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Lesson Transcript

In today’s lesson, we will introduce you to a phrase that will provide you with the tools to learn from the people around. Now, a dictionary is a great idea but don’t forget that you can use Korean to learn in a more fun and interactive way. In Korean, please write it down is 써 주세요 (sseo juseyo). One time slowly, it’s 써 주세요 (sseo juseyo). And now by syllable, 써 주-세-요 (sseo ju-se-yo). The first word 써 (sseo) means write. Let’s hear it one time slowly. 써 (sseo). Now I don’t know if you will be able to hear the difference but this maybe a little difficult to catch. Let’s hear a word that sounds similar to the word write. The word for stand is 서 (seo). The word for write is once again 써 (sseo). Side by side, it’s 서 (seo), 써 (sseo). One more time, 서 (seo), 써 (sseo). The word for write 써 (sseo) is a bit sharper than the word for stand 서 (seo). Let’s hear it one last time. 써 (sseo).
So if you are stopped by the police and they want you to stand, it’s 서 주세요 (seo juseyo). But if you want someone to write it down, it’s 써 주세요 (sseo juseyo). If you mistakenly say 서 (seo) stand instead of 써 (sseo) write, It’s all right. Most likely, people will gather from context what you are trying to say. But if you want to make sure, just make a little hand motion. They will get it. All right, what follows next is, yep, you guessed it. 주세요 (juseyo). Once by syllable, 주-세-요 (ju-se-yo). And now once more, 주세요 (juseyo). Altogether, this phrase literally means write please or write for me. Translated, it means please write it for me or please write it down.
Now, you’ve got it written down but you may not be able to read Korean yet. And as you know, Korean is written in 한글 (hangul), not in Roman characters. So, you can ask the person to write the Romanization of the characters. In Korean, please write it in the English alphabet is 영어 발음대로 써 주세요 (yeongeo bareumdaero sseo juseyo). One more time slowly, 영어 발음대로 써 주세요 (yeongeo bareumdaero sseo juseyo). And now by syllable, 영-어 발-음-대-로 써 주-세-요 (yeong-eo bal-eum-dae-ro sseo ju-se-yo). The first word 영어 (yeongeo) means English. Let’s break this word down and hear it one more time. 영어 (yeongeo). This is followed by 발음 (bareum) which in English is pronunciation. Immediately following the word pronunciation 발음 (bareum) is 대로 (daero). This word means way or the way it is. So together, we have 발음대로 (bareumdaero). To recap what we have so far, it’s 영어 발음대로 (yeongeo bareumdaero). Literally, this means English pronunciation the way it is.
The last part of the phrase we covered in the first half of this lesson. 써 주세요 (sseo juseyo). It’s exactly the same. One time by syllable, it’s 써 주-세-요 (sseo ju-se-yo). So altogether we have 영어 발음대로 써 주세요 (yeongeo bareumdaero sseo juseyo). Literally this means English pronunciation way right please. Kind of long hah! Translated it means, please write the pronunciation in English.
Okay. To close our today’s lesson, we’d like for you to practice what you’ve learned. I will provide you with the English equivalent of the phrase and you are responsible for shouting it out loud. You will have a few seconds before I give you the answer. So 화이팅 (hwaiting)!
Please write it down - 써 주세요 (sseo juseyo).
Please write the pronunciation in English - 영어 발음대로 써 주세요 (yeongeo bareumdaero sseo juseyo).
All right, that’s going to do it for today.