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Lesson Transcript

Seol: 안녕하세요. 윤설입니다.
Keith: Keith here. Newbie Season 3, Lesson #6. Impossibility. Can You Say What Others Can’t Say in Korea? Hello and welcome to KoreanClass101.com, the fastest, the easiest and the most fun way to learn Korean.
Seol: I am Seol and thanks again for being here with us for this newbie series, season 3 lesson.
Keith: So Seol, what are we learning in this lesson?
Seol: We learn how to say you shouldn’t or can’t do something.
Keith: And who is this conversation between?
Seol: This conversation is between two sisters. So it’s taking place at home.
Keith: Because they are two sisters. Of course…
Seol: They will be speaking informal language 반말.
Keith: All right. Before we listen in, remember, commenting each day
Seol: And posting in the forum are two great ways to get answers.
Keith: Community members, the staff, everybody, they are all ready to help.
Seol: Definitely take advantage.
Keith: Okay. So how about we listen in to the conversation?
Seol: Sure.
(1)영진: 아... 졸려.
(1)eungyeong: a... jollyeo.
(2)민정: 졸려?
(2)minjeong: jollyeo?
(3)영진: 응.
(3)eungyeong: eung.
(4)민정: 조금 자!
(4)minjeong: jogeum ja!
(5)영진: 안 돼, 바빠.
(5)eungyeong: an dwae, bappa.
(6)민정: 여기... 커피.
(6)minjeong: yeogi... keopi.
(7)영진: 안 돼, 배 아파. 야!
(7)eungyeong: an dwae, bae apa.
(8)민정: 졸려?
(8)minjeong: jollyeo?
(1)영진: 아... 졸려.
(1)eungyeong: a... jollyeo.
Yeongjin: Ah...I'm sleepy.
(2)민정: 졸려?
(2)minjeong: jollyeo?
Minjeong: You're sleepy?
(3)영진: 응.
(3)eungyeong: eung.
Yeongjin: Yeah.
(4)민정: 조금 자!
(4)minjeong: jogeum ja!
Minjeong: Sleep a little!
(5)영진: 안 돼, 바빠.
(5)eungyeong: an dwae, bappa.
Yeongjin: No, I can't. I'm busy.
(6)민정: 여기... 커피.
(6)minjeong: yeogi... keopi.
Minjeong: Here...coffee.
(7)영진: 안 돼, 배 아파. 야!
(7)eungyeong: an dwae, bae apa.
No, I can't drink it. My stomach hurts. Hey!
(8)민정: 졸려?
(8)minjeong: jollyeo?
Minjeong: Are you sleepy?
Keith: You know, I’ve been realizing, we have a lot of brother and sister stories. They are kind of cute.
Seol: Yeah but they always end up fighting. No happy endings.
Keith: Come on! Be optimistic. They will all reconcile, get along together eventually.
Seol: Okay I hope so.
Keith: So can you tell us what we are going to learn today?
Seol: No, I shouldn’t.
Keith: Come on, tell us.
Seol: No, I can’t.
Keith: Come on, why not.
Seol: No, I mean today’s focus is how to say I shouldn’t, I can’t or you can’t. Sorry!
Keith: Well, how do you say that really quickly?
Seol: 안 돼.
Keith: And we will be getting into that in a little bit but for now, let’s take a look at the vocabulary.
Seol: Okay.
Keith: First word we have is
Seol: 조금
Keith: A little bit, a bit.
Seol: 조금 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 조금 [natural native speed]
Keith: Next
Seol: 바빠
Keith: I am busy, casual language.
Seol: 바빠 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 바빠 [natural native speed]
Keith: Next we have
Seol: 배
Keith: Stomach, belly.
Seol: 배 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 배 [natural native speed]
Keith: After that
Seol: 아파
Keith: It hurts, I am sick, informal Korean.
Seol: 아파 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 아파 [natural native speed]
Keith: Next we have
Seol: 여기
Keith: Here, this place.
Seol: 여기 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 여기 [natural native speed]
Keith: Next
Seol: 자
Keith: Sleep.
Seol: 자 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 자 [natural native speed]
Keith: And finally what do we have?
Seol: 졸려
Keith: I am sleepy.
Seol: 졸려 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 졸려 [natural native speed]
Keith: Okay. Let’s have a closer look at the usage for some of the words and phrases from this lesson. What’s the first word we are going to take a look at?
Seol: 바빠.
Keith: I am busy and that’s in informal Korean. How do we say it politely, how do we use formal Korean?
Seol: 바빠요.
Keith: Once again just add that 요 at the end. Okay so how do you ask a friend for example, are you busy tomorrow?
Seol: 내일 바빠?
Keith: Literally tomorrow busy and how do you say, I am too busy.
Seol: 너무 바빠.
Keith: Literally too busy. And yeah, I think you are pretty busy. You shouldn’t make more time for KoreanClass101.
Seol: Okay. I will try. Let’s look at the next word.
Keith: That’s not really try. Let’s move on. Well what is our next word then?
Seol: 아파.
Keith: It hurts or I am sick and how do you say that more politely?
Seol: 아파요.
Keith: Okay. So 바빠 and 아파 they kind of sound like a pair right if you are too 바빠 if you are too busy, then often you are 아파 you are hurt, you are sick.
Seol: Well it’s not very funny but I think it will be actually very good for memorizing these expressions.
Keith: Yeah so when you are busy, you are sick.
Seol: Yeah. 바빠 and 아파.
Keith: Yeah.
Seol: So basically I think you are smart.
Keith: I know I am smart, well but I am also this right now. What’s our next word?
Seol: 졸려.
Keith: Sleepy.
Seol: You are always 졸려, and 졸려요 will be more polite.
Keith: But actually in like a formal situation at work, in front of your professor, you wouldn’t really say that much, would you?
Seol: No, you cannot say this.
Keith: But who would you use 졸려요 with then, the polite version?
Seol: Friends, family members.
Keith: People you want to respect but not really your professor or your boss because you wouldn’t do that in anywhere….
Seol: Yeah. You are going to be scared when you are in front of them, right?
Keith: Yeah. Well I think that’s going to do it for the vocab. How about we move on to the focus of this lesson?
Seol: And that will wake you up, right?
Keith: Yeah.

