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Lesson Transcript

In today’s lesson, we will cover an extremely important phrase, where is the bathroom? In Korean, where is the bathroom is 화장실 어디예요 (hwajangsil eodiyeyo)? One time slowly, 화장실 어디예요 (hwajangsil eodiyeyo)? And now, by syllable, 화-장-실 어-디-예-요 (hwa-jang-sil eo-di-ye-yo)? Now, let’s take a look at the components. The first word 화장실 (hwajangsil) means bathroom. One time slowly, 화장실 (hwajangsil). And let’s break it down by syllable 화-장-실 (hwa-jang-sil). And one more time 화장실 (hwa-jang-sil). Once again, this means bathroom. The next part of the phrase is 어디 (eodi). This in English is where. Let’s listen to it slowly, 어디 (eodi). Now by syllable, 어-디 (eo-di).
At this point, literally we have bathroom where. Now, for the last part, we need is. It might sound a little weird in English but trust me, it works in Korean. The last part is 예요 (yeyo). Slowly it’s 예요 (yeyo). And now by syllable, 예-요 (ye-yo). So altogether, that is bathroom, where is. Essentially, where is the bathroom? So let’s hear it altogether one last time. 화장실 어디예요 (hwajangsil eodiyeyo)? So when you finally get to that bathroom, there may be one last hurdle. In some instances, only the Korean or 한글 (hangul) is written on the doors. What to do, what to do. Got to go so bad! Well, you can stop by the website and find the words for men and women there. Find them inside the PDF or if you have an iPod, click the center button and you can find them there.
Now, for those that have never been to Asia, I am sorry to let you know. There is a little something you might have to get used to. It’s something me and my boss like to call, the hypochondriacs bowl and this isn’t exactly a toilet, it’s not exactly a hole in the wall or floor that is. It’s just kind of like a porcelain thing and you squat.
Now, these aren’t the greatest to use for us westerners, but you might run into some of these. So, if you are going to stay in the city centers like Seoul or Busan you know, you will probably have a western style toilet but if you see a Porcelain hypochondriac bowl, don’t get too freaked out, okay.
Okay. To close our today’s lesson, we’d like for you to practice what you’ve learned. I will provide you with the English equivalent of the phrase and you are responsible for shouting it out loud. You will have a few seconds before I give you the answer. So 화이팅 (hwaiting)!
Where is the bathroom - 화장실 어디예요 (hwajangsil eodiyeyo)?
All right, that’s going to do it for today.