Lesson Transcript


Chigusa: Want to speak your target language with confidence?
Peter: ...and impress native speakers?
Chigusa: Learning to do this is actually quite simple.
Chigusa: Welcome to this episode of Innovative Language Learning Sunday News! I'm Chigusa and I'll be your host. My co-host today is the founder of InnovativeLanguage.com, Peter Galante!
Peter: Hi everyone! Peter here.
Peter: Alright, Chigusa, now you're a native Japanese speaker, right?
Chigusa: Yes
Peter: So here's a question for you. Imagine you're speaking in Japanese with a learner...
Chigusa: Alright.
Peter: How can you tell how good they are...?
Chigusa: Hmmm. Based on HOW they talk and respond if I ask them something, I guess.
Peter: What do you mean by that?
Chigusa: Like If they start pausing, like searching for words or if there's a delay... I know they're a beginner. So I go easy on them. But if they respond quickly, then that means they understand what I said...
Peter: If they have a high fluency ...this means their Japanese is at a pretty high level, right?
Chigusa: Yes, most of the time, that's the case.
Peter: What about accents?
Chigusa: Not so important. As long as you're understood, I think you're good to go.
Peter: So, listeners, there are a few reasons why you should learn to speak faster and ...with confidence.
Chigusa: First, you generally sound better...
Peter: Two, if you can respond quickly, it means you understand what you hear...
Chigusa: ...and that means your language skills are quite good.
Peter: And three - this is the best one - native speakers will treat you differently...
Chigusa: ...because they can see you have put in the work to speak the language.
Peter: So, here's how you improve your fluency. Anyone can do it. First, Number One: Read out loud. This is a basic rule, but it's a must.
Chigusa: Yes, because if you're reading out loud, you're essentially practicing speaking.
Peter: So, when you're taking our lessons, read the dialogue out loud - as you hear it.
Chigusa: So you can read along with the dialog tool, the lesson notes, or the transcript.
Peter: Two: Read like a child reads their first book. So, picture a child learning to read.
Chigusa: First, they go slow... and sound everything out.
Peter: On the second or third try, they're now at a normal pace.
Chigusa: And on the fourth or fifth try, they can read it all quickly.
Peter: So, this example applies to language learning. If you've ever come across a complex sentence...
Chigusa: ...read it slowly, then speed up, and then you'll be able to say it easily.
Peter: And again, just read along - out loud - as you listen or watch a lesson.
Chigusa: Three: Use the Dialogue Breakdown Tool.
Peter: Listeners, this tool breaks down the lesson conversations... into individual lines.
Chigusa: You can listen to the audio for each line. You get the meanings...
Peter: And you can re-read and review each line as much as you want.
Chigusa: Four: Use the voice recorder to record and compare yourself with native speakers.
Peter: Just click on the microphone icon next to each line in the Dialogue section.
Chigusa: You can also use this to perfect your pronunciation if you want...
Peter: ...but the goal here is just to speak at a confident, native-level speed.
Chigusa: You'll find this tool in the Dialogue section for all of our lessons.
Peter: Five: Repeat and review old lesson conversations as much as possible.
Chigusa: Reaching native-level speed takes a few tries...
Peter: ...so if you download the lesson dialog tracks, you can re-listen to the conversations again and again. Or you can re-read the dialog lines...
Chigusa: ...until you've mastered them all.
Peter: Six: Shadow the conversations. Repeat what you've heard out loud.
Chigusa: Listeners, this tactic is important...
Peter: ...But it is tricky when you're doing a brand new lesson...
Chigusa: ...Because you're not used to the conversation.
Peter: But when you're reviewing dialogs from lessons you've done...
Chigusa: ....Then, it gets super easy to do. So, just listen to the dialog and repeat what you hear - as you hear it.
Peter: Seven: Send recordings to your Premium PLUS teacher for feedback.
Chigusa: If you want to speak with confidence...
Peter: ...then there's no better confidence boost than feedback from a native speaker.
Chigusa: And you get just that with a Premium PLUS teacher.
Peter: You can record yourself reciting a lesson dialog or anything that you'd like to do or say...
Chigusa: ...and your teacher will give you specific tips on how to improve.
Peter: So, listeners, take these tips, choose at least 1...and practice, practice, practice.
Chigusa: Yes, being able to respond quickly, speaking with confidence... it's not something you get on your first try...
Peter: But, it's something you can EASILY get with a few tries.
Chigusa: And by the way, we're giving away a bonus PDF guide called "7 Review Tactics &Learning Tools" to help you learn language even faster.
Peter: So, if you want it, leave a comment on this Sunday News.
Chigusa: ...and we'll reply with the link.
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Chigusa: Okay, well that's going to do it for this edition of Innovative Language Learning Sunday News!
Peter: Bye everyone!
Chigusa: Thank you for listening, and we'll see you all next time.