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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone.
Welcome to The Ultimate Korean Pronunciation Guide.
In the last lesson, you learned seven vowels that sounded very similar to vowels in English.
In this lesson, you'll learn the remaining 3 basic vowels and two extra vowels.
The vowels in this lesson do not sound like anything in English, so listen carefully!
The first vowel is...
The sound of this vowel is similar to 'U' in the English word 'but', or 'ea' in 'Earth.'
Listen to the pronunciation again.
This sound falls between AH(ㅏ) and O(ㅗ).
When you say this character, make sure your tongue is placed in the back of your mouth.
Listen to it again.
ㅓ, ㅓ
And the next vowel is..
Do you remember this small stroke from the last lesson?
To pronounce it, simply add 'Y' to the beginning of the basic sound!
Starting with the 'Eo' sound, add Y to make 'yeo'.
Pronounce this 'Yeo' like the first part of the English word, 'Young.'
Listen to it again.
ㅕ, ㅕ
ㅓ, ㅕ
The final vowel is..
Think of 'OO' sound in Book or 'U' or 'Put.'
Try to make your lips as flat as this character!
ㅡ, ㅡ
Now, we've covered all 10 basic Korean vowels, but there are two additional vowels that you still need to learn.
Although they're not part of the basic set, you'll use them often.
The first one is...
ㅐ, ㅐ
It sounds like 'A' in the English word 'Apple.'
Listen to the pronunciation again.
Next is
This is a little like the E sound in the English word, Egg.
Round your lips, but allow your tongue to touch the lower teeth.
Listen to the pronunciation again.
ㅔ, ㅔ
You've mastered the pronunciation of all basic vowels in Korean.
What was the most difficult sound for you to pronounce?
Let us know in the comments!
See you in the next Ultimate Korean Pronunciation Guide lesson!


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Friday at 6:30 pm
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Do you know any word that contains one of these vowels?

Wednesday at 9:32 pm
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Hi Lilian,

Thank you for posting, sorry to hear that the pronunciation is difficult. Try following the sounds out loud--and practice! 😄

Hi Julie,

Thanks for posting. ㅐ is difficult as there is no exact equivalent sound in English. Think of it this way, the 'a' in 'apple' has you opening your mouth very wide, whereas the ㅔ sound, similar to the 'e' in egg keeps your mouth a bit more closed (forming a small 'o'). The vowelㅐhas you opening your mouth slightly smaller than the 'a' sound in apple, but bigger than when you are pronouncing 'egg'. Try to keep this in mind while pronouncing, and let us know if it helps.

Hi Nina,

Thanks for commenting. Hoping Russian speakers learning Korean will benefit from your comment!



Team KoreanClass101.com

Nina Esther
Wednesday at 4:32 am
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Don't know how many Russian speakers there on here, but the ㅡ sound is similar to the ы sound.

Tuesday at 6:24 pm
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Hi dear KoreanClass101 Team,

Unfortunately the tip given to distinguish between ㅐ and ㅔdoesn't work at all for me.

Both sounds are totally indistinguishable for me, and I hear them both like to the 'e' sound in 'egg'

ㅐdoesn't sound at all like the 'a' in apple, but like 'e' in 'egg'.

Do you have any other tip to help distinguishing them and hearing the difference?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help !

Lilian de Assis
Tuesday at 9:42 am
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The videos are really good and all the content....but really, it is so difficult😮 Lets keep trying everyone!

Friday at 4:28 am
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Hi Isaac,

Thanks for posting. ㅐ is closer to the 'a' sound in apple, whereas ㅔ is closer to the 'e' sound in 'egg'.

Hope this helps somewhat.



Team KoreanClass101.com

Isaac Carr
Thursday at 3:34 am
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I'm definitely struggling with the bonus vowels, they sound the same to me, any tips?

Saturday at 6:24 am
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Hi Sosa,

Thank you for posting, and sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the pronunciation. It can be difficult as there is no equivalent in English, try to listen to the voice clip as much as possible until you feel that you've gotten the hang of it.




Team KoreanClass101.com

Friday at 10:18 am
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The second focus vowel was the hardest for me. To me it doesn't sound like the 'u' in b-u-t nor the 'oo' in b-oo-k. I'm still lose to how to pronounce it correctly.

Tuesday at 9:46 am
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Hi Wesley,

Recording and hearing yourself does help when you compare your pronunciation to the actual audio files. And practice makes perfect! So study hard!



Team KoreanClass101.com

Wesley Wisdom
Saturday at 7:19 am
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Will have to really practice all of these in this video. Recorded myself trying to do these, and I sound the same trying to do most of them, lol. Especially the bonus vowels.