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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! I’m Jaehwi. Welcome back to Korean Weekly Words, Holiday Edition. And in this video, we will be talking about Independence Movement Day. In Korean, that’s 삼일절 (samiljeol).
1. 삼일절 (samiljeol) “Independence Movement Day”
So this word literally means “three one day,” because this movement, Independence Movement, happened on March 1st. So in a sentence, we can say
내일이 삼일절이어서 독립기념관에 갈 겁니다.
(Naeiri samiljeorieoseo dongnipginyeomgwane gal geomnida.)
which means that “tomorrow is Independence Movement Day, so I will be going to Independent Movement Hall.”
독립기념관 (dongnipginyeomgwan) is in the city named 천안 (Cheonan) which take about 2 hours by the train from Seoul.
2. 서대문 형무소 (seomaemun hyeongmuso) “Seodaemun Prison”
So you can still see this prison when you go to Seoul. The Korean government used this prison as a real prison until 1987. So in a sentence, we can say that
순국선열을 기리기 위해서 서대문 형무소를 방문했습니다.
(Sungukseonyeoreul girigi wihaeseo seodaemun hyeongmusoreul bangmunhaetsseumnida.)
“I visited Seomaenum Prison to commemorate those who died for their country.”
3. 유관순 (Yu Gwansun) “Yu Gwansun”
An organizer in the March 1st movement known for her peaceful protest.
So when people are talking about 삼일절 (samiljeol) “Independence Movement Day”, there are some people whom you always think about like 유관순 (Yu Gwansun) is one of those people.
So in a sentence, I can say
유관순 열사는 고등학생 때 삼일 운동에 참가했습니다.
(Yu Gwansun yeolsaneun godeunghaksaeng ttae samil undonge chamgahaetsseumnida.)
which means that “Yu Gwansun participated in the Independence Movement when she was in high school.”
4. 태극기를 달다 (Taegeukgireul dalda) “To hang a Korean national flag”
So here we have the word 태극기(taegeukgi), which means “Korean national flag”. Since the Independence Movement Day is a very important day for Korean people, we do 태극기를 달다 (Taegeukgireul dalda) to hang a Korean national flag for this day.
So in a sentence, we can say
집에 태극기를 달려고 태극기를 샀습니다.
(Jibe taegeukgireul dallyeogo taegeukgireul satsseumnida.)
“I bought a Korean national flag to hang at home.”
5. 대한 독립 만세 (daehan dongnip manse) “Long live Korean independence”
So people chanted this phrase for this Independent Movement Day. In a sentence, you can say that
사람들은 거리에서 "대한 독립 만세!"를 외쳤습니다.
(Saramdeureun georieseo "daehan dongnip manse!"reul oechyeotsseumnida.)
which means that “People chanted ‘Long live Korean independence!’ on the street.”
Okay, that’s all the words about 삼일절 (samiljeol) the “Independence Movement Day”. Please make sure to subscribe and I will see you next time.
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