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Lesson Transcript

Today, we will talk about getting to the table. In Korea, smoking in restaurants is still accepted but there are occasions when you can ask for a non-smoking seat or perhaps you would like a smoking seat. Either way, let’s cover that first. Now remember, when you enter a restaurant, the first thing you will hear is 어서 오십시오 (eoseo osipsio). This will likely be followed by one of the following. 흡연석 드릴까요 (heubyeonseok deurilkkayo)? One time slowly, it’s 흡연석 드릴까요 (heubyeonseok deurilkkayo)? And now by syllable, 흡-연-석 드-릴-까-요 (heu-byeon-seok deu-ril-kka-yo)? 흡연석 (heubyeonseok) literally means smoking seat but this can be interpreted as smoking area or smoking section.
Next is 드릴까요 (deurilkkayo). This is the respectful way of asking if one should give you something. This language is used towards people of higher social ranking which includes older people, your boss, the president of Korea and customers of course. Let’s hear it again. 드릴까요 (deurilkkayo). This is a respectful way to say shall I give you. It conveys the utmost respect. So expect to hear it when you are a customer. You will hear this phrase over and over and over again. When you are sitting at a restaurant and they want to give you a menu, they will say 메뉴판 드릴까요 (menyupan deurilkkayo)? The latter part 드릴까요 (deurilkkayo) always stays the same. The first part is the only part that changes.
Now, for the nonsmokers out there, the staff at a restaurant may ask you 금연석 드릴까요 (geumyeonseok deurilkkayo)? One time slowly, it’s 금연석 드릴까요 (geumyeonseok deurilkkayo)? And now by syllable, 금-연-석 드-릴-까-요 (geu-meyon-seok deu-ril-kka-yo)? This phrase asks in a respectful manner if you’d like a nonsmoking seat. The first part of the phrase 금연석 (geumyeonseok) literally means nonsmoking seat. Let’s hear it again. 금연석 (geumyeonseok). And now by syllable, 금-연-석 (geu-myeon-seok). This can be interpreted as nonsmoking section or area. Next is once again 드릴까요 (deurilkkayo) which again is a respectful way of asking if one should give you something. So, for all you nonsmokers out there, you can actually take the initiative and say, I want a nonsmoking seat. So let’s go over it. 금연석 주세요 (geumyeonseok juseyo). The first part 금연석 (geumyeonseok) means nonsmoking seat. The last part is the magical 주세요 (juseyo). One time slowly, it’s 주세요 (juseyo). Altogether, 금연석 주세요 (geumyeonseok juseyo). One time slowly, 금연석 주세요 (geumyeonoseok juseyo).
Okay. To close our today’s lesson, we’d like for you to practice what you’ve learned. I will provide you with the English equivalent of the phrase and you are responsible for shouting it out loud. You will have a few seconds before I give you the answer. So 화이팅 (hwaiting)!
Shall I give you a smoking seat - 흡연석 드릴까요 (heubyeonseok deurilkkayo)?
Shall I give you a nonsmoking seat - 금연석 드릴까요 (geumyeonseok deurilkkayo)?
Give me a nonsmoking seat please - 금연석 주세요 (geumyeonseok juseyo).
All right, that’s going to do it for today.