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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone.
Welcome to The Ultimate Korean Pronunciation Guide.
In the last lesson, you learned seven vowels that sounded very similar to vowels in English.
In this lesson, you'll learn the remaining 3 basic vowels and two extra vowels.
The vowels in this lesson do not sound like anything in English, so listen carefully!
The first vowel is...
The sound of this vowel is similar to 'U' in the English word 'but', or 'ea' in 'Earth.'
Listen to the pronunciation again.
This sound falls between AH(ㅏ) and O(ㅗ).
When you say this character, make sure your tongue is placed in the back of your mouth.
Listen to it again.
ㅓ, ㅓ
And the next vowel is..
Do you remember this small stroke from the last lesson?
To pronounce it, simply add 'Y' to the beginning of the basic sound!
Starting with the 'Eo' sound, add Y to make 'yeo'.
Pronounce this 'Yeo' like the first part of the English word, 'Young.'
Listen to it again.
ㅕ, ㅕ
ㅓ, ㅕ
The final vowel is..
Think of 'OO' sound in Book or 'U' or 'Put.'
Try to make your lips as flat as this character!
ㅡ, ㅡ
Now, we've covered all 10 basic Korean vowels, but there are two additional vowels that you still need to learn.
Although they're not part of the basic set, you'll use them often.
The first one is...
ㅐ, ㅐ
It sounds like 'A' in the English word 'Apple.'
Listen to the pronunciation again.
Next is
This is a little like the E sound in the English word, Egg.
Round your lips, but allow your tongue to touch the lower teeth.
Listen to the pronunciation again.
ㅔ, ㅔ
You've mastered the pronunciation of all basic vowels in Korean.
What was the most difficult sound for you to pronounce?
Let us know in the comments!
See you in the next Ultimate Korean Pronunciation Guide lesson!


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Friday at 06:30 PM
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Do you know any word that contains one of these vowels?

KoreanClass101.com Verified
Monday at 12:05 PM
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HI Margaret,

Thanks for posting. The two vowels do sound very similar but the mouth position is slightly different, ㅐis more wide (sideways, like the 'a' sound in 'apple'), and ㅔ is similar to the 'e' sound in 'egg'. Please keep this in mind!



Team KoreanClass101.com

Thursday at 11:50 PM
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My Korean teacher says that ㅐand ㅔare pronounced the same. I guess this could be a regional difference. She's a qualified teacher of KSL and native speaker, so I'm counting on accurate input from her...

KoreanClass101.com Verified
Friday at 05:35 PM
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안녕하세요 Micky,

❤️️❤️️❤️️ We are so happy to have you here! 😇

If you have any questions, please let us know! 잘 하고 와. Good luck!


레벤테 (Levente)

Team KoreanClass101.com

KoreanClass101.com Verified
Wednesday at 08:24 PM
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Hi Edina,

Thanks for posting. You open your mouth more wide for ㅐ, and make a smaller circle when pronouncing ㅔ.

Keep listening and practicing until you get it down! You can do it!



Team KoreanClass101.com

Monday at 07:21 AM
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OMG so happy I found this lesson😄, it's extremely, extremely helpful 😄😄👍👍

Friday at 12:28 AM
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OMG... why do I have this issue with every language? 😞

For me, ㅐand ㅔ sounds the same....

I am Hungarian, and we have e /ɛ/ and é /eː/ . So they are very different.

But I moved to Finland a few years ago, and in Finnish there is e, which is between the Hungarian vowels above. And there is also ä /æ/ (?), which feels like the sound between e /ɛ/ and a /ɑ/. I sometimes hear /ɛ/ or the other sound (instead of /æ/)...

And now, ㅐand ㅔ make my head spin again... They both sound like the Finnish e...help...😭

KoreanClass101.com Verified
Saturday at 09:58 AM
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Hi BellMarst,

Thanks for posting. The 'e' sound in 'enter' or 'entry' is not equivalent or similar to the vowel ㅐ, it is actually closer to a sound in betweenㅣ/ㅢ. For ㅐ you would open your mouth more. We suggest 'apple' as it is closer to the 'a' sound there (you need to open your mouth more). It is actually a sound closer to the 'a' sound in apple, but somewhere between the 'a' and 'e' sound in English.

It does take some practice because when learning a language you tend to try to find a similar sound in your native language (which is why native Koreans have trouble with the 'L' and 'R' sounds, we only have ㄹ, which is somewhere in between). Try to listen and pronounce the vowel sounds as much as possible!



Team KoreanClass101.com

Monday at 10:17 AM
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I don't see or hear how ㅐ sounds like a in apple. It sounds more like the e in enter or entry. So that one was difficult. ㅓ was difficult too since there is not English equivalent.

KoreanClass101.com Verified
Wednesday at 11:01 AM
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Hi Lucy,

Thanks for posting. This may be an account issue. If you have the basic account, after your one week trial you get access to the first three lessons per series, and access to new lessons when they have been uploaded.

If this is not the case, please let us know so we can fix the issue.



Team KoreanClass101.com

Thursday at 08:23 AM
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The video number 4 is not loading for me.