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Lesson Transcript

In today’s lesson, we will be continuing our series on the post office. Expanding on our last lesson, we will go over what to do when you want to send your package abroad. First, you will have to go to the post office which in Korean is, 우체국 (ucheguk). One time slowly, it’s 우체국 (ucheguk). Once you get there, you are going to have to take a number. Many public service places in Korea have a number ticket system. So don’t forget to take your number but when you do take that number, make sure you have the right one. Korean post offices have different counters for different things. So to get to where you want to go to, just point to what you want to send your package or letter and say, 어디 가요 (eodi gayo)? This means where do I go? One time slowly, it’s 어디 가요 (eodi gayo)? And by syllable, 어-디 가-요 (eo-di ga-yo)?
The first word is 어디 (eodi). This means where. One time slowly, it’s 어디 (eodi). The next word is 가요 (gayo). This means go. One time slowly, it’s 가요 (gayo). Altogether, the phrase is 어디 가요 (eodi gayo)? This means where go. Don’t forget to point at your package or your letter. All right, now for today’s lesson, we are going to focus on sending a package. When you want to send a package, you will be asked what the contents are. So, you will most likely hear the question 내용이 뭐예요 (naeyongi mwoyeyo)? This phrase means, what are the contents. One time slowly, it’s 내용이 뭐예요 (naeyongi mwoyeyo)? One time by syllable, it’s 내-용-이 뭐-예-요 (nae-yong-i mwo-ye-yo)? The first part of the phrase is 내용 (naeyong). This means contents. What follows immediately after that is 이 (i) which is a subject marker. These two are spoken together.
One time slowly, it’s 내용이 (naeyongi). What follows after that is 뭐예요 (mwoyeyo). This means what. One time slowly, it’s 뭐예요 (mwoyeyo). So altogether, the phrase we have here is 내용이 뭐예요 (naeyongi mwoyeyo)? This literally means, contents what or what are the contents. Now, you can answer with several different things. I am going to give you a few common things you can reply with. Books 책 (chek), clothes 옷 (ot) or maybe even crazy, delicious Korean snacks 과자 (gwaja). Make sure you tell them what’s on the inside. After you tell them, you will need to write down a form and write down what you actually have in the package. This form may or may not have the English but the clerk would definitely tell you where to write it down or at least point to where you should write it down and then you can write down the contents. And writing in English is all right. No Korean is necessary.
Okay. To close our today’s lesson, we’d like for you to practice what you’ve learned. I will provide you with the English equivalent of the phrase and you are responsible for shouting it out loud. You will have a few seconds before I give you the answer. So 화이팅 (hwaiting)!
Post office - 우체국 (ucheguk)
What are the contents - 내용이 뭐예요 (naeyongi mwoyeyo)?
Books - 책 (chek)
Clothes - 옷 (ot)
Snacks - 과자 (gwaja)
All right, that’s going to do it for today.