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6 Lessons • 25 Minutes
Are you a Jae's fan? Here are the best video lessons of Jae.
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Introduction to Korean Grammar
Learn a little about Korean grammar
6 Minutes • Video
Ipnida or imnida?
Learn why ipnida sounds like imnida?
2 Minutes • Video
Why does ㄱ become ㅋ?
Learn why ㄱ (giyeok) sometimes sounds like ㅋ (kieuk)
2 Minutes • Video
이에요 or 예요?
Learn the difference between 이에요 (ieyo) and 예요 (yeyo)
2 Minutes • Video
“Yes” in Korean?
Learn how many ways you can say "Yes"
2 Minutes • Video
How to Order Food Over The Phone
Learn how to order food over the phone
10 Minutes • Video