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Okay, today’s topic is:
The Power of a Teacher
Are you learning a language alone… or with someone else, like a teacher? If you’re learning alone, then you’re missing out on some powerful benefits… and not just being able to practice with someone.
A good teacher can motivate you to go above and beyond your current level right now. And that’s why today, you’ll discover:
1. The Powerful Benefits of Learning with a Good Teacher
And 2. How You Can Learn Faster with Outside Help
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First — The Hotel Conversation Cheat Sheet
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Third - Going on Vacation Vocabulary
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Fourth - How to Talk About Feel the Muscles of the Body
Learn how to say “biceps,” “triceps,” and much more.
Fifth — Idioms That Make You Sound Like a Native Speaker
In this quick lesson, you’ll pick up 10 idioms that you can use in conversations.
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The Power of a Teacher
Part 1, The Benefits of Learning with a Good Teacher.
Have you ever had a good teacher that inspired you to do better and go above and beyond?
It could be any teacher and not just language-related. If you had someone like that, then you already know the power of a really good teacher… and the impact it can have on your learning.
If you had the opposite, then you’re also well aware of how a bad teacher can toss cold water on your motivation and desire to learn.
But today, we just want to focus on the good… and powerful benefits of learning with a teacher.
1. You Get Language Practice &Feedback
For the most part, any teacher can give you new words and grammar rules, help you practice, and correct your mistakes. And that’s the most obvious benefit.
2. If You Enjoy Learning with Your Teacher, You’ll Want to Improve More
Now, this is one of the rarely talked about benefits. But if you think about it, if you actually enjoy learning with your teacher, and if your teacher takes the time to understand where you’re struggling… Something interesting will happen to your progress. Because you feel like someone finally understands you, you’ll open up and want to learn and practice more. You’ll want to impress them… and you’ll come to the next lesson better than before. And if you add all of that effort up, lesson after lesson, you’ll improve much faster.
So that’s why it’s important to find a teacher that fits your needs well.
On the other hand, if you don’t really care who you learn with, and if you just show up, listen, take notes, and repeat a few words — you won’t learn as fast. It’ll be no different than going to class in school, passing a test, and forgetting everything immediately after.
3. Higher Expectations Create Better Results.
If your teacher sets high expectations and if you can handle it, you’ll progress much faster than with a more easy-going teacher.
For example, if one teacher wants you to learn 500 words in a month and another just wants 100, even if you fail the 500-word goal, you’ll still be much further along than with someone that doesn’t put pressure on you. But of course, that’s a personal decision. Some people want someone to push them, and some people want to learn the language at a comfortable pace. If you’re upfront with your expectations, a good teacher will understand the pace you want and will work with that.
By the way, if you have a good teacher that you remember from school, leave a comment below and let us know how they helped you succeed.
Now, where can you get someone as motivational as that to help you learn a language fast?
Well, it’s easier said than done, but let’s get into it.
Part 2: How You Can Learn Faster with Outside Help
Having outside support can be a game-changer for your long-term motivation.
It can push you to reach new limits and work harder than ever.
And that outside support can be a teacher (like we mentioned), a tutor, family, a friend, or someone you look up to.
But it has to be someone that inspires and energizes you...and finding people like that is easier said than done.
So, if you’re looking for outside support, there are a few things you can do.
First, find yourself a teacher.
But again, really good teachers - the kind that motivate and push you - are hard to find. So, you might want to take a few trial lessons with a few teachers to find the one you’re the best fit with.
Second, if you know your learning style and what methods work for you, be sure to let your teacher know directly. It’s their job to help, but they won’t know you as well as you know yourself. But, if you passively go into every session without having questions and requests of your own, you won’t progress as fast.
Third, if you’re learning with our system and are a Premium PLUS user, take advantage of your Premium PLUS teacher. They will hold you accountable, send you assignments., and give you feedback to help you perfect your language skills.
Fourth, if you’re learning with our system… but are just taking the lessons, then find a lesson host you like in our lessons. Oftentimes, our users stick with lessons and continue learning just because they like the lesson hosts.
And fifth, find other language learners that match… or exceed your motivation level. Why? Because seeing someone else succeed and improve will push you to do the same. And this is a good option if you don’t have immediate access to a teacher as well.
Now, back to you. Are you learning with a teacher right now? Have you ever had a teacher that motivated you to do better? Leave a comment.
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