Lesson Transcript


Chigusa: Listeners, what if there was a way to start learning a language… in just minutes a day…
Peter: …without having to carve out time… or trying to wake up earlier…
Chigusa: So you can get going with your language goal, start speaking, start progressing…
Peter: …and not fall off, like you’ve done so many times before.
Chigusa: Well, there is an easy way to do this. And you don't need any special programs or apps.
Peter: In this Sunday News, you’ll find out about “Piggybacking”
Chigusa: ...and how it helps you build a strong learning routine.
Chigusa: Welcome to this episode of Innovative Language Learning Sunday News! I'm Chigusa and I'll be your host. My co-host today is the founder of InnovativeLanguage.com, Peter Galante!
Peter: Hi everyone! Peter here.
Chigusa: Alright, Peter, so what is piggybacking?
Peter: Actually Chigusa, this is one of the many strategies we teach inside our Inner Circle… but because it’s especially useful for beginners, I wanted to share it here. Piggybacking is an easy way to create a habit - like learning a language - without carving out time, adjusting your schedule, or waking up earlier.
Chigusa: That’s interesting because I’d imagine you WOULD have to carve out time.
Peter: And this is a mistake many language learners make… and anyone trying to reach any goal. Especially if you’re not used to learning. For example, how many times have you said to yourself, “I’ll wake up earlier ” or “I’ll stay up late at night so that I can study more, so that I can work out,” fill in anything you want but that whole concept of “I’ll change my routine to do something else”...
Chigusa: Yeah… I’ve done this myself many times.
Peter: And how does it work out, Chigusa?
Chigusa: Never works.
Peter: You can try and wake up earlier or stay up late… to try to learn a language… or reach any goal, but you won’t be doing it for very long.
Chigusa: That is so true. It’s hard to maintain that, especially waking up earlier.
Peter: And that’s where piggybacking comes in. The trick is to piggyback on top of an existing routine. In other words, add language learning on top of something that you already do.
Chigusa: So, if you take the train to work in the morning?
Peter: Exactly. That’s something you do every day…without thinking, right?
Chigusa: Right.
Peter: Which means it’s a strong routine you can’t easily break. And it’s a routine where you can multi-task and fit in language learning.
Chigusa: I see now.
Peter: So listeners, the process is… one: map out your daily routines.
Chigusa: And two: Start piggybacking. Add in language learning where you can fit it.
Peter: For example, you wake up at 7AM. You’re out of the house by 8. You work from 9 to 5… with lunch from 1 to 2. And you’re home by 6 or 7. Dinner at 8. TV at 9. Now, once you have your daily routines mapped out… Chigusa, where would you fit it in?
Chigusa: Well, it’d have to be somewhere you can mult-task, right? So, the lunch break.
Peter: I like your answer Chigusa, but actually probably the number one answer is “during work.” So I like your answer. It’s perfect. It doesn’t matter. There’s no right answer. You can fit it in whenever you want: On your commute, while you eat dinner, while you watch TV… probably going to be a little more tricky but there are commercials, or there used to be. So, anywhere you can fit it in, try to fit in and keep with it. It’s easy to listen to a quick 5 or 10 minute lesson or learn a bit of language during your commute. You don’t have to plan ahead or rearrange your day. Just piggyback on one of your existing routines.
Chigusa: Yeah, and commuting is kind of this necessary dead time anyway, right? So by doing this, you transform that dead time to productive time, right?
Peter: Exactly. And once you stick with it for a bit… the language becomes part of your day. You start speaking more. You start learning more.
Chigusa: And eventually, you’ll automatically want to make more time for it.
Peter: But, first you need to start piggybacking to get to that point
Chigusa: So, Peter, how are you learning nowadays? Are you doing any piggybacking?
Peter: So, as you mentioned, the commute was the easiest. But then we stopped commuting. But, we're going to be coming back to the office. So on the few days I will come to the office, I will piggyback when I commute. But what’s interesting is at home I piggyback during my coffee making ritual. It actually takes me - yeah i understand why instant coffee is popular - It takes me 30 minutes to make a proper espresso in the morning. So that 30 minutes actually is when I'll put on a lesson and listen as I multi-task.
Chigusa: Great! And listeners, how about you? Where can you fit in language learning? Please, leave us a comment.
Peter: And if you want to start piggybacking… so that you can 1) start learning a language and 2) build a strong routine….
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Chigusa: Okay, well that’s going to do it for this edition of Innovative Language Learning Sunday News!
Peter: Bye everyone!
Chigusa: Thank you for listening, and we’ll see you all next time.