를 빌렸는데, 콜라를 쏟았어.
(7)미현: 뭐? 그래서 카메라 고장났어?
(8)민수: 응. 고장났어. 정호가 화 낼까?
(9)미현: 에이, 괜찮을 거야. 이야기해 봐.
(10)민수: 그래도... 고칠 수 있을까?
(11)미현: 고칠 수 있을 거야. 서비스 센터에 가 봐.
(12)민수: 돈이 얼마 정도 들까?
(13)미현: 글쎄... 내 생각에는... 10만원 정도 들 거야.
(14)민수: 에휴...
Junsu: 이번에는 영어로.
(1)미현: 그래 그럼 잘 가. 안녕!
(1)Mihyeon: Okay, then, see you. Bye!
(2)정호: 그래. 너도 수고해!
(2)Jeongho: Okay. Have a nice day!
(3)미현: (걸어가다가) 어! 민수야!
(3)Mihyeon: (walking) Hey, Minsu!
(4)민수: 어, 미현아.
(4)Minsu: Hey, Mihyeon.
(5)미현: 방금 정호 만났는데, 너 아까 정호한테 할 얘기가 있다고 하지 않았어?
(5)Mihyeon: I just met Jeongho. Didn't you say earlier that you had something to say to Jeongho?
(6)민수: 응... 사실은, 내가 정호 카메라를 빌렸는데, 콜라를 쏟았어.
(6)Minsu: Yeah... actually, I borrowed Jeongho's camera, and I spilled cola on it.
(7)미현: 뭐? 그래서 카메라 고장났어?
(7)Mihyeon: What? So you broke his camera?
(8)민수: 응. 고장났어. 정호가 화 낼까?
(8)Minsu: Yeah, it's broken. Do you think Jeongho will get mad at me?
(9)미현: 에이, 괜찮을 거야. 이야기해 봐.
(9)Mihyeon: Come on... I think it'll be fine. Try talking to him.
(10)민수: 그래도... 고칠 수 있을까?
(10)Minsu: But still... do you think I can get it fixed?
(11)미현: 고칠 수 있을 거야. 서비스 센터에 가 봐.
(11)Mihyeon: I think you can get it fixed. How about going to the service center?
(12)민수: 돈이 얼마 정도 들까?
(12)Minsu: How much do you think it'll cost?
(13)미현: 글쎄... 내 생각에는... 10만원 정도 들 거야.
(13)Mihyeon: Well, in my opinion, it will cost you about 100,000 won.
(14)민수: 에휴...
(14)Minsu: Phew...
Hyunwoo: 미현씨, 잘 들어 보셨어요?
Mihyeon: 네, 재미있었어요.
Hyunwoo: 미현씨는 did you ever break anybody’s stuff?
Mihyeon: 많죠.
Hyunwoo: Oh really?
Junsu: What did you break?
Mihyeon: 특히 뭐 핸드폰 같은 거?
Hyunwoo: 핸드폰을 어떻게 고장 내요? Doing what?
Mihyeon: 아, 쇼파 위에 있는지 모르고 그냥 거기 앉았다가.
Hyunwoo: But you know, cell phones these days are very strong and even if you sit on it on a sofa, it doesn’t…
Mihyeon: 네. 제가 너무 무거워서 그래요.
Hyunwoo: No you are not heavy.
Junsu: Yeah I am sure it’s not your fault. The cell phone was probably weak or already broken.
Mihyeon: 맞아요.
Junsu: Maybe Hyun woo sat on it first.
Hyunwoo: Ah okay that’s a bad sign again. 두 사람이 다시 저를 괴롭히려 하고 있습니다. 그런데 here who broke whose what?
Mihyeon: 민수가 정호 카메라를 고장 냈네요.
Junsu: And do you think it will be okay?
Mihyeon: 예. 민수가 고쳐 주면 괜찮을 거예요.
Junsu: Yeah we assume it will be okay.
