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Okay, today’s topic is:
How to Boost Your Motivation &Learn More... by Adding Others to the Mix
If you’re learning a language all by yourself… then you should know that there’s a way to boost your chance of success, boost your motivation, your progress… it’s simply by including other people in your language learning journey. And in today’s episode, you’ll discover:
One: How Adding a Human Dynamic Boosts Your Motivation
And Two: How You Can Apply This Tactic To Your Language Learning
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Fourth — Must-Know Online Shopping Vocabulary
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How to Boost Your Motivation &Learn More... by Adding Others to the Mix
Part 1: How Adding a Human Dynamic Boosts Your Motivation
So, first, here’s a question for you: how do you think most people start learning a language? Leave a comment.
Most people start learning by themselves. They’ll either watch YouTube videos like this, download an app, or if they’re a little more serious, buy a textbook.
But after the first week or month, most self-learners also end up falling off... Because of a lack of motivation. It’s pretty hard to motivate yourself and keep yourself going. It’s hard because you have to... one: rely on yourself to motivate yourself. Two: do the learning, and three, do the practice. All of this is a lot of work for one person.
Sure, there’s a small group of super-self-motivated people out there that can do it and stick with it… but that’s not the case for most of us.
So then, if you want to boost your motivation... and not have to rely on yourself… That’s where you should start getting other people involved in your language learning journey.
Just picture a graph, where on the Y-axis, you have motivation, and on the X-axis, you have the chance of success. So, first, you have self-study, and that's probably closest to lower motivation and probably a low chance of succeeding. As you move further to the right...where you start involving tutors or joining group classes, the higher your motivation and chance of success becomes.
Does this mean motivation is lowest when you’re on your own? Yes and no. There are people who are very motivated on their own... but motivation tends to come and go for many of us. And the last thing you want to do is rely on a feeling that may not always be there.
But, when you start including more personal connections, live interactions, maybe someone you speak with at a cafe, you have more reasons and more pressure to keep on going. For example, if you have a tutor that expects you to do homework and come prepared next time. If you have a language partner whom you want to impress. Or if you’re in a language class, you want to be better than other students. The point is, the more people you involve, the more anchor points and commitments you have to the language… and these boost your motivation.
In psychology, this is called social facilitation or the audience effect. When you’re with other people... or when you think someone is watching you, you put a little pressure on yourself, and for many people, this can have a positive result. But if you’re on your own, you wouldn’t try so hard.
So, just to recap, a lot of us start learning on our own. And in the case of language learning, there will always be self-study involved. But, if you want to take it to the next level… then you should follow that graph.
The only issue is, the more you go up that graph, the more expensive it gets. It’s very affordable to learn on your own. Once you start involving others... such as a teacher, it starts getting expensive. So, it’s up to you as the learner here.
So, if you’re interested in adding a human dynamic, what can you do?
Part 2: How You Can Apply This To Your Language Learning
One: GIve our Premium PLUS plan a try, and get access to your own teacher. You also get weekly assignments from your teacher… which adds a nice layer of accountability to your learning.
Two: Enroll in an online class...
And this is something we’ve started offering for a few of our major languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Italian, Korean, French and Spanish.
Three: Get an online or in-person tutor. Now, teachers and classes can be pricey, but there are other ways to learn with others.
Four: Get a study buddy or join a learning community. Learning and competing with others will definitely have a positive impact on your motivation and language progress.
Five: Simply talk with others about your language goals and your current progress. When you’re surrounded by people talking about how much they’ve learned and what goals they hit or missed...you’ll be more inspired to hit your own goals.
Six: Track your progress and share it on your social media for others to see. For example, if you keep a daily planner, write in “I did 3 lessons today” or “spent 30 minutes on learning a language,” and share that.
Once you start involving more people in your language journey… Whether for learning or for practice… Adding that extra human element will boost your productivity and motivation...
And help you reach your language goals.
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