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Gabriella: Do you have a Free Lifetime Account at our site? If not, sign up and learn language with these free features!
Gabriella: Welcome to Innovative Language.com Sunday News! I'm Gabriella and I'll be hosting today's Sunday news one of the staff here at Innovative Language... Yuriy!
Yuriy: Hi everyone! Yuriy here.
Gabriella: In this Sunday News, you’ll learn all about the free features available to you across our 101.com sites.
Gabriella: So, one of the top questions we get from new users is this...
Yuriy: “What’s free that I can use to learn language right now?”
Gabriella: Which is why we're going to cover this. And it’s a very good question too, isn’t it?
Yuriy: It is. You know, when you first sign up, it’s really important to know what you can use right now to start learning!
Gabriella: If you’re already familiar with the system, you should know this by now.
Yuriy: But if you haven't spent much time exploring our learning system... this is for you. Listen up!
Gabriella: The first thing is the Free Premium 7 day trial. Every new user gets this.
Yuriy: It’s complete access to our entire learning system.
Gabriella: So once you’ve signed up... all of our audio lessons, video lessons, lesson notes and premium tools...
Yuriy: ..the ENTIRE language learning system that’s reserved for Basic and Premium users...
Gabriella: ...and It’s all available to you for 7 days for free.
Yuriy: One thing you can do immediately after joining is start a lesson and start learning
Gabriella: That’s great isn’t it? No need to download and install programs on your computer or read complicated instructions... just click on the lesson on the welcome page.
Yuriy: You just sign up and your first lesson is waiting for you. How easy is that?
Gabriella: You know Yuriy, that’s actually one awesome feature that we almost NEVER talk about.
Yuriy: Good thing we mentioned it! Now, when the 7-day trial ends... your learning doesn’t have to.
Gabriella: You can upgrade to Basic or Premium and take full advantage of the learning system.
Yuriy: We’ll tell you how to upgrade with a one-time only discount discount in just a bit.
Gabriella: Or you can stay as a free lifetime account member with limited access, right?
Yuriy: That’s right. And, listeners, here’s where our free features come in.
Gabriella: You’ll find most of them in the Resources Section of the top menu on the site.
Yuriy: You get the basics like the dictionary, alphabet charts, pronunciation tips...
Gabriella: ...grammar tutorials, conjugation charts and even free apps for your iPhone, iPad and Android!
Yuriy: You’ll also find our users’ number one most favorite feature. Know what it is, Gabriella?
Gabriella: Is it the Word of the Day?
Yuriy: You got it!
Gabriella: Listeners, That’s one word a day you can learn in seconds. And it’s delivered directly to your e-mail inbox...
Yuriy: ...along with the translations, audio pronunciation, and sample sentences.
Gabriella: Now on top of the word of the day, what is else there, Yuriy?
Yuriy: There’s the top 100 word list you need to start speaking the language.
Gabriella: This list comes with sample sentences and audio pronunciation too.
Yuriy: Next up... our effective Audio and Video lessons, right?
Gabriella: Right! Listeners, did you know every new lesson is free to access for 3 weeks?
Yuriy: Or that the first 3 lessons of every series are free?
Gabriella: So you have 3 weeks worth of free lessons at any given time.
Yuriy: You can find all of these in “Browse Lessons” in the top menu. Either click on “Newest lessons”
Gabriella: ...Or explore the current Audio or Video Lesson series and get the first three lessons free.
Yuriy: So listeners... make sure to check out the free lessons, word lists, the word of the day and the resource section.
Gabriella: But! If you’re serious about mastering the language FAST and want more NOW... listen up!
Yuriy: Here’s a quick 3 day discount for you listeners. Save 19% on Basic or Premium by Wednesday, July 31st, 2013.
Gabriella: Unlock our ENTIRE learning system...All lessons, lesson notes, progress tracking AND premium tools...
Yuriy: You can grab this discount by clicking the link in the lesson description.
Gabriella: Or use coupon code JULY31 at check out before July 31st 2013
Yuriy: Master your language and Get 19% OFF Basic or Premium by Wednesday, July 31st, 2013
Gabriella: And that’s all we've got time for– You’ve been listening to Innovative Language.com Sunday News!
Peter: Bye everyone!
Gabriella: Thank you for listening, and we’ll see you all next time.