Hyunwoo: As long as you pay for the repair fee. In fact, this sad story is inspired by my unfortunate sister whose brother which is me didn’t forgive her and let her pay for the repair fee after she dipped my camera in Cola.
Junsu: Really in Cola-Cola?
Hyunwoo: I have to apologize to my sister for not just forgetting about it but it was really expensive to repair the camera.
Junsu: How much did it cost?
Hyunwoo: It cost 15만원.
Mihyeon: 근데 그 카메라 앞으로도 괜찮을까요?
Hyunwoo: It should be okay. 괜찮을 거예요.
Junsu: Are you sure?
Hyunwoo: 괜찮을 거예요. It’s still working really well. So it should be okay. Okay so before we have to talk any more about my unfortunate sister who had to pay 15만원 for one can of coca-cola, let’s go into today’s vocabulary words.
Hyunwoo: 오늘의 첫 번째 단어는 뭐죠, 미현씨?
Mihyeon: 방금
Junsu: 방금
Mihyeon: 방금 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 방금 [natural native speed]
Junsu: And what does this word mean?
Mihyeon: 조금 전에, 지금 막.
Junsu: It means just now or just a minute ago.
Hyunwoo: 예를 좀 들어 주시겠어요?
Mihyeon: 현우씨, 방금 경찰서에서 전화 왔어요. 현우씨 찾던데요?
Junsu: Hyunwoo, the police just called. They were looking for you.
Mihyeon: 현우씨, 방금 어디 갔다 왔어요?
Hyunwoo: 어, 은행이요.
Junsu: You’ve been to the bank and did that make the police call?
Mihyeon: 좀 이상한데? 방금 은행에 가서 뭐 한 거예요?
Junsu: What did you just do in the bank?
Hyunwoo: Actually I made the people at the bank angry by sitting there for 4 hours just reading the magazines there.
Junsu: Oh no!
Mihyeon: 없어 보여.
Hyunwoo: Do I look poor?
Junsu: Well little bit yeah.
Hyunwoo: Yeah okay I am sorry. Please let me borrow some of your money or at least some magazines Mihyeon.
Mihyeon: 친구가 다 빌려 갔어요.
Hyunwoo: 그러면 누구한테 돈을 빌려야 되죠?
Junsu: Don’t look at me.
Hyunwoo: Who should I borrow money from? Okay I give up. 그 다음 단어는 뭐죠?
Mihyeon: 쏟다
Junsu: 쏟다
Mihyeon: 쏟다 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 쏟다 [natural native speed]
Junsu: And this word means to spill.
Mihyeon: 책상에 커피를 쏟았어요.
Junsu: I spilled coffee on my desk.
Mihyeon: 옷에 물을 쏟아서 옷이 다 젖었어요.
Junsu: I spilled water on my clothes so I got wet.
Mihyeon: 현우씨, 맥주 쏟을 것 같아요. 조심하세요.
Junsu: Yeah Hyunwoo, it looks like you are going to spill the beer. Be careful.
Hyunwoo: Okay I will be careful and what’s the next word?
Mihyeon: 고장 나다
Junsu: 고장 나다
Mihyeon: 고장 나다 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 고장 나다 [natural native speed]
Junsu: So it means to break, to not work.
Hyunwoo: Junsu do you have anything that’s broken?
Junsu: My cell phone is actually kind of broken.
Hyunwoo: Kind of broken 무슨 뜻이에요? 어떻게 고장이 나면 kind of broken이에요?
Junsu: It works sometimes but sometimes it doesn’t work. So it’s kind of broken.
Hyunwoo: I see. 절반 고장 난 거예요 절반?
Junsu: Yeah half broken.
Hyunwoo: 미현씨는요?
Mihyeon: 텔레비전이 고낭 났어요. 지금 텔레비전이 흑백으로 나와요.
Junsu: Really your TV is black and white? That’s just like in the 60 or something.
