Lesson Transcript


Chigusa: What’s the one hack for mastering conversations?
Peter: Listeners, you’ll want to hear this one.
Chigusa: Welcome to Innovative Language Learning Sunday News! I'm Chigusa and I'll be your host. My co-host today is the founder of InnovativeLanguage.com... Peter Galante!
Peter: Hi everyone! Peter here.
Chigusa: In this Sunday News, you’ll discover a powerful language learning hack...
Peter: ...that gets you speaking from day one...
Chigusa: With it, you get the most common phrases, questions and answers...
Peter: ...that you can use in almost any conversation.
Peter: So, listeners, here’s one language learning hack that no one tells you about.
Chigusa: If you want to speak more of your target language and handle almost any conversation....
Peter: The truth is – you can cheat your way through most conversations because they’re predictable to a degree. Just think about it… every time you meet a new person, what do you say to them? Chigusa, what would you say?
Chigusa: I’d say... “What’s your name?” and “What do you do for work?” Things like that.
Peter: And you’ll have that same conversation every time you meet a new person. So, it’s fairly predictable.
Chigusa: Yeah, and even if you know the person, there’s “How are you?” and “What are you doing this weekend?” Things that we say all the time.
Peter: Exactly, these are common lines that we use all the time. And native speakers use them all the time in their conversations.
Chigusa: So, listeners, if you know these common lines in your target language,...
Peter: ...You'll easily handle most basic real-life conversations, and you’ll be speaking from day one, instead of getting stuck in a textbook from day one.
Chigusa: But…How do you get these common lines and phrases?
Peter: Well, that’s the good news, you get the exact scripts… all the lines you need to know… in our lessons.
Chigusa: So just take the lessons in our recommended pathway. Our lessons teach you practical, everyday conversations…
Peter: And on the lesson page, you get the line-by-line scripts for these conversations… for all lessons. Just look for the Dialogue study tool.
Chigusa: We also have special conversation-based lessons like the Top 25 Questions You Must Know lessons, the 3 Minute Lessons…
Peter: ...and the Survival Phrases series. These lessons are specifically designed to get you mastering the most common phrases.
Chigusa: For example, the “Top 25 Questions You Must Know” focuses on the 25 most common questions you hear in conversations.
Peter: So, questions like ”Where are you from?” “What’s your name?”, and “How old are you?”
Chigusa: In each lesson – you hear the question...
Peter: ...Then we break down its meaning and teach you how to respond.
Chigusa: That way, you’ll be ready to speak right after the lesson.
Peter: You can listen to these lessons, read along with the lesson notes...
Chigusa: ...and with our Dialogue study tool, you get the line-by-line scripts of the conversation.
Peter: So you can review each line as many times as you want until you master it.
Chigusa: You can listen to the audio, read the script and the translation.
Peter: If you’re a Premium or Premium PLUS member, you get the Dialogue Tool and line-by-line scripts for all of these lessons.


Chigusa: Okay, well that’s going to do it for this edition of Innovative Language Learning Sunday news!
Peter: Bye everyone!
Chigusa: Thank you for listening, and we’ll see you all next time.