Lesson Transcript

Becky: Listeners, this year we’re thankful for having you learn with us.
Peter: That’s right. You’ve helped us improve and reach major milestones.
Becky: So, Peter and I... and everyone at Innovative Language want to thank you.
Peter: And to do that, we have some free gifts, new features, and discounts for you.
Becky: You’ll find out what they are in just a second. But first, listen up!
Peter: Our Thank-You Sale starts right now with a 1-day-ONLY 40% OFF.
Becky: That’s an EXTRA 10% on top of the regular 30% Thank You Sale discount.
Peter: Get 40% OFF Premium and master your language with our entire learning system!
Becky: Unlock 100s of fun and effective audio and video lessons by real teachers...
Peter: ...and start speaking from your very first lesson. We’ll do the teaching.
Becky: You also get new lessons every week, in-depth lesson notes, Premium study tools...
Peter: ...Mobile apps so you can learn anywhere, anytime, and much more.
Becky: Get 40% OFF Premium. That’s as low as $6 a month and $96 in savings.
Peter: Click the link in the lesson description of this Sunday News to take advantage of this deal.
Becky: ...But hurry! This 40% discount is 1 day only and ends November 13th, 2017.
Peter: Okay listeners. Here’s what you did this year.
Becky: Here are the newest features that you helped us create and release.
Peter: First, you wanted easy access to lessons based on your goals.
Becky: Like... speaking, reading, writing, listening, culture, grammar...
Peter: And you got it with the brand new, upgraded lesson library.
Becky: Second –
Peter: You wanted to access your lessons on any device...
Becky: ...and now you can, even without the app...
Peter: ...with the brand new lesson interface.
Becky: And you get the lesson notes, transcripts, line-by-line dialogs right there on the same page.
Peter: Third, many users requested mobile access to our vocabulary lists...
Becky: ...and you got it. Access 100s of free vocab and phrase lessons and lists on any device.
Peter: And don’t forget to use the UPGRADED Slideshow to learn the words easily.
Becky: Fourth, our Premium PLUS users wanted to be held accountable...
Peter: ...so now they get weekly assignments from their teachers.
Becky: And your teacher will correct your work and give you feedback to help you improve.
Peter: These are some of the newest features that we released this past year..
Becky: ...based on your feedback and requests.
Peter: Here’s another milestone. We reached 750 million lesson downloads in August.
Becky: You’ve downloaded the lessons, you’ve learned and you helped us get there.
Peter: We literally could not have reached this without you.
Becky: So this Thanksgiving, we’d like to thank you with...
Peter: ...a free gift and big discounts.
Becky: Let’s get into them right now.
Peter: Listeners, your Thanksgiving gift is coming out Wednesday...
Becky: ...as a special bonus that you get with our Thank You Sale.
Peter: Becky, Should we give them a hint of what this is?
Becky: I think so! Listeners it’s an exclusive Thanksgiving video lesson...
Peter: ...where you’ll learn some unique ways to say Thank You in your target language.
Becky: Just in time for Thanksgiving. Stay tuned! You’ll learn about it in our email on Wednesday.
Peter: And finally, you’re getting big discounts ...
Becky: ....to master your target language fast and save BIG.


Becky: Well, that’s going to do it for this edition of Innovative Language Sunday news!
Peter: Bye everyone!
Becky: Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you all next time.