Hyunwoo: 빨리 고치세요. You should fix it soon.
Mihyeon: 너무 오래된 텔레비전이라서 하나 사야 될 것 같아요. 고쳐도 안 될 거예요.
Hyunwoo: Well actually that’s our next word.
Mihyeon: 고치다
Junsu: 고치다
Mihyeon: 고치다 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 고치다 [natural native speed]
Junsu: And it means to fix like we just mentioned.
Hyunwoo: Yeah to fix or to repair. Okay 미현씨, 빨리 텔레비전 고치시길 바라고요. Let’s go into the 문법 point.

Lesson focus

Hyunwoo: So today’s grammar point is about making suppositions. In English, you can use the same sentence structure for a question and an answer but in Korean and in this kind of situation in particular, you use different grammatical patterns for the question and the answer and the question format is
Mihyeon: ㄹ까 또는 을까.
Hyunwoo: And the answer format is
Junsu: ㄹ 거야 또는 을 거야.
Hyunwoo: And Junsu these grammar patterns are quite easy to conjugate but could you quickly explain them?
Junsu: The question, you take the verb stem and add ㄹ까 for verb stems that end in a vowel and 을까 for verb stems that end in a consonant. And for the answer, it’s quite similar. You take the verb stem and add ㄹ 거야 for verb stems that end in a vowel and 을 거야 for verb stems that end in a consonant.
Hyunwoo: That’s right. So ㄹ까 or 을까 means would it or will it or do you think it will be or do you suppose and the answer ㄹ 거야 or 을 거야 is a response to it and if you look at this 을 거야, it’s actually in the intimate politeness level. So how do you change this to the standard politeness level Mihyeon?
Mihyeon: 을 거예요.
Hyunwoo: And how do you change the question pattern 을까 to 존댓말 the standard politeness level?
Mihyeon: 을까요?
Hyunwoo: Exactly so you just basically add 요 or 이에요. Okay let’s look at how they were used in today’s dialogue.
Junsu: 민수가 말했어요. 정호가 화 낼까?
Hyunwoo: Will Jeongho get angry?
Mihyeon: 미현이가 괜찮을 거야라고 이야기했어요.
Hyunwoo: It should be okay. It will be okay.
Junsu: And Minsu said 고칠 수 있을까?
Hyunwoo: Will I be able to fix it?
Mihyeon: 미현이가 고칠 수 있을 거야라고 말했어요.
Hyunwoo: You will be able to fix it.
Junsu: And Minsu said 돈이 얼마 정도 들까?
Hyunwoo: Now how much will it cost?
Mihyeon: 미현이가 10만원 정도 들 거야라고 말했어요.
Hyunwoo: It will cost about a WON100, 000. So as you can see, it’s a pair 을까, 을 거야. So please be sure to remember these as a pair and 미현씨, do you think our listeners will like the lesson today? 오늘 레슨을 우리 listener 분들이 좋아할까요?
Mihyeon: 좋아할 거예요.
Hyunwoo: Are you sure?
Mihyeon: 분명히 좋아할 거예요.
Hyunwoo: Are you sure 진짜로 좋아할까요?
Mihyeon: 아마 좋아할 거예요.
Hyunwoo: Seriously?
Mihyeon: 좋아할...했으면 좋겠어요.
Hyunwoo: Mihyeon is not assuming any more. She is just hoping that our listeners will like this lesson. So see you soon at KoreanClass101.com.
Junsu: See you there.
Mihyeon: 안녕히 계세요.


Hyunwoo: 아, 끝났다. 미현씨, 근데 날씨 너무 덥죠?
Mihyeon: 더워 죽겠어요.
Hyunwoo: 날씨가 언제 시원해질까요?
Junsu: 아 글쎄요. 영원히 더울 것 같아요.
Mihyeon: 아이스크림 먹으면 시원해질 거예요.
Hyunwoo: 네. 빨리 녹음기 끄고 갑시다.


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