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Hi, guys! I'm Kaitlin.
안녕하세요, 케이진입니다. Hi, everyone! I’m K-Jin.
So today, I'm going to be sharing some interesting facts about BTS and K-Jin will be sharing some new Korean words with you. So I am a big fan of BTS. I'm what's called an A.R.M.Y.. Recently, since I'm an A.R.M.Y., I decided to start studying Korean with KoreanClass101.
So K-Jin, do you know anything about BTS? Actually, I don't know about BTS very well.
I know they are very popular, but I don't watch TV very often and I don't know about Korean idols very well. Yeah, so you said A.R.M.Y. so what does that mean? I mean are you a soldier or something?
No. So A.R.M.Y. is just the name that's given to the fans or fandom of BTS.
K-Jin, what is “army” in Korean?
Actually, I searched for that on the internet and it's just 아미(ami). That’s army in the Korean pronunciation. So can you pronounce this word, 아미(ami)?
Hmm, good! Wow, nice pronunciation.
Thank you.
So Kaitlin and I created this e-book, 217 facts about BTS for KoreanClass101.com. Okay, so in this video, we're going to take some of the facts out of the book and share it with you guys. So K-Jin, where can they find this book? So you can download this book for free on KoreanClass101.com/BTS. Click the link in the description, here or here somewhere.
So K-Jin, do you know what BTS stands for? So their Korean name is 방탄소년단 (bangtansonyeondan) so 방(bang) B, 탄(tan) T, 소년단(sonyeondan) S, so it’s BTS.
It translates to Bulletproof Boy Scouts.
So why is it BTS?
Well, since it translates to Bulletproof Boy Scouts, I heard that they chose this name because they wanted to shield all of their fans so… bang… bang… bulletproof.
So do you know how many members are in BTS?
Yes, there are seven members right? Mmm, yes.
Can you name all of them?
I can try. Rap Monster, Jin, V, J-Hope, Jungkook, 민윤기.
Ahh Suga right, right, right… and Jimin. Yeah, Jimin, ahh… I like Jimin, ahh...
So who do you think is the most popular in Asia or America out of all the members?
I saw a lot of comments about Jimin so I guess he's the most popular and I personally like the name Rap Monster. It’s so catchy isn’t it?
So usually Jungkook is the most popular… Oh! But the Maknae Line, out of popularity wise, is the most popular so Jimin, V and Jungkook, but Jungkook is usually the highest.
Ah I see… oh, okay. Why is Jungkook popular?
So Jungkook is called the Golden Maknae so he's pretty much good at everything and I guess people are just attracted to people who are good at everything.
Everything? What do you mean? Like he can dance well, sing well, rap well?
Yeah. Yeah, he can dance, he can sing and he can rap. So in their earlier songs, he's seen rapping because he was originally going to be a rapper but then they changed it up and he ended up being a singer.
K-Jin, how do you say “to sing” in Korean?
It’s 노래하다(noraehada), 노-래-하-다 (no-rae-ha-da), 노래하다(noraehada).
So 노래(norae) means “a song” and 하다(hada) means “to do” so it literally means “to do a song”.
Oh, okay.
So a fact that you might not know about Jungkook is that he has a huge crush on Sailor Moon.
Oh, me too! I love Sailor Moon!
Yeah, I grew up watching Sailor Moon. It was a pretty popular anime in the 90s.
Yeah! She's pretty.
Yeah, one time, Namjoon(남준-namjun) dressed up as Sailor Moon for Jungkook so...
Wah, wait, wait, who is 남준(namjun)?
남준(namjun) is Rap Monster.
Oh so his real name?
Oh, okay. Oh yes. So by the way, who is your favorite member?
Okay, so my favorite member is also called My Bias and My Bias is Kim Namjoon.
So Rap Monster right?
So why do you like him?
So he's seen as the intellectual of the group and I just find that very attractive. He's also very sweet and very accommodating to the international fans and I'm from America so that's nice so that's why I like him a lot.
I saw a lot of BTS music videos yesterday and then, in all the music videos, he's the first one appearing right?
Maybe lots of songs start from rap.
Yeah, he's the leader in the group and him and Suga write a lot of the songs so he probably has a hand in choosing who goes first.
