Lesson Transcript

Gabriella: Want to master must-know vocabulary on your Android device? You got it!
Gabriella: Welcome to an Innovative Language Learning Sunday News! I'm Gabriella and I'll be hosting today's Sunday news with the founder of Innovative Language... Peter!
Peter: Hi everyone! Peter here.
Gabriella: Today, you’re getting the inside scoop on a powerful vocabulary app that’s now on Android!
Peter: Big News! WordPower for Android is finally here.
Gabriella: What does it mean for you, listeners?
Peter: It means... you master the must-know vocabulary twice as fast...
Gabriella: You pick up valuable talking points with words unique to the language’s culture.
Peter: And you reach fluency two times faster than the average learner. Want to know exactly how WordPower does this? Keep listening
Gabriella: But... since we have a quick sale coming up...
Peter: ... We’re going to reveal it right now, listeners.
Gabriella: You’re the first ones to know about it. Ready? Starting today...
Peter: Grab the new WordPower for Android, iPhone or Mac at 30% OFF.
Gabriella: That’s just $6.99 for our most popular vocabulary app!
Peter: But you gotta move fast! This deal ends Friday, May 10th, 2013...
Gabriella: ...and prices go go back up to $9.99.
Peter: Click on the link up in the lesson description to get the app right now.
Gabriella: Now, listeners, we’ve had WordPower for a while...
Peter: ...But this new version was ONLY for the iPhone, iPad and Mac desktop.
Gabriella: So we won’t keep you waiting any longer. Here’s what’s new in WordPower for Android:
Peter: And Here’s how you master vocabulary twice as fast with WordPower.
Peter: First things first, you’ll notice a new, clean and easy-to-use design...
Gabriella: We’ve completely redesigned the app specifically for Android phones and tablets
Peter: All so you can easily jump into your studies. And hey, Gabriella, did you know that 2,000 words is enough for conversational fluency?
Gabriella: Really? And that’s all in one single app.
Peter: Right. And you won’t find these words in any other app or wordlist. Our language experts have hand picked every single word based on frequency of use and practicality.
Gabriella: So we did the all hard work for you.
Peter: These 2,000 words, which sounds like a lot, are actually easy to master. We separated them into 10 basic categories.
Gabriella: and 13 courses based on your level. If you’re an absolute beginner...
Peter: ...You’re learning the most commonly used and practical words first. Just go through these categories or courses, one by one.
Gabriella: And I hear there’s a new local list in WordPower? What’s that, Peter?
Peter: So, aside from practical, basic words like colors and common objects... you also need to know the culture to really understand a language, right?
Gabriella: Absolutely.
Peter: And the local list gives you the words unique to the language’s country and culture.
Gabriella: What’s an example, Peter?
Peter: So, say, if you’re learning Japanese - you’ll learn about food, drink, ettiquette as well as famous bands and celebrities.
Gabriella: That’s awesome! And culture easily translates to conversation so these will give you talking points to use when you’re speaking with a native.
Peter: Yep. With WordPower you learn everything from popular foods and drinks to holidays and landmarks
Gabriella: So, you have all the words you need.
Peter: But how do you master ‘em twice as fast?
Gabriella: Use our Smart Flashcards to drill the categories or courses.
Peter: They’ll quiz you on the hard words and skip the easy ones, so you have absolutely no choice but to master them right now!
Gabriella: That sounds really effective! Much more than spending time looking words up and then drilling them.
Peter: It is! You also get to hear your words in action...
Gabriella: ...we’ve added our fan favorite podcast lessons to the app.
Peter: All those words you’re learning? You’ll hear them used in conversations in every lesson.
Gabriella: Finally, you get the word of the day - that’s a new word delivered to your home-screen to keep you motivated and learning!
Peter: As you can see, listeners, this is a pretty massive update
Gabriella: Which is why users have been demanding an Android Version.
Peter: If you’re not an Android user... don’t worry.
Gabriella: That’s right. The app is available for iPhone, iPad and the Mac Desktop too!
Peter: So, if you want to get fluent and speak more, you need more words....
Gabriella: And you get master them twice as fast with WordPower at 30% OFF.
Peter: That’s just $6.99 for our most popular vocabulary app!
Gabriella: Start mastering vocabulary with WordPower for Android, iPhone or Mac!
Peter: Move fast! This deal ends Friday, May 10th, 2013
Gabriella: And that’s all we've got time for– You’ve been listening to Innovative Language.com Sunday News!
Peter: Bye everyone!
Gabriella: Thank you for listening, and we’ll see you all next time.