Lesson Transcript


Becky: Want to perfect your speaking skills? Here’s how you do it!
Becky: Welcome to Innovative Language Sunday News! I'm Becky and I'll be your host. My co-host today is the founder of Innovative Language... Peter Galante!
Peter: Hi everyone! Peter here.
Becky: In this Sunday News, we’re covering 3 ways you can speak better, faster, and without making pronunciation mistakes.
Peter: And one of them includes our awesome new Premium PLUS feature!
Peter: Okay, listeners. Have you ever noticed that most learners can read and write well...
Becky: ...but when it comes to speaking in their target language...
Peter: ...they freeze up? They need to stop and think. And sometimes they’re scared to speak.
Becky: Why is that?
Peter: We’ll tell you why that happens...
Becky: ...Plus the 3 ways you can improve and perfect your speaking skills, in just a bit.
Peter: But before we do that, we have a few quick things to announce.
Becky: First, there’s a brand new feature out for Premium PLUS. You can now get your speaking skills checked, corrected and perfected by a native teacher...
Peter: ...simply by recording yourself! You’ll find this feature inside Premium PLUS My Teacher.
Becky: We’ll tell you how you can take advantage of this feature and how it works, soon.
Peter: Second - Thanksgiving is right around the corner.
Becky: So listeners, we have prepared a FREE gift to thank you for your support...
Peter: ... and for being part of the Innovative Language family.
Becky: But, you’ll have to wait until next time to find out what this gift is....
Peter: Becky and I will tell you how to get it in the next Sunday News!
Becky: Okay, Peter. Why are most beginners not good at speaking?
Peter: That’s a very good question, Becky. It’s actually because of how most people start learning a language.
Becky: What do you mean?
Peter: Well, you’re studying Japanese, right Becky? What were your first steps?
Becky: Hmm… I learned some phrases from articles online, and then got a beginner textbook.
Peter: So you started reading first, right?
Becky: Yeah, that’s right.
Peter: But reading doesn’t help you with speaking much. So because most beginners focus on reading, grammar and writing first...
Becky: ... that's what they get good at..
Peter: ...but their speaking doesn’t improve. Because they dedicate more time to everything...
Becky: ... except speaking. That makes sense!
Peter: Right. So, listeners, this is where we’ll go into the 3 ways you can perfect your speaking...
Becky: ...using our learning system.
Peter: Alright. Let’s get into the first way: Shadowing... also known as repeating the conversations that you hear.
Becky: Professional interpreters are trained in this method, and listeners....
Peter: ...this is one method you can use right now! When you’re listening to a lesson...
Becky: ...try to repeat the conversations you hear. And if it’s too challenging, read along first with the line-by-line dialogue.
Peter: But the magic here is that you master pronunciation and improve your reaction speed.
Becky: ..meaning you can speak quickly without thinking.
Peter: Listeners, be sure to try shadowing the conversations in our lessons.
Becky: The second way is to record yourself and compare yourself with native speakers.
Peter: Right. Being able to hear your pronunciation and theirs side-by-side is very useful.
Becky: You can instantly hear the difference and correct yourself.
Peter: By the way, you can do this easily with our Voice Recording Tool, which you’ll find in the Line-by-Line dialogues.
Becky: So, you can record the lines you hear in the conversations...
Peter: ...hear the native version...
Becky: And adjust until you’re perfect!
Peter: You’ll find the Line-by-Line dialogue and the recorder on every lesson in our learning system!
Becky: And the third way includes our brand new feature for Premium PLUS.
Peter: That’s right. It’s having an actual teacher listen to you and correct your speech!
Becky: So with Premium PLUS My Teacher, you can record yourself...
Peter: ...for example, doing a self-introduction, reading out a shopping list, making a speech — or anything else you want, up to 2 minutes in length...
Becky: ...and send it over to your teacher. He or she will analyze it and tell you how to improve.
Peter: Which means you have an actual native speaker telling you how to talk like a native speaker!
Becky: And your teacher can send a perfect example for you to shadow.
Peter: So listeners, if you want to put these methods to use with all of our best lessons...
Becky: ..and also unlock study tools like the voice recorder, the line-by-line dialogue...
Peter: ...OR get your own teacher and access to the new Premium PLUS My Teacher...
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Becky: Or, as always, click on the link in the lesson description to get 20% OFF Premium or Premium PLUS!


Becky: Well, that’s going to do it for this edition of Innovative Language Sunday news!*
Peter: Bye everyone!*
Becky: Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you all next time.*