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Lesson Transcript

In today’s lesson, we will cover a phrase used when you enter a business establishment. In Korea, when you enter a place of business, you will usually hear the phrase, 어서 오십시오 (eoseo osipsio). This means welcome. One more time, it’s 어서 오십시오 (eoseo osipsio). One time slowly, 어서 오십시오 (eoseo osipsio). And now by syllable, 어-서 오-십-시-오 (eo-seo o-sip-si-o). And now one more time, 어서 오십시오 (eoseo osipsio)/ This is said at almost any business institution. Most people don’t respond and just go about doing their own business but to be polite, you can acknowledge them by giving a short quick bow and say 안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo). But they won’t be hurt if you don’t even look in their direction. This is because there is a saying in Korea that goes like this: 손님이 왕이다 (sonnimi wangida), the customer is king.
In America, the customer is always right. In Korea, the customer is king and boy, do they mean it. I am telling you, they will treat you like royalty. Even if you are just eye shopping, employees will follow you. It may freak you out at first but just know that they want to make sure if you need something, they are right next to you to answer any questions you might have. Now, when you leave a place of business, you will usually hear the phrase 안녕히 가십시오 (annyeonghi gasipsio). Sounds familiar, doesn’t it. This means goodbye or if you remember, go in peace. But this version is a super, super, super, super, polite form. So it’s not used very often. It has the same meaning as what we learned before but just a different level of respect. All right, let’s hear it again. 안녕히 가십시오 (annyeonghi gasipsio). One time slowly, 안녕히 가십시오 (annyeonghi gasipsio). Let’s break it down by syllable, 안-녕-히 가-십-시-오 (an-nyeong-hi ga-sip-si-o).
Okay. To close our today’s lesson, we’d like for you to practice what you’ve learned. I will provide you with the English equivalent of the phrase and you are responsible for shouting it out loud. You will have a few seconds before I give you the answer. So 화이팅 (hwaiting)!
Welcome - 어서 오십시오 (eoseo osipsio).
Goodbye, the really polite version - 안녕히 가십시오 (annyeonghi gasipsio).
The customer is king - 손님이 왕이다 (sonnimi wangida).
All right, that’s going to do it for today.