Lesson Transcript


Becky: Listeners, want to speak and understand more of your target language?
Peter: You’ll need to know more words and phrases...
Becky: So, here’s how you can learn more words and speak more... guaranteed.
Peter: And one of these... is a newly updated study tool.
Becky: Welcome to this episode of Innovative Language Learning Sunday News! I'm Becky and I'll be your host. My co-host today is the founder of InnovativeLanguage.com, Peter Galante!
Peter: Hi everyone! Peter here.
Becky: In this Sunday News, you’ll learn 5 ways to master new words and phrases..
Peter: ...and find out how you can get fluent faster with our entire learning system..
Becky: ...and even get a 28% discount.
Peter: If you want to speak and master more of your target language....
Becky: ...you’re going to need more words and phrases.
Peter: ...so how can you learn new words and speak more...
Becky: ...without overwhelming yourself?
Peter: You’ll learn the top 5 ways in just a bit.
Becky: But first, listen up.
Peter: Our Halloween Monster Sale starts right now!
Becky: Get a 28% Instant Discount on all Basic, Premium and Premium PLUS Plans...
Peter: ....and unlock our proven language learning system.
Becky: That’s hundreds of audio and video lessons by real teachers...
Peter: ...Access to brand new lessons every week, read-along lesson notes, Premium study tools...
Becky: ....1-on-1 learning with your very own language teacher...
Peter: ...Mobile apps so you can learn anywhere, anytime, and much more.
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Peter: That’s just $2.88 a month and up to $153.72 in savings.
Becky: So, Listeners, how can you learn more words? Let’s jump right in.
Peter: Number one, use our newly updated Vocabulary Lists.
Becky: What makes this study tool so powerful?
Peter: Listeners, this our library of vocab and phrase lessons...
Becky: ....where you can learn words and phrases for current events, holidays like Halloween...
Peter: ...and useful topics like the top 10 ways to say hello, how to complain and much more.
Becky: In other words, you learn words and phrases that you won’t find in textbooks...
Peter: ...and these will drastically improve your speaking skills.
Becky: Peter, what’s new with these Vocab Lists?
Peter: Two things. You can now access them on any device or computer...
Becky: ...including any smartphone, like any iPhone or android.
Peter: And you can easily review these words with the upgraded Slideshow tool.
Becky: Just tap or click on “view slideshow.”
Peter: Then sit back and review the words and phrases.
Becky: Listeners, find the vocabulary lists in the vocabulary drop-down menu on the site.
Peter: The best part? They’re free for all users.
Becky: Number Two, take our audio and video lessons.
Peter: Listeners, the best way to learn words is through actual conversations....
Becky: ...and by actually hearing them. How they’re used. When they’re used.
Peter: So in every lesson conversation, you will come across words that you don’t know...
Becky: ...but don’t worry...
Peter ....because our teachers will translate everything.
Becky: So, when you hear the lesson conversation again, you will know them all.
Peter: It’s as simple as that. Listen to the conversations.
Becky: Number Three. Learn with our 2,000 most common words list.
Peter: Question for you, Becky.
Becky: Yeah?
Peter: How many words do you think it takes to reach conversational fluency?
Becky: Hmm, wow I’d say... about what 3,000? Am I close?
Peter: Pretty close. Language experts say you need about 1,500, half of the words, to reach conversational fluency.
Becky: Wow that’s a lot less than I thought.
Peter: But with this study tool, the 2,000 most common words list...
Becky: ...you get access to over 2,000.
Peter: So you get the words you need for conversational fluency…. up front!
Becky: That’s what makes this study tool so powerful. It’s all here for you.
Peter: And they’re broken down into simple categories...
Becky:... Adjectives, Nouns, Verbs, Food, Drinks, Numbers, Months. Just like that.
Peter: Now, 2,000 is a lot to learn.
Becky: Right, but you don’t have to study them all up front.
Peter: You can go category by category....
Becky: In fact, there’s an easy way to master this list...
Peter: And you’ll hear it in the next point.
Becky: Number Four. Study with Spaced Repetition FlashCards...
Peter: We’re not talking about paper flashcards that you have to write out, one by one, although that’s not a bad way to learn either.
Becky: We’re talking about the smart flashcards that you can find in our Premium Study Tools...
Peter: Picture this. Think of these as a teacher inside of your computer..
Becky: ..who quizzes you and sorts the words for you.
Peter: So, the words that you struggle with, they’ll quiz you on them more and more...
Becky: ...the ones that you already know, you’ll see less and less...
Peter: And they display the words as needed so that you never forget them.
Becky: In every study session, they’ll refresh your memory on the words you learned last time...
Peter: ...and introduce new ones.
Becky: That’s exactly how our smart flashcards work
Peter: But because you get drilled on the words you struggle with....
Becky: ...Listeners, you have no choice to but to master them and improve.
Peter: You have no choice but to succeed. It will not give up on you!
Becky: You can also study the words from your lessons and vocab lists...
Peter: ...with the very same flashcard system.
Becky: Okay, what’s next?
Peter: Number Five. This one is super simple.
Becky ...but super effective! Use the words.
Peter: After you learn a new word, using it right away is crucial to remembering it.
Becky: So, when you’re done with a lesson or a vocab list... here’s what you do:
Peter: Leave a comment! Make up a sample sentence...
Becky: ....and post it in the comment section.
Peter: Or, shadow it.
Becky: Meaning, listen to the audio pronunciation and say it out loud.
Peter: You should do this because it’s the actual practice that’ll get you to remember it.
Becky: Listeners, how do you learn and master new words? Leave a comment.
Peter: And if you want to unlock all of these study tools...
Becky: The flashcards, the lessons, the top 2,000 common word lists...
Peter: ...now's the best time. Our Monster Sale starts right now.


Becky: Okay, well that’s going to do it for this edition of Innovative Language Learning Sunday News!
Peter: Bye everyone!
Becky: Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you all next time.