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Okay, today’s topic is:
A Radically Different Way to Break Your Routine &Master Language Along the Way
Does language learning feel like work for you?
Do you wish it was a bit more fun and engaging? Well, first, you should know that it’s OK to feel that way… and that it’s OK to want to have FUN while learning. That’s why in today’s episode, you’ll discover…
What to do when language learning starts feeling like work
How to change up your routine and make learning fun
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A Radically Different Way to Break Your Routine &Master Language Along the Way
Part: One, The Importance of a Taking a Break
So, does language learning feel like work at times?
If you find yourself getting tired of your books, your apps, and your current routine…
You should know that it’s normal to feel that.
So, what should you do in this case?
There's a reason why many cultures rest for one or two days a week, why people go on vacation, and why we take days off. And that’s because people need time to recharge their batteries…
And let’s be honest. Learning a language is work.
It’s dedication to one of MANY goals in our lives. We have other things going on. School. Work. Bills. Relationships.
So, first and foremost, because language learning is work, you need to rest.
And if you’ve taken a day, a week, or even a month off… don’t feel too bad.
And leave us a comment and let us know if you’ve ever taken a break from language learning and why?
Now, sure, you could say you don't need breaks, keep on going… but sometimes life gets in the way, you get busy… or you just need rest.
And it’s better to take a break and reach your language goal eventually… than burn out, quit, and never reach it at all.
Even inside our own learning system, we often see learners come back and pick up where they left off after taking a break.
But, what if you want to change up your routine and learn with something that's fun instead?
So it doesn’t feel like all work?
That’s an option too.
There are two ways you can go about this.
One: You stay within that skill but change your resource. So, if you like reading and want to keep focusing on reading....
...then put the textbook down and try a novel. Try a comic book.
Or, two: you can completely change it up. If you’re focusing on grammar… Jump over to speaking... or passively listening to audio lessons. If you’re learning Japanese… ...watch a drama or anime. If you’re learning Korean, try K-pop or k-dramas. Things like that.
The big takeaway here is, you break away from your routine - what you’re used to and what feels like work, and relax with something more enjoyable.
So, if you don’t want to take time off…
…and if you want to keep on progressing one way or another…
…you can always break your routine and try something that’s more fun.
But now, some of you may be wondering, If you’re just doing what’s FUN, can you REALLY learn a language? As in, watch TV and actually learn something?
Well, let’s get into the 2nd part first.
Part 2: How to Make Language Progress While Having Fun
Yes, you can learn BUT...first, you have to ask yourself... two things.
First, what’s your goal or the reason for really learning?
And second, what brings you the most amount of pleasure?
And then work backward from there.
Whatever your goal is, start applying some of your time to that goal right away.
If your goal is to speak with a significant other, try it today – speak.
If your goal is to watch TV, watch it. Even if you don’t understand all of it.
If you like books, read a book.
Now, you may think that if you’re a beginner, you’d STILL struggle reading through native text and… or struggle to understand every word in a TV show… which doesn't sound too fun.
But, everybody has things that they find fun that ... other people don’t.
And all methods require work on your end to make them work… Even the fun ones
You’re still going to need to look up words, write down phrases and rewatch episodes if you’re watching a show…
You’re still going to need to define words if you’re reading a book…
But the point is if you enjoy one approach more so over others
...you’ll be much more likely to stick with it.
...you’ll make progress as long as you put the time and work in
And you’ll get to actually enjoy the learning process… which is important, because learning a language is work.
So, thank you for watching this episode of Monthly Review
Next time, we’ll talk about…Can Busy People Actually Learn a Language?
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