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Lesson Transcript

Seol: 안녕하세요. 윤설입니다.
Hyunwoo: 안녕하세요. 선현우입니다.
Keith: Hi Keith here. Newbie 25. You Got Served!
Seol: What does it mean?
Keith: Well it’s a title of a movie that came out and it just means like you got put in your place. So for example, if you are – well Hyunwoo, you would know about this. If you are break dancing, have a break dancing battle.
Hyunwoo: Yeah.
Keith: And you just totally take the floor and you – there is no contest. You are the absolute winner than the other guy.
Hyunwoo: They get served.
Seol: Okay, okay yeah.
Keith: Did you get it, yeah? Okay, well hopefully our listeners if you don’t know You’ve Got Served, then watch the movie if you like it, it was okay.
Hyunwoo: Yeah it was okay, I liked it.
Keith: It was okay.
Hyunwoo: Okay and so what happens in this dialogue?
Keith: Well as the title suggests, someone gets served. I don’t know if it’s Ryuji or if it’s 형사 the detective but someone just got served. All right, so just for a quick recap, Seol, can you help us out in what happened on our previous lesson?
Seol: Ryuji was trying to find the police station in the previous lesson and I think he finally found the police station and he is going to do something and I am still dwelling on the knife that he you know once asked for and I am so curious what he is going to do with the knife.
Keith: Well that’s what today’s lesson is about. Today Ryuji confronts 형사 at the police station and he is asking for some, gimme, gimme, gimme. All right, so let’s listen in.
(1)류지: 오랜만입니다, 형사님.
(2)형사: 어??? 아니… 너 웬일이야?
(3)류지: 돈 때문에… 내 돈 주세요.
(4)형사: 아… 안 돼. 돈 없어.
(5)류지: 내 돈 빨리 주세요. 96,510원!!
(6)형사: 아! 잠깐! 알았어, 알았어.
(7)류지: 그냥 다 주세요.
(8)형사: 안 돼! 안 돼!
(9)류지: 이거는 그냥 토스트 칼이에요! 돈은 고마워요!
(10)형사: 뭐... 안 돼.... 내 돈…
Seol: 한 번 더 천천히.
(1)류지: 오랜만입니다, 형사님.
(2)형사: 어??? 아니… 너 왠일이야?
(3)류지: 돈 때문에… 내 돈 주세요.
(4)형사: 아… 안 돼. 돈 없어.
(5)류지: 내 돈 빨리 주세요. 96,510원!!
(6)형사: 아! 잠깐! 알았어, 알았어.
(7)류지: 그냥 다 주세요.
(8)형사: 안 돼! 안 돼!
(9)류지: 이거는 그냥 토스트 칼이에요! 돈은 고마워요!
(10)형사: 뭐... 안 돼.... 내 돈…
Seol: 영어로 한 번 더.
(1)류지: 오랜만입니다, 형사님.
(1)Ryuji: It's been a long time, Detective.
(2)형사: 어??? 아니… 너 왠일이야?
(2)Detective: Huh? Wait... What are you here?
(3)류지: 돈 때문에… 내 돈 주세요.
(3)Ryuji: Because of my money. Give me my money.
(4)형사: 아… 안 돼. 돈 없어.
(4)Detective: No! I don't have money.
(5)류지: 내 돈 빨리 주세요. 96,510원!!
(5)Ryuji: Give me my money quickly! 96,510 won!
(6)형사: 아! 잠깐! 알았어, 알았어.
(6)Detective: Okay wait! I got it. I got it.
(7)류지: 그냥 다 주세요.
(7)Ryuji: Just give me everything.
(8)형사: 안 돼! 안 돼!
(8)Detective: No! No!
(9)류지: 이거는 그냥 토스트 칼이에요! 돈은 고마워요!
(9)Ryuji: This is just a butter knife. Thanks for the money!
(10)형사: 뭐... 안 돼.... 내 돈...
(10)Detective: What... No... My money!!
Keith: Wow! What a twist, hah! Gets his money back.
Hyunwoo: With a toast knife?
Keith: With a toast knife at that yeah and someone got served big time.
Hyunwoo: Yeah.
Keith: Seol, do you understand it now? He got served.
Seol: Yeah, yeah I understand and I am so impressed that Ryuji is so smart.
Keith: Yeah he is.
Seol: Yeah he remembers the exact money that was taken.
Keith: And yeah, it’s kind of hard for me to even say. Can you say it real quick?
Seol: 96510원.
Hyunwoo: 96510원.
Keith: Oh oh, you got served. All right well today we are not talking about money in our conversation. If you are curious, go back to Newbie Lesson 21. We have a whole lesson on money in that lesson. Okay so let’s jump in to today’s vocabulary. First phrase we have is
Seol: 웬일이야?
Keith: What brings you here?
Seol: 웬일이야 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 웬일이야 [natural native speed]
Keith: Next we have
Seol: 때문에.
Keith: Because of
Seol: 때문에 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 때문에 [natural native speed]
Keith: Next is
Seol: 잠깐.
Keith: Just a moment.
Seol: 잠깐 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 잠깐 [natural native speed]
Keith: Next is
Seol: 알았어.
Keith: I got it.
Seol: 알았어 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 알았어 [natural native speed]
Keith: And lastly we have
Seol: 그냥.
Keith: Just.
Seol: 그냥 [slowly - broken down by syllable] 그냥 [natural native speed]
Keith: All right. Let’s take a look at some of these vocabulary words in context. The first line of this conversation, we have
Seol: 오랜만입니다. 형사님.
Keith: Okay remember that phrase that we had, it’s been a long time. We went over it in a different form.
Seol: Yes it was 오랜만이에요.
Keith: It’s been a long time in the standard politeness form. Here in the formal politeness, it’s
Seol: 오랜만입니다.
Keith: And 형사님 detective. Next we have
Hyunwoo: 어??? 아니… 너 웬일이야?
Keith: All right, let’s break it down real quick.
Hyunwoo: 어?
Keith: The Korean equivalent to hah! Just when you are surprised or when you don’t have anything to say
Hyunwoo: We say 어?
Keith: All right. So next we have
Hyunwoo: 아니...
Keith: Now here you might be a little confused. What’s no in Korean?
Hyunwoo: 아니.
Keith: What’s wait?
Seol: 아니!
Keith: Actually they are the same thing, different intonation. So in this context, it means wait. 아니! That rising intonation at the end. That’s wait. All right next we have,
Hyunwoo: 너
Keith: Okay 너 is you and now we have
Hyunwoo: 웬일이야?
Keith: What brings you here or what’s up. So when you are not expecting someone to show up or to call or anything, you can say 웬일이야?
Hyunwoo: Seol, you were here early today. 웬일이야?
Seol: Yeah I know.
Keith: Okay that’s in the intimate politeness level. How do we say this in the standard politeness level?
Seol: 웬일이에요?
Keith: Can we break that down?
Seol: 웬일이에요?
Keith: All right. So once again, you can use this on the phone if you haven’t heard from your friend in quite a long time. 웬일이야?
Hyunwoo: We hear that often on the phone.
Keith: All right, next line we have is
Seol: 돈 때문에.
Keith: Okay let’s break it down. First word
Seol: 돈.
Keith: Money.
Seol: 때문에.
Keith: Because of. Now if anytime you want to give a reason for something, you can just say the word, the reason and then add 때문에 at the end. Next we have
Seol: 내 돈 주세요.
Keith: Okay first word is
Seol: 내
Keith: My.
Seol: 돈
Keith: Money.
Seol: 주세요.
Keith: Please give. So please give me my money. Next is
Hyunwoo: 아… 안 돼. 돈 없어.
Keith: Okay first word we have is
Hyunwoo: 아… 안 돼.
Keith: 안 돼. It can’t be.
Hyunwoo: 돈 없어.
Keith: Money not exists, money I don’t have. I don’t have money. Now we have
Seol: 내 돈 빨리 주세요.
Keith: My.
Seol: 내
Keith: Money.
Seol: 돈
Keith: Quickly.
Seol: 빨리 주세요.
Keith: Please give. Hurry up and give me my money, hurry up. Now we have the exact amount of money that you were talking about, the Ryuji lost from 형사님 can you say it real quick?
Seol: 96510원.
Keith: Oh!
Hyunwoo: Oh!
Keith: That was pretty quick.
Seol: Yeah.
Keith: I can’t do that. All right, well can we do it real slow this time?
Seol: 96510원.
Keith: 96,510 won. Well it’s not that much money though. It’s roughly equivalent to $100 in America, right?
Hyunwoo: Umm.
Keith: Okay well he comes back for that amount of money.
Hyunwoo: I wouldn’t go back to the police station for that money.
Keith: Hey dude, Ryuji got some principles he’s got to stick by. All right, now we have.
Hyunwoo: 아 잠깐.
Keith: 잠깐 Wait. It’s when you are asking someone to wait for you but 아니 is when you are surprised like hah! Wait a second. That’s the difference between the two.
Seol: Yes.
Keith: 아니 that falling intonation is wait. So here in that context, it means no, wait a second but here in this context 잠깐 that word is used when you are asking someone to wait for you. So here he says 아 잠깐.
Hyunwoo: 알았어, 알았어.
Keith: Okay what’s that phrase again?
Hyunwoo: 알았어.
Keith: Now if you are around Koreans, you are going to be hearing this all the time, right?
Hyunwoo: Yeah.
Keith: All the time. Now this means I got it, I understand. Literally it means I understand but Koreans use it as I got it or okay or sure all right. It has a number of meanings but here Ryuji wants his money and 형사 says 알았어 okay I got it. All right, sure. So can we have a couple of examples of where we use this phrase?
Hyunwoo: Keith, let’s go for some coffee.
Keith: 알았어. Okay, I got it, sure, no problem. All right, so next we have
Seol: 그냥 다 주세요.
Keith: Let’s break it down real quick.
Seol: 그냥
Keith: Just
Seol: 다
Keith: All.
Seol: 주세요.
Keith: Please give. All right next we have
Hyunwoo: 안 돼! 안 돼!
Keith: It can’t be, it can’t be. Now where is this phrase heard a lot? I hear it a lot in movies actually.
Hyunwoo: Umm in dangerous situations.
Seol: Yeah when somebody has a knife and he is intimidating the other person, you can hear 안 돼! 안 돼!
Keith: Like no, it can’t be, no stop. So just like in today’s situation, Ryuji is holding a knife and 형사 is like, no it can’t be, stop.
Hyunwoo: Yeah and also for example if you just stepped off a bus and you realize that your wallet is not in your bag, 안 돼, right?
Keith: It can’t be.
Hyunwoo: It should be here, 안 돼.
Keith: Yeah so it’s used in times of distress like no, it can’t be, it can’t be. All right, so now we have
Seol: 형사님, 이거는 그냥 토스트 칼이에요.
Keith: Okay.
Seol: 이거
Keith: This
Seol: 는
Keith: Topic marking particle.
Seol: 그냥
Keith: Just.
Seol: 토스트
Keith: Toast.
Seol: 칼
Keith: Knife.
Seol: 이에요.
Keith: Is. So this is a toast knife but in English, we would say this is a butter knife. So here, he is just holding a butter knife, what’s going on? What I am wondering is how he got that big sound to come out from a butter knife. All right, so now we have
Seol: 돈은 고마워요.
Keith: Money, thank you. Now let’s review 고마워요 really quickly. There were three thank you’s that we went over. The first one is
Seol: 감사합니다.
Keith: The most formal.
Seol: 고맙습니다.
Keith: Neutral.
Seol: 고마워.
Keith: Intimate politeness level but here it’s in the intimate politeness level, but he adds a little politeness to it. He adds 요 at the end 고마워요. All right, so now finally we have
Hyunwoo: 뭐… 안 돼… 내 돈.
Keith: All right. Let’s break it down real quick.
Hyunwoo: 뭐
Keith: What
Hyunwoo: 안 돼
Keith: It can’t be.
Hyunwoo: 내
Keith: My.
Hyunwoo: 돈
Keith: Money and just for a quick review, 내 is my and then whatever you own comes after that. 내 돈, 내 친구, 내 책. Okay so 형사 he got served.
Hyunwoo: Yeah he did.
Seol: But I am happy that Ryuji didn’t do something bad.
Hyunwoo: It’s a happy ending.
Keith: Kind of.
Seol: Yeah.
Keith: Kind of. No one feels bad for 형사?
Hyunwoo: No.
Seol: No.
Keith: Not at all, hah?
Hyunwoo: He deserved it.
Keith: Really?
Seol: Yeah.
Keith: He deserved to get served, oh!
Hyunwoo: Yeah.
Keith: Right.
Hyunwoo: Right and he was even counting money when Ryuji asked for his money.
Keith: Umm…
Hyunwoo: So Ryuji said 그냥 주세요, right? He was bad until the last minute.
Keith: But it’s only like a 100 bucks.
Hyunwoo: Yeah.
Keith: If he wants it that bad, I will give it to him.
Seol: Really, I want it bad.
Hyunwoo: 돈 주세요.


Keith: All right, well I am going to have to end the lesson over here. So that was our newbie series. Please stop by KoreanClass101.com. This is the end of our series. Let us know what you think, how you felt about this whole lesson, the series, what could have been done better, how we can improve. We are always, always, always looking for feedback. So please post the comment, post on the forums. Give us an email contactus@KoreanClass101.com just get in contact with us. We want to communicate with your listeners as much as possible.
Seol: 알았어요.
Keith: You got it?
Seol: Yeah.
Keith: Okay. So remember to post the comment and say 알았어요. All right that’s going to do it. See you later.
Hyunwoo: 고맙습니다.
Seol: 안녕히 계세요.


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