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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone.
Welcome to The Ultimate Korean Pronunciation Guide.
In this lesson, you'll learn how a consonant sound changes when it's placed on the bottom of a character.
Have you heard what to call a consonant when it's placed at the bottom of a character? The answer is..
받침 (slow) 받침
These are the consonants placed at the batchim position in this word.
In Korean, there are only seven possible sounds for these bottom consonants.
Do you remember this chart? When one of these consonants is placed at the batchim position, you can read it as you read the unaspirated consonants.
Listen to an example.
복 / (slow) 복
You can hear that it makes a K sound. And here's another example.
봌 / (slow) 봌
Although it has an aspirated consonant at the batchim position, it sounds as same as the last one. It's same for the tensed consonant.
볶 / (slow) 볶
To summarize, if you see a "strengthened" consonant in the batchim, remove the strength from it. You can apply this rule for all consonants that have a pair of aspirated and tensed consonants.
Second, these consonant all sound like 'D' when they're in the batchim position.
Look at one word for each consonant. Pay attention to the way the batchim consonant sounds.
앗 / (slow) 앗
았 / (slow) 았
앚 / (slow) 앚
앛 / (slow) 앛
앟 / (slow) 앟
They all sound the same right?
Note that this double consonant will not be placed at the batchim position.
For the other consonants, you can read them as it is. Listen to some examples.
안 / (slow) 안
알 / (slow) 알
암 / (slow) 암
압 / (slow) 압
앙 / (slow) 앙
Congratulations! You've learned all the essential parts of Korean pronunciation. As you continue learning Korean, remember what you've learned here so you can be sure you're speaking correctly and will be understood! Good luck, and thanks for watching! Bye-bye!