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Okay, today’s topic is:
Can You Learn a Language Faster with a Study Partner?
If you’re like most learners starting out, you’re doing this on your own…. Trying to figure out a foreign language. But what if you learned with someone else? It doesn't even have to be a native speaker, what if you learn with another learner? Did you know that it could help you learn even faster? In this episode… you’ll discover..
The five benefits of learning with a study partner
How you can make fast progress with someone who’s on your level
And how to use our program… with someone else
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First —The “How to Talk About Time” PDF Cheat-sheet
Days of the week. Months. Seasons. Time-related vocabulary.
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Second — The Most Common Adjectives PDF eBook
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Third — Must-Know St. Patrick's Day Vocabulary
Can you talk about St. Patrick's Day in your target language? You’ll be able to with this quick 1-minute vocabulary lesson.
Fourth — The Top 20 Words for Positive Emotions
If you want to talk about your good feelings, check out this next bonus. It’ll give you 20 positive emotion words in just a few minutes. Access it right now.
Fifth — Can You Tell Someone What Your Favorite Color is?
If not, you’ll be able to soon; this next bonus will teach you vocabulary for all the common colors.
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Can You Learn a Language Faster with a Study Partner?
It would be ideal if we all had a native speaker next to us to help us learn a language. But that’s not always possible. Some people are able to pay a tutor or enroll in a school. Other people may be able to find a language partner in the city where they live.
But what about learning with someone who isn’t a native speaker? Studying a language with a fellow learner can boost your progress AND make the learning process much more fun.
Part 1: The Benefits of Learning with a Study Partner
First, it's more engaging. When you’re learning alone, it’s just you inside your head. And while you can talk out loud to yourself, with another person, you have no choice but to engage with someone. And when you’re engaging and using the language, you tend to remember it better rather than just keeping it inside your head.
This brings us to the next point.
Second: You can learn more. How?
You can read through a phrasebook all by yourself and forget the phrases 10 minutes later. But if you’re learning with someone, you’re interacting and applying the things you’re learning right away. You’re able to practice and quiz each other, which is probably more than you would do if you were studying by yourself. This means you end up retaining more.
Also, if you explain a grammar rule to your study partner, you’ll end up understanding it better. Teaching others is a great way to improve your own understanding.
Third: Learning is more enjoyable, and this is the best part about it.
The purpose of learning another language is communication with other people. If you study with someone else, you’ll be able to share your challenges and your mistakes and give each other tips for how to make progress, yes. But you’ll also create a lot of fun memories by succeeding and laughing together as you work through the learning process.
Fourth, the other person can hold you accountable.
If you have a language learning routine going with someone, then both of you will expect results from one another. If they notice you’re having trouble with a certain grammar rule and point it out, then you’re much more likely to get it right next time.
Fifth: You can make it competitive… which also speeds up your process.
If you’re learning with someone who’s a bit better at something than you, then you have something to aim for - to reach their level. This can be super motivating. If you’re working with someone who is at the same level as you, you can think of fun challenges to do together to encourage one another to improve rapidly.
So, what are some ideas you can use to learn with someone else?
Part 2: How to Learn With Our Language Program
If you’re using our program, here are a few ways you can use the program with another person.
However, you can easily apply these tips to other resources as well.
One: Take the audio and video lessons. Just press play on a lesson and listen to the audio or watch the video lesson together.
Two: Roleplay the lesson conversations.
Most of our lessons start with a quick conversation. You and your learning partner can take the roles of the speakers in the conversations, then switch roles to practice speaking.
And three: Quiz each other. Use the lesson vocab section to quiz each other on the lesson vocabulary to see how much you remember. You can try saying a line from the conversation and see if your partner knows what it means. Or you can quiz your partner on the grammar rule introduced in that lesson. Ask them to explain it.
The benefit of quizzing someone else is that you get to reinforce your understanding of the grammar as well.
So, to recap, having a study partner can boost your learning progress. Just by having another person around, you’re more engaged, you retain more, you enjoy the process more, and you can motivate one another while holding each other accountable.
Now over to you. Are you learning on your own? Do you have a study partner? Do you want to find a study partner now? Leave us a comment.
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