Lesson Transcript


Peter: Listeners, what’s the one phrase that you learned and remember super well?
Chigusa: Chances are… you remember it so well because you’ve heard it and said it so many times...
Peter: And this repetition is a guaranteed way to learn a language… and remember anything...
Chigusa: And in this Sunday News, you'll discover….
Peter: How our learning program does the repetition for you… so you can easily learn.
Chigusa: How our lessons get you mastering and remembering conversations...
Peter: How to finally remember words without memorizing word lists, and much more.
Chigusa: Welcome to an episode of Innovative Language Sunday News! I'm Chigusa and I'll be hosting today's Sunday News with my co-host, the founder of InnovativeLanguage.com... Peter Galante!
Peter: Hi everyone! Peter here!
Chigusa: Alright, Peter, let's talk about repetition. There's that saying, "repetition is the mother of all learning." And I understand it's probably the best way to learn anything… but.. why is it such a powerful learning tactic?
Peter: Great question. When you learn something for the first time, it's only in your short-term memory. Actually, everything new you learn... Or come across... goes into your short-term memory.
Chigusa: Short term? So, meaning you will forget it, right…?
Peter: Exactly. That’s just how we are wired, right? Your brain is always trying to evaluate what’s important and what’s not… and it forgets things that aren’t immediately important.
Chigusa: Yeah.
Peter: But repetition is what helps you move things from your short-term into your long-term memory. It's absolutely necessary.
Chigusa: Then, if you miss out on the repetition and reviewing… you won't remember much.
Peter: Exactly. And that’s why last time we talked about the importance of practicing - using - repeating - reviewing the language.
Chigusa: Right, in the last Sunday News.
Peter: So, the repetition - the repeated practice, is what builds those stronger memories...makes those neural connections stronger... And you could say… makes your brain stronger.
Chigusa: So, listeners, the quick takeaway here is… if you learn something for the first time, it's in your short-term memory, and you'll forget it soon. That’s normal, so don’t worry.
Peter: And that's where repetition comes in… to help you remember it in the long term. It's a powerful tactic that helps you learn anything.
Chigusa: Even a language.
Peter: Exactly.
Chigusa: I think you can KNOW that it's good to come back and repeat… but it's hard to do it on your own. I think that's where learners struggle as well.
Peter: Great point, Chigusa. Doing it on your own is hard. And that's why we have repetition built into our lessons and learning program. And I mean, to be honest, that’s why kids have school, right?
Chigusa: Exactly. So listeners, if you're wondering how you can apply this to language learning… or if you've tried learning but can't seem to remember anything...
Peter: Or, If it just doesn’t seem to stick is what we probably what we should say, right? So, what we do is we do the repetition for you…
Chigusa: …..so that you can remember what you learn.
Peter: Here's how.
Chigusa: One: We Repeat the Lesson Conversations Multiple Times in Every Lesson.
Peter: So, when you play a lesson: first, you'll hear the conversation, We’ll give you a little bit of context but. Then you'll hear it again translated and slowed down… then our teachers explain all of the elements, the grammar rules…
Chigusa: ...and finally, you'll hear it one last time at the end.
Peter: So the conversation is repeated 3 times… to make sure you understand the full conversation.
Chigusa Two: The Lessons Are Built on Each Other
Peter: Meaning… you'll learn some words or grammar rules in one lesson….
Chigusa: ...and then you'll come across them in the next lesson or 3 lessons down the road.
Peter: … and this repetition will help you remember them better.
Chigusa: Three: You Get Assessment Exercises After Every Few Lessons
Peter: Another powerful way to retain what you learn is… is to test yourself… and again, you can do this with our assessments. Something we spoke about in the last Sunday news.
Chigusa: Yes, assessments are a super easy… practically automatic way to practice what you've learned.
Peter: So after every few lessons, you get assessment exercises… and you're repeatedly tested on what you learn.
Chigusa: And because you're getting tested on what you've already learned… that's another form of repetition.
Peter: You're coming across these words, phrases, and grammar rules in the lessons, and then you’re seeing them again when you’re tested in the assessments. It’s called memory recall, you’re trying to remember what you learn, so that instant when you’re trying to pull it out of that vast memory of yours, that’s a very powerful way to learn.
Chigusa: Four: You Get Spaced Repetition Flashcards to Master Words Fast.
Peter: The reason these flashcards are so powerful is… they do the repetition for you based on your progress.
Chigusa: If you were learning on your own and you learn a word today, you may not remember to review it again in a few days.
Peter: But with spaced repetition flashcards...
Chigusa: You'll see a word today...if you get it right, then you'll see it in 3 days, then in 6 days, and so on.
Peter: The flashcards track your progress so that the words go into your long-term memory.
Chigusa: Five: You Can Play Our Vocabulary Slideshows on Loop.
Peter: You'll find our vocabulary slideshows in every audio lesson and vocab list…
Chigusa: ….and you can play them on loop until you know every single word. Six: Weekly Assignments from Your Premium PLUS teacher
Peter: If you're a Premium PLUS user, then you get weekly assignments...
Chigusa: …so you can get repeated practice, feedback, and corrections from your teacher.
Peter: And this is how our program does the repetition for you.
Chigusa: All you have to do is play the lessons and drill the flashcards.
Peter: But, there are some things you can do on your own as well.
Chigusa: Seven: Download the lessons…. Or download the dialog tracks, which give you just the conversation.
Peter: Save them to your phone and relisten to them… just like you would with music.
Chigusa: This will help you remember the conversations for good.
Peter: By the way, if you want to remember these learning tips with a bonus cheat sheet, leave us a comment…
Chigusa: ...and we’ll reply with the link.
Peter: And finally, If you're a Premium or Premium PLUS member…
Chigusa: Remember, you already have full access to our lessons, spaced repetition flashcards, and assessments… that we talked about today. But if not and….
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Chigusa: Okay, well, that's going to do it for this edition of InnovativeLanguage.com Sunday News!
Peter: Bye everyone!
Chigusa: Thank you for listening, and we'll see you all next time.