Lesson Transcript

Peter: Happy New Years Listeners!
Simone: From all of us at Innovative Language.
Peter: 2012 has been a huge year and we couldn’t have done it without you.
Simone: You’ve downloaded and learned and helped us reach 200 million downloads total.
Peter: You’ve requested new languages and we listened.
Simone: In the summer of 2012, we introduced 6 new language sites for Bulgarian, Filipino, Finnish, Norwegian, Turkish, and Vietnamese.
Peter: And it didn’t stop there listeners. With your feedback...
Simone: ...We’ve released new features like the Dashboard so you can track your language progress..
Peter: And take all the language lessons on the go with the Mobile Web App.
Simone: Oh, the language lessons! They’ve never stopped.
Peter: They sure didn’t. New ones are published weekly just for you, listeners.
Simone: So thank you for learning with Innovative Language
Peter: And thank you for your ongoing support and feedback.
Simone: We couldn’t do this without you.
Peter: And without you, we wouldn’t be here.
Simone: May 2013 your best year yet, with many more to come.
Peter: Happy New Year from all of us at Innovative Language