Lesson Transcript


Becky: Listeners, 2015 is just over a month away. Are you ready?
Peter: We have New Lessons, New Features and much more coming in the New Year!
Becky: Welcome to Innovative Language Sunday News! I'm Becky and I'll be your host. My co-host today is the founder of Innovative Language... Peter Galante!
Peter: Hi everyone! Peter here.
Becky: In this Sunday News, you get an exclusive sneak peek at the newest features and lessons...
Peter: ...and find out why December is THE MONTH to sign up!
Peter: Listeners, we’re prepping some major language lessons and features for you.
Becky: We have new Audio and Video series for all 31 of our languages...
Peter: ...Features like Brand New Flashcards, Scrolling Transcripts, New Word Lists...
Becky: ...plus upgrades to our most popular Innovative Language 101 App, and much more!
Peter: And December is the month to join and take advantage of these amazing new features.
Becky: We’ll tell you more about what’s coming in 2015 in just a second.
Peter: But first, a quick mention: we’ve got a Cyber Monday Sale going on until midnight tomorrow!
Becky: Listeners, Cyber Monday is the biggest online sale of the year!
Peter: You Get 50% OFF 1- and 2-Year Premium. That’s as low as $5 a month....
Becky: ...To unlock complete access to our advanced learning system.
Peter: Which is all of our best Lessons, Lesson Notes, Exclusive Apps, Premium Tools and more!
Becky: The link to this sale is in the lesson description on the site, just below the lesson player.
Peter: Click it and get 50% off 1- or 2-Year Premium until December 1st, 2014!
Becky: Okay Peter, I’m pretty sure our listeners want to know what’s coming in 2015!
Peter: To be honest Becky, a better question is... what ISN’T coming? First, we have over 3,300 audio and video lessons ready for our 31 languages.
Becky: Wow! Can we reveal any information about the lessons that our listeners can look forward to?
Peter: Let’s do it. For video lessons, more Ultimate Pronunciation Guide lessons are on the way.
Becky: You can also expect Weekly Word Video lessons introducing new vocabulary every week.
Peter: ....the Top Words Series teaching you the must-know vocab for a given theme...
Becky: ...Then, there’s a brand new Ask a Teacher series for JapanesePod101...
Peter: ...where your questions – that’s right, questions from listeners like you – get answered by a native Japanese teacher.
Becky: I really like the sound of that last one! Alright Peter, what about the features?
Peter: 2015 will be a great year for new and updated features, listeners.
Becky: We’ll be releasing Brand New Flashcards for our Premium users.
Peter: They’re completely redesigned and easier to use. You’ll learn words fast because the system sorts words for you.
Becky: It skips the easy ones and quizzes you on the ones you need to know.
Peter: On top of that, we’re adding Scrolling Transcripts to all of our lessons.
Becky: Oh, I didn’t hear about that one. What’s that?
Peter: Well Becky, you can see and read the COMPLETE word-for-word transcript for every lesson and follow along on the lesson page.
Becky: This is great for learners that want to read along.
Peter: The scrolling transcript highlights the words being said, so you’ll never miss a word.
Becky: Also, you can expect New Word Lists, a redesigned Word Bank, and the Conversation of the Day.
Peter: Finally, our best App, Innovative Language 101 for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire...
Becky: ...will get a BIG upgrade.
Peter: That’s right. We’re going to add a new lessons feed so you get the newest lessons on the go...
Becky: ...plus Player Controls for your lessons so you can slow down, speed up, or skip parts of a lesson...
Peter: ...plus the progress tracking dashboard that our users love, and more!
Becky: This is just a very small preview of what’s coming.
Peter: Listeners, what features do you want to see in 2015? Let us know and leave a comment!
Becky: And if you want to get exclusive access to all these new features... December is the month to join.
Peter: Not only because of the features, but also because we’ll have huge holiday-only language learning discounts this month.
Becky: You will NOT see them in 2015, which makes December the best time to start.
Peter: And remember, our Cyber Monday Sale is ending tomorrow.
Becky: So, get 50% OFF 1- or 2-Year Premium. That’s as low as $5 a month....
Peter: This will give you access to the newest features coming in 2015...
Becky: PLUS All of our Effective Lessons, Lesson Notes, Exclusive apps, Premium tools and more!
Peter: Use Coupon Code: CYBERMONDAY2014
Becky: Or even easier, click on the link in the lesson description to get 50% OFF!
Peter: Again, CYBERMONDAY2014. Take advantage of our Cyber Monday offer... or any of the other deals that are coming up. December is the month to join, and Becky, I’m excited!
Becky: Me too!


Becky: Well, that’s going to do it for this edition of Innovative Language Sunday news!*
Peter: Bye everyone!*
Becky: Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you all next time.*