Yeah, I like him. He seems very charismatic. So, it’s said he has an IQ of 148?
Mmm, yeah.
He's very smart.
Yeah. So he actually was on a game show called ‘Problematic Men’ for a while as a guest, but they stopped inviting him because he kept beating the professors that were also on the game show.
Wow! Really?
Yeah, he’s really smart.
He’s a lead rapper. What's “rapper” in Korean?
It’s 래퍼(raepeo).
래퍼(raepeo), it’s easier than other Korean words I guess. So how many rappers are there?
There's three.
Three?! That's a lot!
There's Rap Monster, Suga and J-Hope.
So why is his name Suga, not sugar or some other 슈가(syuga). At first when I saw the Korean name Suga, I thought it’s sugar, but it’s not sugar, it’s just Suga.
Mmm, Suga, I'm assuming because it sounds more like a rapper name than sugar.
Yeah, Suga sounds cute. It’s like a girl name.
Yeah. So he got his name from the CEO of Big Hit which is the company that BTS works with and he got it because he's so pale and he's really sweet so the CEO decided to call him Suga.
Oh! Wait, wait. I love his hobby, doing nothing when he has free time. He has same hobby as me.
His favorite thing to do is sleeping and he actually has a really foul mouth so the other members are really scared to wake him up.
What’s “to sleep” in Korean.
It’s 잠자다(jamjada).
잠(jam), “sleep”, 자다(jada).
Hmm, 잠자다(jamjada). It’s 잠자다(jamjada), but you can also omit 잠(jam) so you can just say 자다 (jada).
It says that when he's nervous, he speaks with a satoori accent?
사투리 억양(saturi eogyang).
Oh, okay. How do you say it?
사-투-리 억-양(sa-tu-ri eog-yang). So I guess he's from a different city, not Seoul right?
He's from Daegu.
Oh, Daegu.
Okay. Daegu. Daegu.
I see. So Daegu is between Seoul and Busan so Seoul is Northern South Korea and then Busan is Southern South Korea so it’s between them so I will say middle of Korea and they have really strong accent. So some people think their accent is really manly and for girls, some people think it's really cute.
So who is the last rapper?
So the last rapper is J-hope and he's also the lead dancer.
So before they debuted actually, him and Jungkook, their roles were supposed to have been switched. He was supposed to be a singer and Jungkook was supposed to have been the rapper. He's called the the sunshine and the hope of the the group and the fandom.
Yeah, he's always very bright and very happy. That's his concept. He's a very happy person. He doesn't show his sadness or anything.
He hates exercising and working out. Well, he's very similar to me, but isn’t he the main dancer?
Yeah, he probably sees dancing as more of a fun activity rather than exercising.
Uh-hmm, okay.
So we covered four members, who are the rest three members?
The other three members are Jimin, V and Jin.
Could you tell me more about Jimin? I see him a lot on… on Facebook and YouTube comments. I guess he's really popular too.
Yeah. He's also a singer like Jungkook, but he's also one of the main dancers. So J-hope is seen as the best dancer and then Jimin and Jungkook are seen as the second best dancers.
Jimin is the member who is known for doing fan service. What is fan service exactly?
So fan service is like ripping your shirt off and like showing abs and stuff.
That’s a good fan service.
He has a really nice abs so he's the one that always shows his abs.
What is fan service in Korean?
It’s so easy, 팬 서비스(paen seobiseu).
팬 서비스(paen seobiseu).
Right, we don’t have /f/ sound in Korean pronunciation so we just use /p/ sound instead. So it's 팬 서비스(paen seobiseu).
팬 서비스(paen seobiseu), can you do it?
팬 서비스(paen seobiseu).
Oh, but he views himself as fat and he has abs.
So he exercises a lot and when they first debuted, he had a rounder face. He had cheeks. It's his mochi face, but he dieted a lot to get rid of his cheeks and to get his abs so he’s now very thin and a lot of his fans encouraged him to eat more.
So he shouldn't view himself as fat now.
No and not even in the beginning. He was always very skinny.
His favorite song to karaoke is ‘Look at Me Only’ by Taeyang because he has previously had a one-sided love. Why? The girl didn't like Jimin? He's cute and cool.
I know, I don't know why.
I don’t understand,
Well… Never happened now.
Maybe she’s regretting now.
Maybe, she’s married. How come?
So what’s “one-sided love” in Korean?
It’s 짝사랑(jjaksarang).
Right. The pronunciation of 짝(jjak) is not easy. In romanization, we just say (jj). Yeah, I know, but it’s not easy. We also have pronunciation series on the website so please check it out. So 짝(jjak) means “one side” and 사랑(sarang) means “love” so it’s one-sided love,
Now I’ve heard 사랑해(saranghae) is “love”.
Yeah. 사랑해(saranghae) is from 하다(hada) is “to do”, we just learned so 사랑해(saranghae) means “do love”.
“I love you” 사랑해(saranghae).
So let’s talk about the next member, V. He's the sub-vocalist. He's ranked as one of the lower vocalists, but he has a deeper voice so he's really needed in the group to balance out the higher voices like Jungkook and Jimin and Jin.
Why is his name V?
His name is apparently V because it stands for “victory”.
This means victory in Korea. We just do it when we take a picture and say, “V, kimchi.”.
This is like peace in America.
Oh, okay. He grew on a farm.
He did and he probably had the most difficulty going into training because he grew up on a farm and then he went to Seoul which is very different than a farm. His mother bought him a jacket, a really expensive jacket because she didn't want him to feel out of place in such a crazy city.
Oh, so she doesn't want V look like a country boy.
Yeah and so all the other members thought he was rich when he showed up.
Yeah, it’s said he’s obsessed with Gucci.
Mmm, yeah, he really loves Gucci now.
It’s also said when his teaser image was released, five personal fan clubs were created. Is he good looking?
So V and Jin are considered to be the really two good-looking ones in the group. I mean all of them are very good looking, but they're the most good looking.
So the last member we're going to go over is Jin.
He's a singer. He's also categorized as the worst dancer.
Worst dancer?
Him and Rap Monster are the two worst dancers. People usually say Rap Monster is a little bit better but not much. They both have like signature really bad dances.
Really? When I watched the music video, everyone was so good.
I know! They're all so good, but they're like no, Jin and Rap Master, they’re bad.
Two of his nicknames are Pink Princess and Princess Jin.
Princess Jin.
Yeah, Jin loves to be a princess. He’s an absolute princess. He's always in photo shoots and he has like flower crowns on and stuff and he's just posing like a princess.
So what's “princess” in Korean?
It’s 공주(gongju). 공-주(gong-ju). Mmm, that’s good. Yeah. 공주(gongju). 공주(gongju) means a “princess”. If he was a girl, he said he would date Jimin because he’s shy and somewhat like Jimin would help him open up and be social.
Mmm, so Jin said that if he was a girl, he'd like to date Jimin because Jimin is a lot more outgoing than him and Jin is very shy and he thinks that he'd be more outgoing with Jimin. Jimin is a little bit more talkative, but I don't really see Jin as shy. He’s very flirtatious with the camera. He’s always like giving kisses.
He’s the one who is good at fan service right?
Jimin is the one that does fan service, but Jin always is like winking at the camera and like giving kisses so I don’t really see him as shy. I don’t know why he thinks of himself as shy.
So K-jin, did you learn anything interesting about BTS today?
So yeah, before talking to you, I thought they are just boyband who is good at dancing and singing, but I can see that they have all different roles and that was very interesting and they are all cool and attractive, I like that.
Mmm, me too. I’m an A.R.M.Y. Join A.R.M.Y.!
Okay. So now that you know all of the members, who do you like the best?
I like Rap Monster.
So why do you like Rap Monster?
He's very charismatic and also, I like his rap style. Also, he's from my city. He's from Ilsan and I live in Ilsan. Maybe I met him somewhere on the street.
So I hope you learned some new and interesting facts about BTS. If you want to learn more about BTS, don't forget to download this e-book. It’s free and you can download it on KoreanClass101.com/BTS. Link is in the description here. Here? Somewhere around this video so please download it for free, 217 facts. So please don't forget to like this video and subscribe to this channel… and if you want to learn more about Korean, please visit KoreanClass101.com. See you next time! Bye-bye! Bye!