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Friday at 06:30 PM
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안녕하세요. 코리안 클래스 여러분.

What is your favorite weather?
여러분 어떤 날씨를 좋아하시나요?

Monday at 11:01 AM
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Hello, Kelsey~~!!

Okay, here is your request.

K (ㅋ) e(ㅔ) l(ㄹ) s(ㅅ) ey (yi-)

all together Kelsey (켈시).

S (ㅅ) k (ㅋ) i(ㅣ) n(ㄴ) e(ㅓ) r(no sound)

all together, 스키너 or 스킨너.

sh (ㅅ) e(ㅓ) r(ㄹ) y(ㅣ) se(ㅅ)

all together, 서리스. This is not perfectly right but for now this will be good.

thanks, Kelsey:cool:

Monday at 10:05 AM
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i love this site!!

i was just wondering how'd you'd say my name in Korean, and how you'd write it also....my name's 'Kelsey Skinner' and also the name 'Sheryse' please

Saturday at 06:39 PM
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:mrgreen: wonder !!:lol:

Saturday at 05:02 PM
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tonylee from Malaysia..i'm interesting in korean, i love korea culture..

thanks so much koreaclass101.com thats help me improve my korean...

정말 감사합니다

Doumo arigatou gozaimasu!:lol: