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Lesson Transcript

Jaehwi: Hi everyone. Welcome back to Weekly Words Holiday Edition. I am Jaehwi. The holiday for this video is Constitution Day. Let’s see what we have.
제헌절 (jeheonjeol) “Constitution Day.” So with that word, you can say 제헌절은 7월 17일입니다. (Jeheonjeoreun chirwol sipchiririmnida.) which means “Constitution Day is on July 17.”
국회의사당 (gukhoeuisadang) “National Assembly Building.” 국회의사당 (gukhoeuisadang) National Assembly Building. So with that word, you can say 제헌절 행사가 국회의사당 앞에서 열리고 있습니다. (Jeheonjeol haengsaga gukhoeuisadang apeseo yeolligo itsseumnida.) which means “The Constitution Day event is held in front of the National Assembly Building.” So you can find this building in the island called 여의도 (yeouido) which is at the center of the capital Seoul.
헌법 (heonbeop) “constitution.” 헌법 (heonbeop) constitution. So with that word, you can say 헌법은 모든 법 위에 있습니다. (Heonbeobeun modeun beop wie itsseumnida.) which means “The constitution is over all the laws.”
헌법 제정 (heonbeop jejeong) “enactment of constitution.” 제헌절은 헌법 제정을 기념하는 날입니다. (Jeheonjeoreun heonbeop jejeongeul ginyeomhaneun narimnida.) which means “Constitution Day is to celebrate the enactment of constitution.”
준법정신 (junbeop jeongsin) “the law-abiding spirit.” 준법정신 (junbeop jeongsin) the law-abiding spirit. So here we have 준 (jun) which means “to follow,” 법 (beop) “law,” 정신 (jeongsin) “spirit.” So it literally means the spirit that follows the law. So with that word, you can say 한국에서는 어렸을 때부터 준법정신에 대해서 배웁니다. (Hangugeseoneun eoryeosseul ttaebuteo junbeopjeongsine daehaeseo baeumnida.) which means “In Korea, since we are young, we learn about the law-abiding spirit.” So at school, we even had a subject named ethics 도덕 (dodeok) and learn about this kind of spirit too.
Okay that’s all the words that we have about Constitution Day which is 제헌절 (jeheonjeol) in Korean. Make sure to check out the site to learn more about Constitution Day. And I will see you next time. 다음 시간에 뵙겠습니다. (Daeum sigane boepgetsseumnida.) 안녕히 계세요. (Annyeonghi gyeseyo.)