Lesson focus

Keith: So what are we focusing on in this lesson?
Seol: 안 돼.
Keith: No, you can’t. No I can’t. It doesn’t work or one shouldn’t. These are a lot of meanings but it can’t mean all of these things when what is talked about is usually clear from the context. So can we have an example?
Seol: In this dialogue, when Minjeong said 조금 자.
Keith: Sleep a little.
Seol: Then Yeongjin said 안 돼. 바빠.
Keith: No, I can’t. I am busy. Okay and how else did it come out in this dialogue?
Seol: Yeongjin said 안 돼. 배 아파.
Keith: No, I can’t. My stomach hurts. Okay let’s have some sample sentences.
Seol: I used to ask this question a lot to my mom when I was young. 왜 안 돼?
Keith: Why can’t I? So if you want to put your finger in the electrical socket, why can’t I? What did you ask your mom about?
Seol: 왜 이거 먹으면 안 돼?
Keith: Why can’t I eat this?
Seol: 왜 텔레비전 보면 안 돼?
Keith: Why can’t I watch television?
Seol: And even now when I am busy and my friends call me or something and I sometimes say 지금은 안 돼.
Keith: And that’s literally now can’t but you can translate that as now isn’t a good time. All right, well that’s going to do it for this lesson. Remember to stop by KoreanClass101.com and try out our sample premium feed. Now if you are a premium member, you can download everything with the click of a button but if you are not a premium member yet, you can try it out with


Seol: The sample premium feed.
Keith: Stop by, check it out and you get 10 free lessons while you are at it, see how it works. All right, well that’s going to do it. See you every one next time.
Seol: 안녕.


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Monday at 6:30 pm
Pinned Comment
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여러분 지금 졸려요? (Everyone, are you sleepy now?)

Tuesday at 5:37 am
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Hi Mariel,

Thanks for posting, great question!

돼 is the shortened version of 되어, a combination of a 'stem' and an 'ending', whereas 되 is a stem and needs an ending attached to it.

Hope this was of help.



Team KoreanClass101.com

Saturday at 6:15 am
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Can i ask if there is difference between 되 and 돼?

Monday at 12:00 pm
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Hi Crysh,

Very good!

I would say 새벽 3시 40분 instead.

Generally, you can use the term 새벽 1am - 5am.



Team KoreanClass101.com

Thursday at 6:25 am
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Ah, I meant "조금 졸려요" not "지금". :)

Thursday at 6:24 am
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

네. 저는 아침 3시40분에 잤기 때문에 지금 졸려요.

Yes. Because I went to bed at 3:40AM, I'm a little sleepy.

Any corrections?


Wednesday at 6:24 pm
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Hi Hiba,

Please refer to the romanizations as below:

조금: jogeum

지금: jigeum



Team KoreanClass101.com

Tuesday at 6:00 pm
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How can i differentiate in terms of pronunciation between 조금 and 지금 .

thank you

Monday at 10:08 pm
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Hey Colin,

No worries and thank you for your question as always!:)

Thank you


Team Koreanclass101.com

Colin (칼린)
Sunday at 1:22 am
Your comment is awaiting moderation.



Saturday at 10:43 pm
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Hey Colin,

You are almost there!:)

네. 저는 지금 지쳤어요. 저는 공부한 후에 지쳐요. 저는 공부 때문에 지쳐요.

For being tired, you could use the verb 지치다.

졸려요 would be more like sleepy instead of being tired!;)

Thank you


Team Koreanclass101.com