Lesson Transcript

Gabriella: Learn one of our brand new languages! We’re launching British English, Persian and Swahili in less than 24 hours!
Gabriella: Welcome to Innovative Language.com Sunday News! I'm Gabriella and I'll be hosting today's Sunday news with the founder of Innovative Language... Peter!
Peter: Hi everyone! Peter here.
Gabriella: In this Sunday News - new language sites, new lessons, and a one-time-only 50% discount for life! Keep listening to find out more!
Peter: Listeners. Serious question. Want to learn a new language and start speaking from the first lesson?
Gabriella: In fact, we challenge you to learn one.
Peter: That’s because in less than 24 hours, we’re adding 2 new language sites...
Gabriella: (quick followup) which brings us to a total of 29 languages...
Peter: ...we’re adding TONS of new lessons...
Gabriella: ....And a one-time-only 50% discount for life. We’ll tell you about this later.
Peter: Wondering what the new languages are? We’ll reveal them right now
Gabriella: Our new languages are Persian, and Swahili.
Peter: Plus, we’re adding new British English lessons just for our English learners.
Gabriella: Listeners, we’ve searched the internet high and low for effective lessons for these languages...
Peter: There’s not much out there to get you speaking and understanding immediately.
Gabriella: And they certainly don’t post new lessons weekly!
Peter: Since you listeners have been demanding these... Gabriella and I took on the challenge.
Gabriella: The Swahili and Persian lessons are ready and more are coming soon!
Peter: We’re ready, listeners. Are you?
Gabriella: Well get ready. PersianPod101 and SwahiliPod101 launch tomorrow...
Peter: ...And the British English lessons will be published on EnglishClass101 alongside the existing American English lessons.
Gabriella: By the way, EnglishClass101 is one of our sites exclusively for English learners
Peter:But... if you want to pick up Gabriella’s accent, you can try it too!
Gabriella: laughs You can definitely do that. So listeners, we challenge you to try one of these languages.
Peter: Visit PersianPod101.com or SwahiliPod101.com right now, to sign up.
Gabriella: And if you sign up right now... there’s a lifetime 50% discount, isn’t there?
Peter: Hold on Gabriella. Not everyone can get this. This is ONLY for the first 101 members.
Gabriella: If you’re one of the first 101 members, you’ll never pay full price to learn Swahili or Persian.
Peter: This is the Founding Fathers Club Discount and it’s our biggest discount for our early users.
Gabriella: Get 50% off all Basic and Premium subscriptions for life.
Peter: Listeners, and as of now, there are less than 101 spots left. The links are in the lesson description, right below the player.
Gabriella: Click on them. Visit PersianPod101 or SwahiliPod101 and sign up right now!
Peter: Now, on top of our new sites - we’re starting up brand new lesson series.
Gabriella: For all of our 29 language sites, the new seasons will start on July 8th.
Peter: If you want a sneak peek at what’s coming up...
Gabriella: ...Click the link for the publishing schedule in the lesson description.
Peter: So, remember! There’s less than 24 hours before we launch PersianPod101, SwahiliPod101 and start our British lessons.
Gabriella: Pick any of these languages and start learning the fun, fast, and easy way.
Peter: Make sure to visit PersianPod101.com and SwahiliPod101.com to sign up and get 50% for life!
Gabriella: And that’s all we've got time for– You’ve been listening to Innovative Language.com Sunday News!
Peter: Bye everyone!
Gabriella: Thank you for listening, and we’ll see you all next time.