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Lesson Transcript

As Korea is home to many delicious dishes, there are many chances to try out different things. Some of these dishes are different than what you’d see at home. So the process in which you are eating something maybe very foreign and even exciting. Whatever you are eating, you may not be so sure of how it should end up in your mouth. So, in today’s lesson, we will cover asking how do you eat this. In Korean, how do you eat this is 이거 어떻게 먹어요 (igeo eotteoke meogeoyo)? One time slowly, it’s 이거 어떻게 먹어요 (igeo eotteoke meogeoyo)? And now by syllable, 이-거 어-떻-게 먹-어-요 (i-geo eo-tteo-ke meo-geo-yo)? The first part of the phrase is 이거 (igeo). This means this, one time slowly 이거 (igeo). Next is 어떻게 (eotteoke) which means how. One time slowly, it’s 어떻게 (eotteoke). And lastly we have 먹어요 (meogeoyo). This means eat. One more time, it’s 먹어요 (meogeoyo). Altogether, the phrase once again is 이거 어떻게 먹어요 (igeo eotteoke meogeoyo)?
This phrase literally means this how eat. This is understood as, how do you eat this. Now, as this phrase only pertains to food, let’s alter the phrase a little bit. So we can ask a more general question. Let’s say you are taking a Taekwondo lesson. Maybe you are making Lotus flower lamps at a temple. Maybe you are trying to pick up some traditional Korean instruments. In any of these cases, the phrase how do you do this would prove useful. The phrase, how do you do this in Korean is 이거 어떻게 해요 (igeo eotteoke haeyo)? Once slowly, it’s 이거 어떻게 해요 (igeo eotteoke haeyo)? And by syllable, 이-거 어-떻-게 해-요 (i-geo eo-tteo-ke hae-yo)? Once again, the first word is 이거 (igeo). This means this. The word following that is once again 어떻게 (eotteoke) which is the same how.
Let’s practice these two together. 이거 어떻게 (igeo eotteoke). This means this how. The last part of the phrase is, 해요 (haeyo). This means to do. One time slowly, it’s 해요 (haeyo). Altogether, the phrase once again is, 이거 어떻게 해요 (igeo eotteoke haeyo)? Literally this means, this how do. This is interpreted as, how do you do this. Notice how the only thing that changes between the two phrases is the last word. The first phrase is 먹어요 (meogeoyo). The second phrase is 해요 (haeyo). Let’s hear the complete phrases side by side. 이거 어떻게 먹어요 (igeo eotteoke meogeoyo)? 이거 어떻게 해요 (igeo eotteoke haeyo)? One of the craziest things I’ve ever seen was when I was in Korea. I went to a restaurant with some family friends. Everything was ordered by my mother’s friend. So we had no idea that we were in for. The night was good, talking, drinking, eating, all around general merriness. And that’s when it came. On a plate was a live octopus. It was very, very much alive.
In Korea, eating live Octopus supposedly gives the eater stamina and strength. Actually I didn’t have any of it but I will be sure to give it a shot if I have a chance. And when that chance does come, I will say 이거 어떻게 먹어요 (igeo eotteoke meogeoyo) or how do I eat this. Okay, to close our today’s lesson, we’d like for you to practice what you’ve learned. I will provide you with the English equivalent of the phrase and you are responsible for shouting it out loud. You will have a few seconds before I give you the answer. So 화이팅 (hwaiting)!
How do you eat this - 이거 어떻게 먹어요 (igeo eotteoke meogeoyo)?
How do you do this - 이거 어떻게 해요 (igeo eotteoke haeyo)?
All right, that’s going to do it for today.